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Senior Dating – 8 tips for a standout senior dating profile

To stand out from the crowd you want to make use of the best tips and tricks when it comes to creating a great profile and senior dating. We have researched and prepared a step-by-step guide to help you create your dating profile. Also, we have professional dating profile services that you can take advantage to help you kickstart your senior dating journey. Let’s get started!

1. Pick a Good Profile Photo

Choose a dating profile photo that is high-quality and correct format and size. You can easily upload a photo from your phone or computer using the following steps:

Click the camera icon or image icon or ‘Upload Photo’ on the dating platform.
You’ll be routed to your saved files or saved photos section.
Choose your best photo as your dating profile photo.

What makes a good profile photo? Be careful picking a photo with people on it. Choose a profile picture wherein you’re alone, without any women! Don’t leave a room for misconceptions, like you’re an easy-rider. Avoid selecting a photo wherein you’re holding a bottle of beer because alcohol may frighten off potentially compatible partners.

It’s best to choose one describing your passion or lifestyle, such as a photo of you in a garden with gardening tools around or holding a guitar. Surely, you’ll find the ideal date who also loves music. For women, be yourself and wear something you usually wear when attending events or special occasions. You don’t have to mimic young ladies out there who can get away with more revealing fashions. Leave room to spark interest and the desire of senior men.

2. Express Your Thoughts in Bullets

This helps catch the attention of readers. List your daily routine, hobbies, and interesting facts about you. Every time something pops up in your head, put it in writing. Making a table with your strengths and weaknesses is also a good idea but avoid revealing too much about yourself or make a profile sound too formal. Find out the things you want to share and leave the more private thoughts for future dates that you feel comfortable sharing with.

3. Be Honest to Yourself and Other People

You can cover the qualities you’re looking for in a partner and your passions.

Be a proud grandparent. You can write the activities you do to bond or spend quality time with your friends and grandchildren. However, avoid talking about problems with previous partners. You don’t want to give the wrong impression that you are negative about life.

4. Predict and Set Proper Expectations

Satisfy senior dating by being versatile and true to yourself at the same time. Predict and set proper expectations of other members. For instance, make sure that your profile photo and page reflect the real you. We all have flattering and less flattering pictures in our albums and you should of course choose the most attractive ones. It’s the five or ten years old photos or those that are edited to unrealistically knock a decade off your looks that you need to avoid using.

5. Narrate Your Story

One of the best ways to write a great dating profile is to tell your story. Of course, seniors don’t expect a very long story, but something short, concise, and interesting. Telling your story paints a picture of your uniqueness, passions, experiences, and your abundant personality. Write your dating profile as if you’re talking to a dear friend. Tell stories about the best places that you’ve been and what they’ve taught you.

6. Use Correct Spelling and Grammar

Like the Millennials, you might have adopted the shortcut version of words and phrases. Make sure to express your thoughts without grammatical and spelling issues. While using emoticons is generally okay, use them sparingly.

7. Avoid Clichés

Be specific with your interests, passion, and routine activities you do as much as possible. Don’t be generic and expect seniors to just assume what you’re trying to say. For instance, if you love ‘watching movies’, tell what genre or type of movies you want, such as suspense or love story, and give a title ‘Titanic’, or your favorite actor ‘Leonardo D’iCaprio’.

8. Write an Easy to Understand Dating Profile

Let’s admit it, many seniors like ourselves cannot comprehend as we used to when we were younger. Some of us have memory issues and we easily lose our patience reading long sentences and paragraphs. We want something that is straight to the point without too many flowery words just to convince us. That’s why it’s crucial to write a dating profile that is easy to understand, yet still interesting, unique, and entertaining.

Here are some senior dating profile examples:

David Jones, 56

I’m not young, but I still love going out, jogging in the park, driving my car, and listening to the music of The Beatles. My hobbies include bicycling and other physical exercises, and songwriting. I’m not specifically seeking for a woman who also does the things I love to do, but it would be cool if she’s up for a morning jogging and listening to high-quality music. At the moment, I work as a business consultant at a nearby local audiovisual product company. But I can split my time between work and working because of good time management. Since I will be retiring soon, I’m ready for a serious relationship, and it could be you that I have long been waiting for!

Sara Smith, 52

I’m a single mom who can cook healthy and delicious food. I can say that I’m funny but serious when it comes to finding a future partner. Books (fiction) and movies (drama and suspense) make me feel alive. I love weekend getaways to cozy restaurants and shopping. I have a grandson who I love dearly and we love picnics and sharing stories. I’m looking for a kind and patient person who is willing to laugh next to me and my grandson.

Larry Clifford, 61

I love gardening. I have lots of fruit trees and vegetable plants because I love organic farming. Also, I’m a church goer and loves participating in community events, teaching the young people in the clubhouse, and sharing gospel reading to my neighbors. It would be nice to have someone who can accompany me with my community ventures and passions.

You are now equipped to start an exciting journey in the increasingly popular senior dating sector. See our reviews of the top sites here and, if you are not particularly computer savvy ,we take you through the sign-up process with one of the most popular 50 plus dating sites, Ourtime, and we have a detailed guide on trouble shooting tips and tricks here.

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