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Match Search Tips and Tricks

Here you can learn more about how to search Match profiles to your advantage. Also, we’ll walk you through some lesser-known search related features that will give yourself the best chance of finding your ideal date. Some of these search options in Match can be accessed with a free sign-up and others require a subscription. Let’s get started! is one of the most popular dating websites in the world, that promises its members to help them find their best match. Knowing how to use the search option and other features can only help maximize your chances of dating success. Match is long-established, so the search functions continually evolve and innovate based on user profile information to help you find a dating partner or future partner.

Know What Is Important Before You Start Searching provides helpful tips to help members kickstart their online dating journey. Before you even start searching by scanning profile pages or viewing profile photos, it’s essential to know what you are willing to compromise when engaging in online dating. You need to have an open mind.

Here are the examples of questions you need to ask yourself before getting started:
● What are the qualities am I looking for a future partner?
● Should I give a smoker or an alcohol drinker a chance to be my date?
● Do I prefer to date locals or am I willing to date someone from another state or country?
● What are my expectations when using the service?
● What are the important values should I consider when choosing a date? Search Options

Basic Search

It’s easy to use the basic search of This search option is perfect if you’re in a hurry or you’re too busy, but wants to find a date as soon as possible.

Here’s how:
● Step #1: Click ‘Discover’ on the menu options located on top of the page, parallel to the Match logo.
● Step #2: Choose ‘Search’ from the drop-down menu.
● Step #3: You’ll see your best matches with two icons below their profile photos. The heart icon on the right is used to send ‘Like’ while the blue message icon on the left is used to send a direct message.
● Step #4: Once you click the blue message icon, you’ll be directed to another page showing a short description of the member and the profile photo. On the message box below, you can write a short message expressing your intentions.
● Step #5: Don’t forget to click ‘Send’.

Advanced Search

This Match search option provides you a great opportunity to specify the key attributes you want for your best match. For instance, you can meet someone who has a maximum height or similar age. The advanced search option allows you to enter your desired age, personality type, height, and body type, to narrow your search.

Daily 7

Find your special someone with the Daily 7 feature of that will display six new profiles every day, matching your search criteria. By responding to the Daily 6 regularly, it helps Match learn more about your preferences to help you find better matches.

Also, participating in Daily 7 will help keep your Match profile active and show on top of search results. It means that your profile is more visible, thus increasing your chance to get more potential matches. Now, you can start rating your Daily 6 and, Match will let your top 6 members know that you’re interested to get to know them and date.

Here’s how to find your best match using Daily 7:

● Step #1: Click ‘matches’ on the menu options located on the top part of the page.
● Step #2: You can either ‘Skip’ or ‘Like’ your daily matches. Once you click ‘Skip’, you’ll be routed to your next match.
● Step #3: Once you click ‘Like’, you’ll be given a chance to send a direct message. Don’t forget to click ‘Send’.

Reverse Search

With the reverse search, you can spice up your dating experience and get to meet members you couldn’t find using the normal search options. It opens a new selection of exciting dating possibilities. As the law of physics say, opposite poles attract!

Block Function

If you prefer to date singles in your local area, you can block people from other countries or other parts of the country you live from contacting you. can help further refine your search, so you only get to interact with potential dating partners residing in your chosen location.

If you changed your mind, later on, you can always unblock a user or users in your account settings.

Here’s how:
● Step #1: Click the settings icon on the upper right corner of the page beside your profile photo.
● Step #2: Choose ‘Settings’ on the drop-down menu’.
● Step #3: You’ll be routed to the next page where you can highlight the name of the blocked member you wish to unblock.
● Step #4: Don’t forget to click ‘Unblock’ below to save the changes.

Who’s Viewed You

If you want to increase your chances of getting a successful date as soon as possible, you might want to take a look at the members who viewed your profile. Members who viewed your profile are likely more interested to date than those you merely see on a basic search. The other member will receive a notification once you liked or sent a direct message.

Free accounts can upgrade to a premium account or paid membership to be able to use the service. Check our in-depth review of here to find out the current rates of this dating site.

Likes You

Like ‘Who’s Viewed You’, you can increase your chances of finding your best match or soulmate with ‘Likes You’. If you have a free account, you can upgrade to a premium account or paid membership to be able to use the service.

Here’s how:
● Step #1: Click ‘Likes’ on the menu options located on the top part of the page.
● Step #2: Choose ‘Likes’ on the drop-down menu.
● Step #3: You’ll be routed to a page displaying the number of people who liked your profile. You’ll notice that the number in ‘Like’s You’ is lower than ‘Who’s Viewed You’. It is because not all members who viewed your profile necessarily like you. Using this search option can narrow down your choices to the best of the best matches in this online dating platform.
● Step #4: Click ‘Upgrade Account’, pay, and be able to view the members who liked your profile, so you can start interacting.

Boost Me

Get three times more views and emails with the ‘Boost Me’ feature. It pushes your Match dating profile to the top rank of search results. It means that active users can see your profile on the first page or top of search results, making your profile high visible. You can choose from 10 sessions for US$0.60 each, 5 sessions for US$0.80 each, and 1 boost session at US$0.99.

Here are the benefits of ‘Boost Me’ feature:
● Once you subscribe to ‘Boost Me’, you have a boost session or one hour.
● Increase your chances of getting more messages and views.
● Make your user Match dating profile visible on top of search results.
● Get to know someone quickly and easily.
● Get to choose from a wide range of interested members.

Mutual Search

The mutual search involves finding your best match who is also like you. It means that automatically match your profile to other members who share common interests, lifestyle, values, personality, and physical attributes.

Here are the benefits of using the mutual search:
● It’s easier to spark a good conversation because you have common interests with these matches.
● You might be surprised to easily find a travel buddy, movie fanatic, or a fitness enthusiast like you.
● Your common interests are good starting points to establish a long-lasting relationship.
● Easily establish mutual understanding and start a new romantic relationship or one that starts in friendship.
● No worries handling demanding or difficult matches, making your interactions simple, easy, conversational, and engaging.

General Tips to Easily Find Your Perfect Match at

1. If you’re not in a hurry to find your soulmate, we highly recommend trying the basic search. It is free and you have a wide array of choices or best matches.
2. Increase your chances of getting interesting matches through the ‘Who’s Viewed You’ or ‘Like You’ feature.
3. Use the block feature to narrow down your choices, most especially if you’re using the basic search option.
4. Respond to messages as soon as possible to show your genuine interest.
5. When using the advanced search, limit the filters to one to two for every category to gain more results.


It is easy to find your best match or future partner in using the wide array of search options. offers basic search, advanced search, Daily 7, mutual search, block function, and reverse search, which are free. If you want to take your search journey to the next level, you have a great opportunity to find your special someone by upgrading your free account and using the ‘Who’s Viewed You’, ‘Like You’, or the ‘Boost Me’ feature.

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