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The Love Calculator – Facts and Fantasies

A fun and insightful guide to the love calculator phenomenon. Find out if Nintendo’s love lie detector was literally a damp squib. Discover the magic and mystery behind the numerology name based love calculator on this site. Have we proven that horoscope based love calculators really work? Read on for a highly curious anomaly that the research in the development of our celebrity love calculator may have unearthed.

The very first love calculator and love meters

Blaise Pascal was the inventor of the first mechanical calculator and todays love calculators assessing love compatibility still use a numerology approach.

The very first love calculators were also known as love meters, often appearing in amusement centres and video arcades. Whilst some love meters were just fun random generators, others tried to go down a more scientific and physical route. These initial love calculators tested skin conductance and measured the amount of moisture on a subjects skin. These love testers purported to measure love chemistry and sex appeal but in reality they assessed how much an individual perspired on any given day. Frankly, we’re yet to be convinced a sweaty palm or a wet fish handshake is a sign of sex appeal!

Nintendo’s Love lie detector

Nintendo created a mass consumer love detector in 1969 which was marketed as a lie detector specifically for lovers. A couple would each hold a button on the machine and the result would highlight if they were telling the truth about their declared love for each other. Amusingly, Nintendo gave the secret away in rather frank terms by saying ‘ if you want good results, wet your hands first!’ Who knows, perhaps these historical love testers paved the way for the phrase 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration.

Hot love

Other love calculator machines used temperature as a mean of determining results. This resulted in love test results peaking in 80-degree summer heat whilst tests in the midst of winter were determined to be as frosty as the cold climate. No doubt a bout of ‘flu would give good results and thereby indicating fever rather than feverish love. So these machines were useful to confirm seasonal weather temperatures and perhaps even personal well-being but were of little use in determining the love match status of a relationship. There again, the main point is, like all these love testers, they served to produce a bit of light-hearted entertainment as opposed to giving some enlightening scientific insight.

Our numerology based Love Calculator

Sorry, but we really can’t tell you everything about our mysterious, proprietary love calculator. I mean, do coca cola give you their secret recipe? Do Google reveal their unique algorithm? Does the Pentagon reveal all about the Roswell extra-terrestrials and Area 51? Of course not and some secrets about the love calculator do have to remain strictly classified!

The first thing we can tell you is that our love calculator is that it is based on numerology. Ultimately, it’s fun game and it shouldn’t dictate your decisions in matters concerning love and romance. If your names don’t give a high compatibility score then we really don’t advise filing in court for a name change let alone a break-up. Don’t even think about it. Here’s a little hint; you can try adding in your family names in addition to your first name. We can reveal there is some numerology involved and, if that was good enough for Pythagoras, well it’s good enough for us.

What’s the secret of the love calculator?

So, which team of top researchers devised this site’s love calculator? NASA, Harvard, quantum physicists or the Chinese Academy of Sciences? No, none of these were deemed good enough. It was produced by our esteemed programmer in his basement office.

Don’t dismiss it just yet, just remember Microsoft was started in Bill Gates’ garage! The secret algorithm is now locked in a high security vault that makes Fort Knox seem more accessible than your local Wall Mart. So, unless Wikileaks gets hold of our top-secret files, we can only reveal that the love calculator games is just for fun.

Follow your heart and mind

The best advice we can give is to follow your heart and mind. If the calculators give you a great love match score and you are happy with your partner or love prospect then it’s obviously a highly accurate, albeit mystical, scientific endorsement. If, however, you get a low score and your relationship is blossoming, secure or even attaining soulmate status, then just regard the games as a bit of entertaining trivia. Without wishing to break the love calculator oath of secrecy or offend numerologists, you are almost certainly right!

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