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eHarmony Review June 2020




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We take a close look in this eharmony review at the well-publicized algorithm. eHarmony is one of the most famous and well-established dating sites, founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren but recently taken over Parship. caters for U.S. singles. The brand is global and we review the different sites with links below:-


Eharmony review for Canadian singles


Eharmony review for UK singles


Earmony review for Australian and New Zealand singles


The new owners have kept the brand and pitch but the platform now has a modern rather than dated feel.  eharmony is a matchmaking service providing suggested matches according to profile settings and a scientifically devised personality survey. It’s a close competitor to but eharmony has a greater focus on long-term relationships for the seriously intentioned.


eHarmony is known as the dating site for people who are seriously looking for dates. Since 2000, has been around with over successful 11,000 marriages as claimed. It was launched in the United States in 2007 and thousands of relationships and babies were born owing to the effectiveness and success of this dating site.


It has a sophisticated matching system to help users find their matches and end up as successful couples. Based on the statistical report of eHarmony, their state-of-the-art system works averaging 438 members marrying every day as a result of being matched on the site.

Membership Stats


eHarmony has approximately 10 million active users and 750,000 paid subscribers who are real people! Singles come from a wide range of professionals like teachers, accountants, doctors and nurses, armed forces, lawyers, and many are business owners.


Over 90% of site users are from the U.S. and the website gets 3.6m visits per month according to SimilarWeb.


The ages range from 21 to 70 years old and there’s an even gender proportion. Typically, active members are between 25 and 55 years old who are looking for dates with the potential to enter a more meaningful relationship. It is certainly not a one-night stand dating site, and the prices help deter those who are less serious about searching for a new partner.


It’s also a good dating site option for mature singles who are looking for love and commitment second time around and don’t want to be messed around.


United Kingdom United States
Total number of members: 600,000
Active member Weekly: 90,000
Gender Proportion: 50% Male|50% Female
Total number of members: 1, 000,000
Active member Weekly: 90,000
Gender Proportion: 50% Male|50% Female

eHarmony offers a free account and paid subscriptions. The types of paid membership include the Basic Plan, the Total Connect Plan, and the Premier. With a wide range of choices, you can choose the duration of your subscription and save more as you choose to stay longer or even after the 12-month period.


Eharmony Prices


Free Account


eHarmony offers a free membership, wherein users can enjoy this for an unlimited period of time. It is totally free to join eHarmony and to review your matches. In addition, you’ll receive a free Personality Profile to gain insight into your personality and character.


To be able to use the site, you need to answer a detailed questionnaire and make sure to answer truthfully because the results will be used by the system’s matchmaking algorithm to best match you with other users on the site. Even with a free account, it works with 7 out of 10 match rating or potential matches based on your answers.


Allowed Not Allowed
-Create a personality profile (name, the type of relationship you want, description of physical appearance, personal characteristics, expectations, interests, attitudes, and opinions)
-Review profile
-Relationship: Straight Only
-Communicate with other users
-Indicate the type of relationship you want

Paid Accounts


1. Basic Plan

When you avail of the basic plan, you can view photos of users you were matched to and request photos from your potential matches. Also, you can send and receive communication request anytime, see the last logged in date of your matches, and see who are the people who have viewed your profile.


This plan costs $59.95 a month. For a 3-month subscription, you’ll be required to pay $39.95 a month or a total of $119.85. You can save 33% based on the monthly payment of $59.95. You’ll get 50% savings by subscribing to the 6-month membership which costs $29.95 per month or a total of $179.70. On the other hand, you’ll pay $19.95 a month for a 12-month subscription or a total of $239.40 for the entire duration. It means you can save up to 67% of the price that you would have spent if you paid on a monthly basis.


2. Total Connect Plan


This plan includes all the features found in the Basic Plan plus as extended personality profile for in-depth matchmaking and a RelyID which validates your membership information. You can also make a SecureCall or voice calls to another user from your phone.


The monthly payment for Total Connect Plan is $44.95 per month or a total costs of $131.85 for the entire duration of 3 months. For a 6-month subscription, you’ll pay $33.95 per month or a total of $203.70. A 12-month subscription costs $23.95 per month or a total of $287.40.


3. Premier Plan


If ever you still want to use the site after the 12-month period, you can avail of the Premier plan and get another extension of 12 months. With this plan, you can pause your account up to 3 months with no questions asked.


All your potential matches will be able to see your profile, including your photos, and they can communicate with you. A great advantage of this plan is being able to contact eHarmony Premier Team to ask a personalized matchmaking experience that will increase your chances of getting a successful date or enter a serious relationship.


This plan also includes a RelyID to confirm your identity so other members are more confident knowing that you’re exactly the type of person who you say you are. The eHarmony Secure Check allows you to make a review request match’s information such as the name, age and criminal background for up to 3 matches to give you more confidence in meeting the right person for you.


With SecureCalls, you can call your matches using your phone without actually exchanging your phone numbers. The monthly subscription to a Premier plan is $41.95 a month applicable for 12 months subscription only for a total cost of $503.40.

eHarmony Basic Membership Costs (U.S.)

Duration Price Per Month Savings Total Cost
1 month $59.95 0 $59.95
3 months $39.95 $60 $119.85
6 months $29.95 $180 $179.7
12 months $19.95 $480 $239.40

*savings are compared to $59.95 monthly payments under the Basic Plan

eHarmony Total Connect Membership Costs (U.S.)

Duration Price Per Month Savings Total Cost
3 months £43.95 £0 $131.85
6 months $33.95 $60 $203.70
12 months $23.95 $240 $287.40


*savings are compared to $43.95 monthly payments. There is no one month plan for Total Connect membership.



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When it comes to profile quality, eHarmony member profiles are equipped with very detailed information. Profile photos are visible even on free accounts. You’ll find different information including the user’s likes and dislikes, best life skills, how they usually spend their leisure time, and how other people would describe them. The details on the profile page help to start meaningful conversations for better communication. What are the features of currently being offered to their members?


1. eHarmony Mobile Apps


This dating site has an eHarmony App both available on Apple iOS and Android devices. The two apps offered by eHarmony are the main app for heterosexual matches and the Compatible Partners apps for homosexual matches. These user-friendly apps provide most of the desktop site functionality including signing up, profile set up, match review, adjusting match settings, contacting matches, and account management.


2. Mode of Contact


eHarmony offers different communication options to both paid and free members. Email communication is free for all users and eHarmony provides an expert’s advice on email communication to prevent being scammed. All members can also contact other users using Guided Communication, which is consisting of pre-populated questions you can send to your match to get to know them.


3. SecureCall


The Secure Call is a unique feature not offered by other dating sites. Only paid members can use this feature and it ensures the safety and security of its users online because it does not involve exchanging phone numbers. Members can chat securely with their matches to arrange a meetup date without providing any phone number.

4. Book of You


The eHarmony’s Book of You is an in-depth analysis of your personality upon completing the Relationship Questionnaire. It helps you understand yourself better that could be your secret weapon when it comes to finding your next date and also helps you on how to build a successful relationship.


5. Premium Personality Profile


Now you can have an extended version of your eHarmony profile with this feature. It gives 15 additional aspects to your personality. You’ll be required to pay $19.95 to be able to use this feature, covering the whole subscription term, regardless if it’s a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription.


The monthly fee for the eHarmony SecureCall is $7.95. For a 3-month subscription, you’ll pay $5.95 a month or a total of $17.85. You’ll pay $5.95 monthly for a 6-month membership of a total of $35.70, and $71.40 for a 12-month subscription.

6. eH+


This feature will give you the best of what eHarmony can offer along with the professional services of a personal counselor. Your personal counselor will check your matches before they can interact with you to confirm that they’re really interested. The fee for this professional service is $5000 per year.


7. eharmony App


eHarmony also offers applications for iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Android, allowing you to interact with your best matches anytime via your smartphone.

Ease Of Use


eHarmony is a relatively easy dating site to navigate with reliable and effective communication features. Updating your eHarmoney profile and making contact with other members is relatively simple and user-friendly.


Also, eHarmony can automatically connect to your Facebook profile upon your permission to import your profile pics. Don’t worry, it doesn’t post back to your Facebook profile page or newsfeed, nor it will appear to any of your Facebook friends.


Completing your eharmony profile is an important process and we have completed a detailed profile writing guide for men here. Follow the essential tips to get the best out of the site. We’ll be following up with an article for women as well.


Signing up with eHarmony is easy because you will be guided through the process by a series of questions step by step. Because of the personality questions, it actually takes a long time to sign up but this will give you more confidence that you’ll land to serious matches.


After you have answered the basic questions (age, marital status, location, sexual preference, and the number of children), a personality survey question will be generated so you can describe yourself using adjectives such as clever, generous, affectionate, and stable.


You will be asked to nominate from a list of four words that your best friends used to describe you (good listener, funny, creative, dependable, etc.). The next questions posted will be about your life, such as seeking adventure, doing things to a plan, if you prefer to follow or lead, spend time with people or alone, and your skills in a creating romantic relationship. eHarmony keeps you updated on how far you’ve progressed through the survey as you go along the way.


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Safety and Security


eHarmony is dedicated and committed to ensuring the safety and security of its members online by offering services like the SecureCall, which allows members to chat and call on the phone through the website without exchanging phone numbers.


You can always contact eHarmony to report members who are abusive and fraudulent. A thorough investigation will be carried out and the account can be suspended or removed on site.

How to Contact eharmony customer service


If you need to contact eHarmony for any inquiries, questions, or concerns, you can call their Customer Care team at (844) 544-3173 (Monday to Saturday, 8am-5pm PST). Email support is available 24/7.

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Pros & Cons


eHarmony Positives


1. It is ideal for people who are looking for serious relationships that can eventually lead to marriage.


2. The matchmaking model emphasizes the details vital to fulfillment and happiness in marriage. The algorithm is based on 29 key dimensions to predict whether you’re going to be successful when you’ll get into a relationship.


3. It saves time and the stress of having to go through thousands of profiles to find the perfect match. You won’t engage in endless searching when using this dating site.


4. Free communication weekend for free accounts once a month.


Eharmony Negatives


1. This dating site doesn’t allow searching on your own. You can only communicate with the matches that eHarmony will present to you, so some members may find this feature limiting.


2. It’s more expensive compared to some dating sites. However, the prices deter less serious users. Also, as it’s a highly popular site then subscribers will get more local matches than most subscription sites aside from Match.


Other Sites To Consider


The major competitors of eHarmony include, Elite Introductions and even some of the matchmaker local offerings.   Matchmakers are often prohibitively expensive.  Besides, eharmony’s large membership base offers a greater choice and prospect of a rewarding dating experience.


eHarmony, fills the void within the mainstream dating sector by catering for singles looking for commitment.  The very process of users filling out detailed questionnaires to search for long-term partners eliminates most of the time-wasters.  The subscription costs also deter those without serious intentions to find someone special.


eharmony Review Final Words


eHarmony isn’t the cheapest option, however, subscription fees are reasonable enough for serious date seekers seeking like-minded partners. The initial effort of filling out a large number of questions reduces the need to spend time endlessly searching for potential matches.  Your answers and the algorithm’s resulting matches will feed your in-box with local matches.


If you’re looking for a site that’s going to offer you the great convenience and confidence in finding your best match, eHarmony is the site for you. It matches you to a real person who will potentially be your future spouse.  That’s a priceless outcome if it brings an ideal partner into your life.



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