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We welcome independent and frank reader reviews and please submit them to:- Info

You can remain anonymous, aside from your initials and occupation and we won’t publish your email. We do need, however, a declaration that you are a past member or current member of the site you are reviewing and have never been employed by the site or its owners. We are looking for well-written reviews that enlighten our readers on the pros and cons of any particular site. In other words a descriptive assessment of your test-drive of te site. Let us know if you have had a good or bad experience and the ease in which you were able to get dates from the site.

Please make reviews at least 500 words in length and preferably longer. We are looking for detailed appraisals of your experience rather than one-liners such as ‘this site is rubbish’ or ‘this site is amazing’. These conclusions are fine but readers need to know the reasons why. If you are a writer then, as long as you are completely independent of the site you are reviewing and have a consumer experience of the site, we may make payment for high quality detailed and insightful reviews. But please inquire first at info listing the site you want to review and giving details of when you joined the site you are reviewing and the duration.

If you think a site should be avoided then explain the specific reasons why and, likewise, if the site has merit then explain the appeal. You can submit reviews anonymously and we will not publish your email address but we do require initial, occupation and location to help give readers some context. You can add screenshots and we can put in images into your review to break up the text if it’s a lengthy article. We will only edit for grammatical errors and, also, if there is anything that isn’t verifiable and might give us an unwanted law suit!

To make the review as informative as possible and to allow comparison with other reader reviews then you can opt to use the headings from our own independent reviews. But feel free to use your own headings if you prefer. As guidance, our review sections are divided up by sub-headings and you can use the following as a rough guide:- Your Dating Background, Introduction, Essential Stats (pricing etc.), Site Features, Ease of Use, Safety & Security, Customer Service and site contact details, Positives and Negatives, Other Sites to Consider and, finally, an overall summary or conclusion on the site. Have fun with your review!’