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OurTime Review Introduction

Ourtime is the most popular dating website for U.S. men and women in the 50 plus age bracket. It has expanded rapidly as online dating has spread to the older generation for two main reasons. Firstly, the majority of the 50 plus age group are quite comfortable with technology and the internet. Secondly, the misplaced stigma of meeting someone via online dating has long since passed. Just as it became the norm for the 20 and 30 age-group the older generation embraced the opportunity as well.
The site was launched in 2011 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It’s owned by IAC who own the likes of Match and Tinder. Rather than compete with increasingly popular websites such as OurTime, IAC chose to acquire them instead. It takes less than a minute to sign up on Ourtime.com and set up a profile. As soon as that is done, you are free to begin browsing through the profiles of over 1.5 million users to find the one that your heart desires.

OurTime Membership and Prices

● Total number of members – More than 1.5 million
● Number of people visiting the site – About 11.1 million (93% from U.S. 5% Canada)
● Gender proportion – 55% females and 45% males
● The average age of users – Between 50 and 70 years
● Subscription Costs – Standard Subscription comes in two variants; the 1-month plan costs $29.96 and the 6-month plan costs $90.00. You can also go for the Value Subscription plan at the cost of $ 107.76. You can also buy OurTime credits which can be used for add-on payments at the rate of $0.04 for one credit.

OurTime Review of Features

Ourtime.com comes equipped with a range of standard as well as exclusive features which make it extremely easy to use and find the right match. Let’s have a closer look at some of the standard features of Ourtime.com:

1. Easy sign-up process


Ourtime.com has a six-step registration process which starts with filling out all the personal details such as name, age, country, sexual orientation and the like. You will also be required to upload a photograph and fill out a short bio so that people who are interested in your profile can get to know a little more about you.


2. Multiple payment options

At the end of the registration process, you will have the option to either continue as a guest or subscribe for a paid plan. While the free version is okay for browsing, it does have very limited features. If you choose to go for a paid subscription, you can easily complete the transaction through a debit card, credit card or even make the payment through mobile.

3. Notifying interest

Ourtime.com has a fairly simple way of letting an admirer know whether you reciprocate the feelings or not. You can use the ‘I’m interested’ feature to show interest and proceed to send them a message or a photograph. You can even send an online ‘flirt’ by marking ‘yes’ to the question on whether you are interested. Thereafter, for a deeper conversation, you can use the Live Chat feature or even send them an e-mail from the website itself.

4. Finding people of your interest

Tired of browsing through endless profiles? Simply, use the Ourtime.com gallery to see photographs of random users and find out if someone catches your eye. Ourtime.com also eases the search by selecting 10 new profiles for you to view each day. This selection is done by Ourtime on the basis of your preferences, thus making sure that you get nothing else but the best.

5. Wide variety of search filters

Ourtime.com allows users to filter profiles on the basis of various criteria including age, location, and others. You can use any of these filters to narrow down your search so that you do not unnecessarily waste time.
Moreover, the website provides you with a fair amount of control on who you choose to interact with. Its Contact Filter helps you block unwanted people from contacting you.
While these were some of the standard features, Ourtime.com also goes a bit extra when compared to other dating websites which makes Ourtime.com much more special:
● You can buy the Notify Me option with tokens. This way, you will be instantly notified whenever a user shows interest in your profile.
● You can track your activities on the website. Thus, you can instantly see whether you have previously seen a particular profile or initiated communication.
● You can keep your phone number and e-mail private while still being able to send texts and chatting through the Connect Me feature.
● You can even browse other user profiles without them knowing by choosing the Incognito mode.
● If you want to increase your profile’s visibility, you can choose the Boost option and appear at the top of the search results. This feature is available only in the paid subscriptions.
● Send ‘winks’ to users to show your interest or try to enamor them with digital gifts.
● If you are a person of few words and find it difficult to express yourself, make use of the ProfilePro option to set up an interesting and attractive profile by getting professional writers to help you out.

Ease Of Use

Since Ourtime.com has been designed for an older generation of users, special attention has been paid to ensure that it is easy to use and requires little technical know-how.
The initial log in and sign up process is extremely detailed with careful instructions about each step so that there is a minimal possibility of making a mistake. After setting up the profile, there are numerous drop downs and sections which help you in modifying your profile, such as uploading new pictures, changing personal information and buying or renewing subscription plans.
The search feature at Ourtime.com also facilitates smooth browsing of user profiles. The Basic Search feature allows you to filter the profiles on the basis of basic criteria such as age and gender while the Advanced Search allows you to add more filters such as education and religion to provide more refined results.
Apart from that, the website comes equipped with a recommendation feature which showcases the profile of all those people who match your preferences. This helps you find the right matches which are in line with your tastes and desires.
The website’s user interface is similar to other competitor dating sites such as Match.com but with subtle user-friendly changes. This gives it more appealing for the less tech-savvy older generation.
Available as a website as well as a dedicated app on both iOS and Android, Ourtime.com is the ideal alternative to the likes of eharmony and Match.com and helps the older generation connect, meet, and date.
You can communicate with other users through a range of options such as e-mail, chat, text, message, and phone, and you can even send and receive emojis and digital gifts!

Ourtime Safety and Security

Undoubtedly, the safety of personal data online is one of the biggest concerns, especially when sensitive information like bank account details is involved. Fortunately, OurTime.com follows a strict non-disclosure policy. In fact, not only are the personal details protected from being misused by hackers and spammers, but these details are also hidden from other users unless and until they choose to disclose them.
OurTime.com has also taken an official stand not to provide personal details or even preferences entered by users on their website to third-party advertisers.
In order to provide you with the ultimate feeling of security, OurTime.com also allows you to blacklist any profile in order to avoid stalkers or unwanted approaches from strangers that you might not be interested in.
You can even report suspicious profiles to the Customer Support so that immediate investigation can be made.

OurTime Customer Service and Contact Information

OurTime.com has an effective customer support service which any user can access through the site’s online forum.
You have the option of either dropping your query or complaint online. In this case, you will have to choose the category that your complaint falls in through a drop-down list and type in a brief description of the same.
While providing your e-mail address is mandatory, you may also enter in your phone number for good measure and you will get an answer within 48 hours. You can even try their toll-free number for any immediate assistance over the phone.
There is also an extensive set of FAQs on their website from which a user can get detailed information on a range of topics such as account settings, site features, technical glitches, and suggestions.

Ourtime Pros and Cons

● You can simply sign-up to the website even without a paid subscription and browse the user profiles. Though some features will not be available, it is a good way to try out the website before making a financial commitment to it.
● The focus on 50 plus age group ensures that you will be able to find like-minded people who are more likely to share your interests and priorities.
● The website, as well as the app, are easy to use, thus making the entire browsing experience smooth and hassle-free.
● The users can create a very detailed profile with several details about themselves. This helps in finding a more accurate match quickly.
● The site’s functionality is continuously tested and improved by OurTime’s tech team.
● There is no way to check whether the user profile is genuine or not as there is no system of identity check. There are many fake profiles on the site with no way of distinguishing them from a genuine one.
● The pricing of the website is a bit on the high side, especially when compared to paid plans of similar dating websites.
● Many features of the website require add-on payments while many exclusive features are available only for Premium Plan subscribers.

Other Sites to Consider

OurTime is one of the few websites which is exclusively for users over 50 years of age. However, it does face serious competition from the following dating websites:
1. eHarmony – A very popular dating website and app for users who have crossed 50 years of age, eHarmony has been hailed as the top dating app across the world. It also has a huge user base in the US as well as Europe.
2. Silver Singles – Another website for the older generation, Silver Singles is also extremely easy to use but trails OurTime in the number of subscribers and, as a consequence, the number of potential matches.
3. Match.com – Although both Match.com and OurTime.com are owned by the same company, they do provide competition to each other in terms of user base. However, while OurTime is meant exclusively for users above 50, Match.com is open for all ages.


OurTime.com has made it possible for the mid-life and older generations to have a quality site all to themselves. The site caters for mid-life to a senior age group who may feel a little out of place on some of the other sites where the 20’s to 40’s tend to dominate the membership base.
OurTime has made a good job of ensuring it’s loaded with interesting features without compromising ease of use. The site has the largest membership base within the senior dating niche and that in itself is a compelling reason to consider joining in order to ensure you have a plentiful number of matches to consider for local dates. OurTime scores well on all of the category measures we analyzed and it is our top-rated site in the senior dating sector.


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