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Initially, there were just 2 online dating sites that really changed the game: eHarmony and Match. Nowadays, even when there are new dating sites launching every week, these two still remain as leaders of this topic.
But eHarmony has been a really top-rated dating website, especially in Canada, where thousands of people are logging on to this site in hope to find true love.

This dating website was launched in 2007 in USA, and since then, it’s been expanding to different countries, including Canada. eHarmony also has claimed that thanks to its advanced algorithm, it’s been responsible of at least 11,000 marriages, and more than 20,000 successful relationships.

The matching system eHarmony uses allows users to take a personality quiz and give personal information to find their matches. They trust in this method and claim that this will result in a successful match.
As a plus, always emphasizes that they offer a lot of diversity in their website, due to the fact that Canada is a very diverse country itself. That means that a lot of Canadian singles join this dating site every day, so you’re probably closer than you think to find your perfect love.

This page dedicated to Canadian online dating has more than 1M active members from this country, and they also have a search trend of 110.000.

Members Members Activity Gender
1M From Canada At least 100.000 Visits/Mo 45% Man / 55% Women

As an interesting point, eHarmony has also showed some statistics related to online dating in Canada, beginning with the fact that the usage of this websites has grown at least by $6M annual since late 2000’s. In Canada this industry has become more popular among men, since at least 52% of them use it, while only 47% of the ladies take a look at the opportunity to find love through dating websites.
When talking about pricing, we can say that eHarmony has an average cost in comparison to other sites. It also has a variety of options according to your needs and your pocket, so you’ll probably find the best one quickly.

Membership Plan Price (Monthly)
1 Month Membership $59.95 (USD)
6 Months Membership $42.95 (USD)
12 Months Membership $25.95 (USD)
24 Months Membership $10.95 (USD)

This dating website has many features that spark interest and engagement with its users. All the profiles provided in eHarmony share a lot of valuable information, especially with “The Book of You”, where you can check very detailed aspects.

It’s also very easy to find things to talk about with each profile you find, since you’re able to find a lot of topics while knowing the person.

Starting your experience in this website is simple, but you need to dedicate time for it. At the beginning, you have to finish a questionnaire that can take you more than one hour, but it’s absolutely necessary to have a broad knowledge of what you need to find in a match.
But after finishing this part, you’ll still have to fill in some other extra info in order to find a great partner for you. Keep in mind that you’ll have some limits in your settings without a Premium Subscription, including not being able to check your partner’s pictures. But there’s a lot of information you can still see for free, so you can take your time to analyze it.

Now let’s check some of the most important features of this Canadian dating site:

The Book of You
This is probably the most remarkable, and one of the things that keep attracting new users every day. The Book of You it’s based on a simple analysis of all aspect of your personality after you finish the Relationship Questionnaire when setting up your profile.
This part of the site gives a lot of points for you to understand yourself better, this way; you’ll basically have the secret to know how to find successful matches not only on the website, but in any romantic situation.

You could say that this works as a full report of your personality and it helps you to understand how others see you. It’s a great thing to consider when creating a profile in this site.

This is another unique aspect that it’s not very common in other dating sites, especially for Canada singles.

In eHarmony you’re able to access to SecureCall if you’re a premium user. This option allows you to call a match with no need of giving contact information or anything you don’t want at that part. You can actually plan a meet up through this feature without giving your phone number. This way, you’ll probably feel more secure and safe.

Simple Search Options
eHarmony offers a lot of things in the search part, including: income, religion, ethnicity, age, and many other important aspects to consider when searching for a love partner.
It’s not very hard to understand how to exactly browse through all these options, since these are visible in simple yet colorful segments that can be very easy to read at first sight.

eHarmony Canadian App
As many other dating websites, eHarmony also offers an app for iOS and Android. But there are two versions of this app. One of these is dedicated to Compatible Partners for Heterosexual people, and the other one is for Homosexual people.

The app is very functional, since it gives most of the features that you can find on the website version, like reviewing matches, arranging your profile, and so on. But it’s not that perfect for some users, since it also has gained some negative reviews; most of them due to the fact that the app sometimes bugs and works very slow in comparison to the desktop version.

A good thing about eHarmony is that you’re able to understand its interface very fast, especially if you’re not computer savvy.

This website is less technical than many others around, so even having a very modern and sophisticated design, eHarmony Canada still works great for those who’re living in the era of the Web 1.0.

The best thing about eHarmony web design and ease of use is that you won’t feel constantly interrupted by pop-ups or weird sounds to suddenly start a conversation on a chat room. The design and usability remains clean and simple.

This website dedicated to online dating in Canada takes your security and safe very seriously. That’s why they even offered the option of “SecureCall” to make it possible to start a conversation with other members, without having to share any personal information that could be a danger.

eHarmony has a strong a trustful reputation internationally, so even the Canadian version is completely safe for many users that have assured that they didn’t feel insecure at any moment using the website.

It’s necessary to take a long time to set up your profile and arrange all the details. And after that, it’s obvious that you have to be very patient and serious when exploring the matching filters. This means that it can be a hard website to attract scammers or possible fakes, since they didn’t want to spend so much time on it just to try to steal users’ information or something similar.

But nothing’s perfect, and it’s always better to keep an eye on your personal information constantly, and more if you’re a daily user of dating website. Always consider well your safety before meeting with anyone you’ve met on the Internet.

eHarmony has a “Help Center” that works as a Customer Service page. In this part, you’ll be able to check first if your doubt or issue is already something usual in the “Popular Help Topics”.

The information they offer in this section is very valuable. It doesn’t extend too much and it’s very simple to understand, so you surely will have your question solved quickly if it’s visible in this page.

You can also explore the “Browse by Topic” section to check faster what kind of issue you have. In this part you can contact them directly through a chat or a phone call.

In the same Help Center page, eHarmony also offers they phone number and working hours in case you prefer just to contact them immediately this way.

Let’s share with you some of the Pros and Cons of this website in order to simplify your considerations if planning to use it

● User-friendly interface that’s very simple to understand
● The sign-up process is very detailed, so it increases your chances to find someone
● It offers special features like The Book of You that helps you to understand special things about your personality and simplify your match research
● It has a huge variety of search options

● You won’t be able to see photos or message people unless you have a paid subscription
● The app version is very slow and it get stuck sometimes
● Some special features are available only for paid subscription

Even being such a well-known and popular dating website, eHarmony has some strong competitors that have been leading the market at the same range. The 2 biggest ones are: and OkCupid.
Match was created in 1995, and that means is old enough to be the role model for some dating sites. It’s probably the largest and oldest one, so the throne is difficult to knock down at the moment. That could be basically the strongest point to consider it as the most powerful competitor in this industry, especially for new sites. has no limits when searching for a partner; it has a lot of options that can help you a lot. You can look for someone at any second and just in a few minutes you’ll be able to find that interesting person, since it has nice features too. However, eHarmony has been very satisfactory with its options too, so that’s why it works as a competitor for as well.

OkCupid is another popular dating site that’s breaking the rules right now. Why would it be a competitor for eHarmony? Mainly because it has nice features too and it offers a cute modern design that’s very catchy and attractive to check while signing up and giving your personal details.

But the main reason of why OkCupid is a strong competitor is its dedication to connect with younger audiences, not only with its design, but with its vision emphasized in variety and open-minded relationships, and even its direct way to make matches.

OkCupid’s tactic is to make questions that sometimes can be very controversial, but not for young adults. And that’s why it has been so known recently and it’s been a creative dating site that’s been scaring the classic ones, including eHarmony.

But since eHarmony remains simple, it means that can go with any type of audience, not only young people.

eHarmony works as a great Canadian dating site for singles that already have experience in this, or for those that are newbies.

Its simplicity is what makes the website goes so well with many audiences. If you’re looking just for a couple, this website works, and if you’re looking to the perfect partner for a marriage, the website works as well.

You can get a lot of in-depth information about yourself with their questionnaire, and that’s probably a big plus to consider. Not many websites give you this valuable feature to give you such a strong analysis about your personality.

The algorithm they use to find you a match is proper too, since they base it completely on important aspects of your personality. With eHarmony, you’ll be able to connect quickly with potential partners, because you’ll know what could be your “sex appeal” and even your possible flaws to improve them.

However, remember that the best features aren’t free, and to enjoy them you’ll need to pay for a subscription, but if you’re decided to find that love of your life, then definitely the money worth it.


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