Instabang Review 2020| Is it Worth it?

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Instabang Review June 2020



Instabang is operated by Global Personals for casual daters and swingers. With 600,000 site visits per month according to SimilarWeb and 65% of members from the U.S. the site has established itself as a popular hookup site option. It’s not one of our top picks but it’s worth a free sign-up to check out the features and pros and cons. It’s a bit on the racy side and only for the broad-minded.


So many casual dating sites either use fake profiles or have a low threshold for removing scammers and other undesirables who paying subscribers shouldn’t have to encounter. DatingSiteReviews calls these sites out and there is no place in any sector for a business model that revolves around ripping off consumers.


Instabang, however, makes a big statement about how it operates: It states it is ‘Committed to Authenticity’ doesn’t ‘create fake accounts’ has a diligent 24/7 team who ‘prevent fake signups’, don’t ever ‘sell info to third parties’, ‘never spam you’ have clear options to and ‘unsubscribe’ from emails. They also highlight they have been operating for 11 years with the justifiable implication that the business wouldn’t still be operating and reasonably popular if it were based on dubious practices.

Instabang Cost and Membership numbers


Instabang provides three membership options: a free sign-up, a silver membership for $24.95 per month that allows access to most features, and, lastly, a gold subscription for $34.99 per month.


It’s very much a North American site with 56% of the 373,000 monthly site visitors coming from the U.s. and 23% from Canada. We really wouldn’t recommend it for European singles as there simply wouldn’t be enough members in your locality. The site claims it as 400,000 members but clearly, a bit like gym memberships, not all subscribers make use of their membership every month.


There are only 50,000 members from the UK of which some will be free sign-ups so it’s unrealistic to think you will get many dates unless you are from the U.S. and Canada or prepared to travel. Females in all the countries will not be short of dating offers, however, most males subscribers will struggle to get hookups given the numbers. This is why DatingSiteReviews always puts great emphasis on checking any dating sites subscriber numbers whether it be mainstream, casual or a niche site.



The free version allows you to create a profile and browse. It’s fine from a ‘try before you buy’ perspective but in order to contact other members, you will need to subscribe to the silver membership option. If you are just trying to hookup with another member the silver option is the one to pick as you don’t really need the bells and whistles prived by the more expensive Gold level option. The latter just boosts your profile up towards the top end in search results and Gold subscribers get priority customer service support.


In the Instabang simple search facility, there is the option to choose friends with benefits. To our minds, there is a thin line between escorts and those members seeking financial ‘benefits’ from a relationship as a pre-requisite.


There is also an online flirting search option and with social distancing currently being essential then this time of ‘dating’ interaction is likely to become more popular.


Users can easily access the ‘safe mode’ button that allows for the blurring and censorship of explicit pictures and videos when browsing.


Instabang has a scrolling horizontal line of members at the top of its home page.  We tested the site from the perspective of both male and female subscribers.  Tellingly, regardless of gender preference, the scrolling line consists almost exclusively of men.  We couldn’t get precise numbers of the male / female ratio but from searches and the scrolling feature, it suggests something of the order of 90% men and 10% female.

Is the site User Friendly?


The site is very easy to use and it has a very basic platform. Some would say it is outdated and needs a makeover. A lot of the profiles don’t have vast details within them and the site is more adult image orientated.

Sign-up is very straightforward and Instagram even suggests a username for the uncreative or with a temporary lack of creative inspiration. It also selects by default all the various sexual interests that might appeal to subscribers. So, if threesomes or other options don’t appeal then be sure to untick the appropriate boxes.

The site encourages free sign-ups to put up a photo by enticing them with promos that allow a limited amount of messaging.

How safe is Instabang?

Instabang uses email verification and there have been no reported data breaches for members. With these types of casual dating sites then, as Ashley Madison found to its cost, data protection is a must.

Instabang Customer Service Contact Details


Instabang has basic support for free sign-ups with their email and this is enhanced for paying subscribers.

Positives & Negatives  



    • Instabang seems genuine in its attempt to avoid being tarnished by the scam and fake profile issue.
    • It caters for a specific sector and those who are focused on hookups
    • It has been established 11 years and as a decent number of North American users.
    • Has a ‘Safe Mode’ to blur and censor explicit pictures when in an environment where browsing wouldn’t be appropriate.
    •  The site encourages free sign-ups to put up a photo by enticing them with promos that allow a limited amount of messaging.


Instabang review



  • A bit ‘hardcore’ with its images and videos
  • Not a site to be used with minors around.
  • Decent sized membership but males will still struggle to get local dates
  • Gender imbalance. Far more males than females.

Other Sites To Consider


We think if you are looking for a hookup it’s better to maximise your chances with a casual site with a larger membership base. The likes of AdultFriendFinder and Benaughty fit the bill as better value for money alternatives.

Instabang Review Final Words


We don’t want to damn Instabang with faint praise but, in summary, it’s not the worst hookup site. It has strived to differentiate itself from the proliferation of casual sites that use fake profiles and scam it’s paying subscribers. If it’s what you are looking for then the best way to go is to take up a fee sign-up and browse the site to see if there are enough local members for it to work for you.


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