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So, what is a sugar daddy? A sugar daddy is an older man who likes to spend lavishly on women who are a lot younger than they are. The profile of a sugar daddy is mostly a wealthy businessman who is too busy to find and develop a relationship but wants to share their luxury lifestyle with a young, attractive woman.

On the flipside of this equation is a sugar baby, who is a young, outgoing woman who cannot afford the luxury lifestyle she desires. Keeping these two definitions in mind, a sugar daddy dating site is a place where rich, older men can meet younger women and start a relationship.

When it comes to sugar daddy dating, it’s not as straightforward as regular dating sites, since both parties are required to establish a financial agreement early on before they start to go out. Boundaries also need to be set, such as whether it’s going to be a sexual relationship or not. For sugar babies, a lifestyle of glamour, shopping and expensive holidays are a given. But, where does one go to find these dates? That’s where a sugar dating site such as comes in. was the brainchild of Jon Homewood, Steven Pasternack, and Noah Van Hochman. The site has been a significant player in the sugar daddy dating niche ever since its inception back in 2002.

In fact, it was the first website to introduce the concept of matching wealthy old men with hot young single women. The site didn’t take long to grow in popularity and was also featured on the TV show Dr. Phil twice.

Because of this exposure from the media, the website’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years and has now become one of the recognizable brands as far as online dating sites go. What sets the website service apart from other similar service providers is that it is used mostly by wealthy businessmen and attractive women who make up the site’s main user base. This is the primary pitch of the website.

The service is used predominately by females, living in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. Based out of Miami, Florida, boasts of a membership of 5,000,000 strong, and according to the website, that number is steadily growing. Visitor demographics show that the site is visited mostly by females, who outnumber male members of the site two to one.

The members of the site can also be divided into smaller groups such as female sugar babes, which are the largest member demographic of the site, followed by male sugar daddies, boy sugar babes, and female sugar moms. The latter two making up a small proportion of base users.

The site enjoys a healthy number of 2,500 daily logins from active members. According to the profiles on the site, the most active groups are females between the ages 18 and 25, and sugar daddies who are between the ages 35 and 55. These men are all wealthy businessmen who are confident, ambitious, and clear about what they are looking for in a sugar baby.

Signup for the service takes a few minutes because all users are asked to complete the section that provides their personal details. The first thing people who want to become members of the service need to provide is a valid email address since the site will send an email which includes a link to finalize the registration process.

Once that step has been completed, users will be directed back to the website, where they will have to answer a few other important questions such as their age, country, income, and hobbies.

Each member is also required to write down a short description about themselves, along with the introduction on their profile. Users will also have to provide at least three photographs that will be used as their profile and have the option of adding more photos later on. Each of these steps needs to be completed to use the service.

The site charges reasonably as compared to other similar service providers. Considering the level of quality that is known for and the quality of its members, makes it a reasonably priced service for sugar daddies and sugar babies. The following is a monthly and yearly breakdown of the various subscription packages that are available:

• 1 Month – 33.99 $ / Total outlay – $ 33.99
• 3 Months – 26.66 $ / Total outlay – $ 79.99
• 6 Months – 23.33 $ / Total outlay – $139.99
• 12 Months – 20.00 $ / Total outlay – $239.99

There’s also a free service that’s available for members but does not come with all the bells and whistles of a paid membership. Members can easily upgrade their membership packages by using their credit or debit cards. All users are required to pay a one-time membership cost, which can be paid either online or via phone by contacting’s customer service.

One of the advantages that stand out while using is that the automatic renewal option has been disabled by default. This means users who have stopped or no longer use the service are not going to be billed automatically as is the case with many other online dating sites. Users on other sites are required to unsubscribe manually to stop the process of automatic billing, and this is quite a hassle. We would like to see all other dating sites follow this example. It’s good practice and establishes trust with the consumer.

The following are some of the main features of

Both paid and free members of the website are able to create their own personal profile for the site. This is good news for those members who are using the site for free. This enables users to contact other members of the site. The profile that’s created on a free account includes the user’s name, age, email address and country of birth, which makes it easier to contact other members.

Short Description
Another feature that stands out while using the service is the ability for every member to write a short headline to summarize their personality and what they are looking for in a sugar baby. This is an excellent addition to the user’s profile since it helps other users gain an insight into a member’s personality and what their expectations are before contacting them.

Upload Photos
For your profile, users are able to upload three photos and can use the search bar to view other members on the platform. The best part about using is that it gives users the ability to browse through the pictures of its members even before signing up for the service. This gives would-be members the perfect opportunity to see if they can find someone interesting on the platform before signing up for the service.

The ‘Hot’ list
This allows users to add the members to a ‘Hot’ list so that they can contact them later. The list is mainly used as an indicator that you have found someone attractive and are looking forward to meeting them.

Physical Features
What makes an excellent platform for sugar daddies and sugar babies to find the perfect match is that it takes away the guesswork of finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby. This is done by letting members share details about their features right from the get-go by including crucial information such as their age, height, weight, gender, etc.

Relevant information like this gives other members a good idea of what to expect before they contact a member. The inclusion of this personal information also gives other members a good sense of who you are and what they can look forward to while being a relationship with you.

Social Habits also requires each of its members to share other relevant information about themselves, such as information about their lifestyle, their habits such as drinking and smoking, whether they like to party a lot or do drugs. The purpose of including all this information into a member’s profile is to give users a good idea of what they are getting into before even contacting a member using the platform.

Additional Features

Member Forum
The forum is one feature that’s offered to paid members of the service and allows users to contact and send messages to other members. This makes it easier for members to share their comments, ask questions and get feedback from other members of the platform. In short, this is where the initial contact starts before moving on to the real world.

Instant Messaging
Another essential feature that’s offered by is the ability to send instant messages to other members of the site. The ability to send instant messages to other members allows users to find out more information about the members who they find attractive. The only downside to this feature is that it’s only available to those users who are paid members of the service.

As the name implies, the service is focused on helping wealthy old men find beautiful sugar babies, and vice versa. The site has been catering to this specific niche for quite a while and improved the platform over time. Thanks to some smart and clutter-free designing, the site is easy to use.

The good news is, you don’t have to verify your income to become a member of That might be seen as ‘missing vital information’ from the perspective of the women who use the site.

As far as user safety goes, the site boasts of its robust security protocol, which makes it hard for prying eyes to get access to information of its members, without having to pay for it. also encrypts user’s emails and messages, so you don’t have to worry about other people getting access to your personal information.

The service has offices in Florida and Kent in the UK. It is also quick to answer any questions and queries from its customers. There’s no live chat feature though.

• No auto-renewals of memberships
• Popular online destination for wealthy singles
• Over 5 million members

• Member’s income verification not required

Main Competitors
• is considered to be a leader in its niche sector, that is catering for sugar daddies or sugar babies. The site has enjoyed lots of media coverage, which has resulted in a significant increase in its members. Sugardaddie is one of the more established and better offerings in terms of catering for the needs of those who want to explore this style of ‘arrangement dating’.


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