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Latest Dating Trends for 2019

From Virtual Reality to DNA Matching
The dating world goes beyond digital trends. This 2019, you’ll find the new dating trends fun and exciting. What may have been dismissed as amusing science fiction is now a feature in some of the more creative dating apps. Singles focus on finding love or a long-term relationship online now more than ever. While the traditional dinner date and the age of swiping right will always take a backseat when it comes to finding true love, women are more empowered this 2019.

This trend started in 2014 when Bumble was introduced that changed the gender norms of traditional dating. It was founded by Whitney Wolfe, who was also a co-founder of Tinder. The Bumble app instantaneously became popular which increased $28K for the Planned Parenthood via Instagram last October 2016. It was also awarded as the Dating App Winner by the US Dating Awards or USDA in 2016. Surprisingly, it knocks out the major game players such as Tinder and Zoosk.

Mindfulness and kindness in relationships also play a crucial role in 2019. People will be more expressive about their feelings and open to trying couples therapy. Saying “no” is more positively positioned and dating etiquette is respected.

The new dating scene is now more adventurous which equates to more fun and excitement. Singles are given the opportunity to date someone new and try something new. Face recognition is on the rise, allowing users to find their potential matches who are celebrity look-alikes. You might just get to date Beyonce doppelganger!

Behavior-based matching will be enhanced in 2019. Instead of answering questionnaires and automated romantic matchmaking algorithms, behavioral tracking will be given special attention. Further research will be conducted, interpreting live reactions, like facial recognition, heart rate, and even your brain’s neural signals.

DNA Matching and Virtual Reality dating
PopSugar says that if you’re single, you should be aware of the new dating trends. The good news is that you can take online dating at the next level through DNA matching and VR dating. Surprisingly, genetic-based dating sites are now rising which crack conventional matchmaking systems. It’s simply taking a cheek swab test to find your bio-compatible match. According to studies, genetic testing can spell true love and potential matches can lead to long-term relationships, less infidelity, healthier children, and enhanced sexual chemistry.

Identify gene mutations through DNA testing which involves medical testing or analysis of your cells’ genetic composition. DNA testing determines your predisposition to hereditary diseases like diabetes and those factors responsible for a person’s unique features.

With biotechnology, humans are able to unlock the laws of attraction. Form $80 million cost in sequencing DNA from a cell in 2003, it dramatically reduced to $10,000 in 2015, and it is forecasted to cost as little as $1000 by the year 2040. It will give us a clearer perspective and insight on how genetic makeup can influence emotional and physical attraction.

DNA matching is a practical feature that will gain popularity in the future. Soon, online dating is not just about chatting or video calling, it will be more holistic, real, and more advanced. For 2019, further studies about genetic testing continue, and it will be made available among dating sites, as a premium feature for next coming years.

From DNA Matching to VR Dating
A DNA-based dating trend in 2019 is practiced by Pheramor, which is an online dating website utilizing a genetic app. This cutting-edge app enhances dating and your quest to find true love. According to Pheramor, a combination of common interests, personality, and mutual attraction creates an ideal connection, which is determined through a cheek swab test which is found in a Pheramor kit. Place a swab inside your cheek then mail the barcoded sample to Pheramor laboratory for testing.

Instant Chemistry is another DNA-based dating tool that can help you find love through a DNA personality test. This phenomenal dating tool combines bio-compatibility, psychological compatibility, and neuro-compatibility to achieve your perfect match. It is largely focused to help you find a true and long-term relationship.

The DNA-testing kit of Instant Chemistry enables you to check for complementary genes. You can choose a partner with heightened physical chemistry. Get insight into the behavior of your potential partner through psychological and neuro-compatibility screening to avoid dealing with someone who has questionable personality traits.

While Pheramor and Instant Chemistry provide a great platform to help you find true love through genetic compatibility testing, you can explore your future via VR dating. In the Future of Dating report, the result is based on interviews with professionals in the field of sociology, technology, anthropology, and biomedicine. It’s also based on the trend data for over 100 years, which predicts what online dating be like by 2040. This study was commissioned by the dating site,, and the data was compiled by the MSc Management students of the Imperial College Business School.

Based on the report, full-sensory virtual dating will take place in just 25 years. It means that information can be instantly shared via the five human senses digitally, creating a full-sensory virtual reality. It’s like the real thing! Yes, you’ll be able to hold a person’s hand, smell their fragrance, and talk to your best match within the comfort of your home.

Virtual reality can change how online dating meet their best matches face to face. Online dating has been existing for over 20 years which started with in 1995. Eventually, dating apps like Tinder emerged and chatting with people via social media sites, like Facebook.

With VR dating, it will open up a whole new world of global dating pool of singles, meeting and redefining long distance relationships. Everybody will experience virtual reality and meet people anywhere in the world with the advancement of wearable technology.

Dating apps play a vital role in reasserting the value of physical location. According to Rachel Katz, who studied the dating app, Tinder, for her master’s degree, “Once, most people married people who lived within four miles of them. Then we had the internet, and all these infinite possibilities for soulmates across the world; it didn’t matter where they were.”

VR dating is the new tech of online dating in the future. Just imagine being able to scan people with your smartphone in a nightclub and check their dating profiles. At the moment, a Paris-based app called “happn” analyzes where you’ve been during the day, showing you people who passed within 250 meters of you. Claire Certain, the head of “happn” says that these are the individuals you can meet in real life. In the near future, VR will be a most-sought feature and distance won’t be an issue anymore.

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