AdultFriendFinder Review 2024 | Free Options Revealed

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AdultFriendFinder Review June 2024


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AdultFriendFinder is the most popular choice for those looking for a casual date. It’s become a household name and famous or infamous depending on your outlook.


The site serves those who are mainly in a rut, are tired of watching pornographic material, and want to find someone compatible to hook up with. In essence, the website is geared towards those who are just looking for liaisons with serious commitment or a long-term relationship off the agenda.


The site provides its users with a fun and non-judgmental platform where open-minded people can mingle freely, flirt, and expand their sexual horizons. As a result, the aesthetically-pleasing website has become the go-to destination for those who want to flirt with other people and want to be 100% themselves, without commitment.


This casual dating platform is probably the easiest way for like-minded people of all ages to find dates or friends-with-benefits. The purpose of the site is pretty straightforward. Its users don’t have to worry about stepping on any toes or offending anybody since everybody is there for the same reason.


Like all good things, access to the AdultFriendFinder premium features comes at a price, which we’ll talk about later. Those who are open-minded and open to new experiences will find the dating platform both enjoyable and exciting. It also offers its users an impressive amount of features that can be used to find other like-minded people on the website.


The site has been specifically created for individuals looking for no-strings-attached relationships and find alternatives such as Tinder and Zoosk don’t quite meet their needs.

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The service is open to singles from all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations. Through the years, it has become the site where people go to search for all forms of sexual gratification, be it in the way of adult chat rooms, adult live cams, adult videos, and a lot more.


The website offers all of the features one would want to have in a dating platform to make the user’s experience more interactive and memorable. In fact, when it comes to features, AdultFriendFinder goes above and beyond the standard trope of features that are found on traditional dating websites.


The dating site with a sexual twist operates on a unique points system that helps gamify the whole dating experience, making your time spent on the site more fun. The currency that’s used on the dating site (apart from the payments for the different packages) is points. These points are either earned by taking part in on-site activities or purchased via your credit card.


The points system works in a very playful, game-like manner. Members of the service can use the points they gain or buy to either “tip” updates by members or get member images or videos that you like. These points can also be used to purchase “bling” which are basically badges. Users also get to watch a collection of naughty videos of their choice with their points, and additionally, get to purchase free membership, some awesome prizes, and access the innermost exclusive parts of the site.


What sets AdultFriendFinder apart from the rest is that the site does not force its users to take part in all of the activities that are available on the platform. Members can also take a more laid-back approach to use the site, and can either simply browse through the member profiles to create a personal list of favorites, or they can get really active on the platform and engage other members with endless possibilities, ranging from erotic chats, face-to-face meetups, and even sensual life-like virtual encounters.


There are some hacks to avail of what are usually premium priced features and we cover these in the features section of this adultfriendfinder review.

Adultfriendfinder Membership Stats And Prices


The site’s beginnings started off with FriendFinder Networks, a US-based internet company that was established in 1996 by Andrew Conru. The company offers online dating, adult entertainment, and social networking services, one of which was FriendFinder.


Some of the dating sites that are operated by FriendFinder Networks include and the Christian dating website, BigChurch, along with many other online dating services. Back in 2010, FriendFinder Networks made a $210 million bid to acquire Playboy Enterprises, but the deal did not go forward. In 2007, the company was acquired by Penthouse magazine, which adopted the name AdultFriendFinder.


The website on average attracts close to 25 million visitors per month. Compare that to eHarmony, another famous dating site that only receives 4.1 million, and you get an idea of how extensive the Adult FriendFinder service is.


The site has a staggering total user base of 80 million users that are spread worldwide. Its members are primarily made up of straight, swingers, cross-dressers, and those who are into exhibitionism, BDSM and phone fantasies. According to the site, 62% of users are male, and 38% are females.


The majority of traffic that the site receives comes from the United States which makes up 54% of its user base. Coming a close second are the UK and Canada.


The service also offers an app along with the ability to use the site on the mobile browser. Navigating through the site will take you to a mobile-friendly version of the site which is more compact and user-friendly. While the mobile-friendly version of the site is available, users who want to get the PC version of the site are allowed to switch to the full-featured web version.


AdultFriendFinder offers a few options with its membership packages, each one comes with its benefits. The following is a quick breakdown of the different packages available and the current prices.


Gold Membership
1 Month – $32.39 USD / Month
3 Months – $21.58 USD / Month
12 Months – $14.56 USD / Month


Standard Contacts
1 Month – $23.75 USD / Month
3 Months – $14.04 USD / Month
12 Months – $9.71 USD / Month


Adult Movies on Demand
1 Month – 24.83 USD / Month
3 Months – 14.04 USD / Month
12 Months – 9.71 USD / Month


Of course, there’s also a free version of the service that’s available where users can use the service for free but will not have the freedom or the features that are available to the paid version of the service. If you want to take full advantage of the service then signing up for a premium membership is the way to go. The premium membership allows you to take advantage of all sorts of interesting features, making it the perfect choice for those who are looking to experience the most by using the site.


Paid members can contact just about any user with absolutely no restrictions. Users can also take advantage of the videos features, although you will have to pay more for that service.



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One of the reasons for any site’s popularity is its ability to pique the interest of its audience, and the site does that nicely. Apart from having a large user base that’s made up of millions of users from around the world, the site also offers some unique features that help it stand out from the crowd. Below are some of the features that the site offers its users.

Advanced Search Options
See entire profiles of other members
Send, read and reply to messages
See Full Size Photos
Watch Full-length Videos
Add Comments on photos & videos
Watch live member webcamsUnlimited1 at a time
View favorite photos & videos
Send friend requests
Send flirts
Maximum members in Hotlist1000200
Receive priority customer services via telephone
Receive technical support by email within 12 hoursWithin 2 days
Like photos & videos
Basic search using standard form or by username
View, like, and comment on contest photos
Chat on IM & chatroom
Join blogs & groups

Interact Freely with Other Members

Members of the service are allowed to interact directly with other members. This can be done via chat, video or emails. There are also plenty of opportunities provided for other passive interactions while using the platform as well such as liking or favoriting photos and sending winks to other members that you find interesting. Finding people to interact with is also not a problem thanks to the elegant and well-thought of display on the home page once members have signed in.

Earning Premium subscriber Privileges By Free sign-up Members



Aside from being able to register without cost and browse members, which is something most dating sites allow, AdultFriendFinder does go a bit further.  Free members are incentivized to take part in forum activities and contests. If a free member’s profile is particularly popular and they are active on the site then points are awarded.  These give certain privileges to those on a free sign-up that enable a limited amount of messaging in addition to other benefits.

These bonuses are still much more limited than the range of features available to premium members but it’s a good marketing ploy and a genuine bonus option to free members who meet the popularity criteria.


You can also interact on the various forum groups and a few videos are made available to non-paying members. In the main though, the options and features are very limited.  Generally, unless you earn the free bonuses mentioned above, you won’t be able to message other members for example, or use most of the premium features. In short, the free option is just a good way of testing the site to see if you want to subscribe or now. Here is the free sign-up link


Multiple Search Options

AdultFriendFinder makes it easy for members to find local and appealing matches by both manual search options and suggested matches. The homepage lays out the options by providing 48 matches of other members that fit your profile and preferences. These matches have been categorized according to sub-categories such as ‘Who’s Online’ ‘Members Near Me’ ‘VIPs’ and ‘New Matches.’


While this provides users with a good starting point from which to carry out their search on the platform, the rest of the site is used to provide links to all of the information regarding the displayed profiles. The homepage also provides updates to its live streaming service, which is only available to paid members of the service.


Updated Member Search

Only those members are displayed on your search results that have received the most attention from other members of the platform. In this way, profiles are displayed based on the amount of responses they are able to generate by other members of the service.


Since everybody using the site is there for a particular reason, the trending member updates can sometimes contain some racy pictures that are not for the faint-hearted. That said, this feature is an excellent way for users to find the top picks on the site to interact with or add to their favorites list for later.


Pre-Set Search Options


Users of Adult FriendFinder also get to run pre-set searches, which enables users to find other members based on specific preferences such as distance, kinks, etc. There are plenty of options from which to choose from which makes searching easy on the platform.


Users can also carry out searches by using different parts of the site such as the ‘What’s Hot’ section which is filled with the hottest rated members on the platform. Here, you will be able to view profiles, videos, and images of all of the other members that are being featured in the category. Unless you make any manual changes to the content settings, the platform is going to display unfiltered suggestions, which can be streamed directly.


Since AdultFriendFinder is primarily a visual site, you can expect to find plenty of visual content such as images, videos and live chat sessions that often lead to cybersex rendezvous.


Gamify Your Dating Experience


The site also features chat groups as well as a hot or not liking game that gamifies the whole experience. Users also have the option to add other members to their favorites list for contacting later and can even become ‘Top Fans’ of other members who they are interested in meeting.


The website also offers its members with a fun way to interact and use their dating website in the form of points. These points can either be awarded by taking part in as many activities on the website as you can or can be purchased manually by the user using their credit card.


Users can then use these points to make on-site purchases or can also sign up for an educational workshop that’s also run on the site. There are plenty of things to do to win points while using the service along with many ways that members can use those points, which also includes gaining access to some of the most exclusive areas of the website that’s reserved for its exclusive members only.


Adult Chat Groups

The site is quite interactive and also offers adult-themed chatroom groups where users can take part in photo contests and many other activities while meeting new people.


Paid members can either take part in any one of the existing groups that have been created on the site or create their own groups based on their interests. Since the site has an active online community, it doesn’t take long for members to find themselves a community to take part in.


Online Sex Academy

While there are plenty of features that set apart Adult FriendFinder from the rest, one of the features that is most highlighted has got to be the online sex academy, which is basically a service that members can take part in. This is not some fake academy either.


Members of the service who sign in to the online sex academy will be able to take part in multiple online courses according to their interests. Needless to say, these courses are all going to be sex-related. Students who take part in the courses will be awarded certificates when they can then display on their profile.


Since they are paid courses, members are going to be charged for taking part in them. The idea of providing online sex courses for its members is to give members a way to find out more about themselves and more importantly, their sexual preferences.


Members will be given tests that range from purity tests and personality tests along with other tests that are designed to unlock your sexual appetite. This information makes it easier for members of the service to find out what they really like and enjoy while using the platform.


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Is Adult Friend Finder User-Friendly?


Registering with the service is pretty straight-forward. The multi-step process has been more streamlined through the years, making sure that users do not have to jump through many hoops just to get into the service.


Once the user lands on the platform’s homepage, he or she can sign in and start using the services they’ve paid for. New users, however, will be prompted to sign up for the service as soon as they reach the homepage.


The process begins with first selecting their sexual orientation by selecting one option from a drop-down menu. Adult FriendFinder proves to be a platform for open-minded users who do not judge others based on their sexual orientation.


This is why users can choose from the traditional male/female, Couple (two men, or two women), Couple, Group, TS/TV/TG (you can Google that last one). Users also get to choose the orientation of the people they wish to meet on the platform.


While the initial sign-up process is quick if you know what you want, additional options and preferences can further stretch the sign-up process.  It’s important to fill out an interesting profile to attract interest and potential dates.


We have a more detailed guide on the adult Friend Finder login and profile writing process.   This covers all the adultfriendfinder login and sign-up process with plenty of tips on how to write a profile that attracts women.  This profile writing process is especially important for guys given the competition as there are far more men than women registered on the site.


One of the reasons for this is because unlike other dating sites, AdultFriendFinder lists just about every possible sexual orientation and sexual act (legal) imaginable, and there’s also a ranking mechanism that’s been provided for each of those categories. This is to make it easier for users to get the most out of its service.


But, it can make the sign-up process a bit annoying for those who do not like to go into too much detail. Once that’s out of the way, users get to provide more personal information such as their birthday, country and postal code.


While on the homepage the registration box will update itself to shoe the other steps in the registration process, which will be based on the package you have signed up for. Users will also be asked to write a very brief 10-word description or introduction of themselves which will be viewed by other members of the service.


For accessing the service, users are given the option to either use their username or email address, which makes the signing up process easy. This also means you won’t have to waste time trying to remember your password. It also means that those who do not like to share their email address on a public platform get to use a username and password that they assign for themselves.


The site is very easy to use thanks to an easy to navigate through menu. AdultFriendFinder has been around for a while, which means that the platform has been refined over time.


The dating site has been frequently updated to make sure that it appeals to its audience and has also won awards multiple times for its dedication to creating the perfect online platform for people who are interested in hooking up with others without any commitments.


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Safety & Security


The site is secured by Web Server Certificate, which basically means that any and all transactions which are carried out through the site are protected by a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption.


AdultFriendFinder also takes additional steps to ensure the security of its users and help safeguard their personal identities. To show its commit towards data security, the site hosts all its data in a data center that’s based in Santa Clara, California, so users do not have to be worried that their personal information is sitting in a data center in some foreign country.


By keeping all of its user information in the United States, Adult FriendFinder makes it harder for hackers to steal the information or for the data to be leaked out. Additionally, AdultFriendFinder also uses a Certified ID option that enables users of the service to verify the other members who they are communicating with to ensure a member’s authenticity.


While the platform does take its share of measures to enhance the safety of those who use the dating platform, all users are also advised to exercise caution while using any dating platform.


This means, always make sure you know that the person who you are in communication with online is legit before deciding to meet up with them in person.


Never disclose your personal information such as your home or office address, or phone number during the first few interactions. Always agree to meet with people you communicate with online in a crowded and well-lit place such as a restaurant.


Always let either a friend or a family member know about the person you have met online and who you are going to meet for the first time. While online dating sites can use the latest state-of-the-art technologies to make sure their data is kept safe, at the end of the day, the safety of the user is in their own hands when it comes to meeting people in person.

Adult Friend Finder Customer Service and Contact Information


The site offers its help center where members can contact the service and ask their questions or choose from any of the pre-answered questions that are provided on the site. There’s also a live chat feature that makes it easier for users to get their queries answered on the fly. The following is the contact information that has been provided by AdultFriendFinder:


Corporate Head Office
Various, Inc.
910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor,
Campbell, CA 95008, USA
(408) 702 1040 (tel)
(650) 324-9379 (fax)


International Office
FriendFinder Processing, Inc.
P.O. Box 1058
Suite 202
Amory Building
Victoria Road
St. Kitts

Positives and Negatives



AdultFriendFinder has been in operation since 1996 and enjoys a reputation of being one of the top online dating sites in the US.


The dating platform has a vast user base made up of millions of people who are mainly from the US, the UK and Canada.


The online dating service offers plenty of features to keep the user experience interesting for members of the service.


The ‘What’s Hot’ feature allows paid members to interact with the hottest trending profile on the website.


Users of the service can set the search options according to a wide range of options, making sure that you are able to find the perfect match.


The Site offers its users multiple ways to engage and interact with other members such as webcams, blogs, and profiles.


It is the go-to choice for those who are looking for hookups in their area.




The site lacks a data-driven matching algorithm that is found in many of the newer dating sites.


The site does not use an elaborate questionnaire for its app which could help in the matching process. This can make it a bit difficult for users of the service to find appropriate matches for their search preference.


Inevitably in this niche and with such a large membership, there are some scammers and fake profiles.


Additional features of the service, such as, model videos, purchased points or sex academy courses come at an extra price that’s not charged in the initial member’s fee.

Competitors to Adult Friend Finder


There are endless casual sites but if you are looking to meet in person then you need to look for sites with large memberships enhance your chances.  It’s a cliche but known marketing message that sex sells so it pays to take a step back and ask if a site if worth your hard earned cash.  AFF is by far the most popular site in terms of numbers but these two sites are also worth considering and don’t come into the ‘waste of money’ category that so many hookup sites do.



AdultFriendFinder is the perfect platform for all those who are looking for relationships without getting into a lasting relationship or commitments. Unlike other dating websites where users go to find the ideal match with intentions of dating or marrying (eventually), the site provides a platform to a niche of users who are looking for nothing more serious than a no-strings-attached hook-up.


When it comes to the quality of service it provides, AdultFriendFinder has won the XBIZ Award for ‘Dating Program of the Year’ in 2010. The ‘Best Adult Dating Site of 2012’ and the YNOT award for ‘Best Dating Company’ in 2015, along with many other awards and recognition that it has garnered through the years, making it a legitimate website for individuals, couples and groups who are looking for casual encounters.



AdultFriendFinder FAQ


Here are some reader queries as well as some of the more popular questions on Adult Friend Finder that we have selected. Just use the ‘Ask A Question’ box below to send additional questions that aren’t covered here and we will find the answer for you.

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