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HSVBuddies a Niche Site For Positive Singles

Since the last decade, the number of HSV Positive Singles afflicted has shown significant growth. In terms of dating it represents an issue for both HSV sufferers and potential partners who might catch the virus. Research highlights that the HSV virus can be transmitted through unprotected sex which obviously creates moral obligations on sufferers to be upfront about their condition. Failing to use proper protection seems tantamount to an offense. In the 21st century, such mistakes are unacceptable and can result in massive destruction of quality of life both physically and emotionally. HSVBuddies is a sister site of and shares the same membership base run by long-established dating company, Successful Match.

Undoubtedly, there is a gap in public awareness and a need for an educational or support community for positive singles. Such a forum would assist HSV positive singles by providing them with proper education along with offering a platform for dating other HSV positive singles. Clearly, there was a need for a site to cater for this. Step forward HSVBuddies. This site helps plug the information and dating gap and is a much-needed singles community for sufferers of the virus. In short, it is an information-packed website working for the HSV community.

The people behind the website explained the motivation behind launching the site and the drive to improve it over recent months. A spokesman for the site said:-

The website came into the picture after in-depth research on HSV. We all know HSV is not a simple virus; instead, it has the capability to cause emotional and physical suffering. Seeing the burgeoning growth of the virus and the consequent adverse impact, there was a need for a supportive community that can deliver information, advice and social contacts. The site’s purpose is to lend a helping hand to each and every HSV singles that fall within our reach with a variety of dating options all under one roof.”

“In the initial days, it was an ideal 50-50 ratio male to female ratio, however, the site was worthy but, nonetheless,’a work in progress’. Subsequently, the response we received from the HSV community enabled us to improve the site to the extent it now has wide acclaim in the herpes community. We have helped enable this group to have an active dating and social life without fear of rejection. We have had a good response from users and we aim to continue to bring in innovative features to the site from time to time.”

Why subscribers prefer HSVBuddies over other dating sites in the same niche?

What makes a dating site within the HSV niche different and appealing? We take a look at some of the stand out features.

The instant functions – the website offers extensive search options. With the variety of search options, one can look out for similar profiles or specific physical features or character traits according to their preferences. The online chat facility is a great starter for getting to know new potential dates. In tandem with this is the quick exit feature, it assists the members in ending the conversation during online chat in a courteous manner. No more awkward ‘how do I escape’ from this member without coming across as hurtful or rude. The ‘quick exit’ button does the work for you with perfect manners!

The free platform – With a simple sign up form, readers can get their basic profile up instantly and add detail later on. It’s possible to join for free and just browse before deciding to take the plunge into an upgraded paid subscription. As you would expect, subscribers can tap into a lot of premium features. Subscribing members can choose 1 month, 3 months or 6 months plans with discounted membership prices the longer the subscription. These plans are affordable and can be canceled any time before the dreaded auto-renew kicks in.

The core HSV information – One main reason behind the growth of HSV is the lack of knowledge and places where readers can get the answers to their question in detail. HSVBuddies is trying to resolve the issue by rendering information on HSV and what precautions are required to be carried out. It helps in creating a protective shield on the members and those without the HSV virus. Potentially it can lessen the population of HSV affected people.

In conclusion is a dating community for all those who are in the hunt for someone special to start a new love life. Here one can reach out to like-minded individuals whilst simultaneously educating themselves with HSV related information. The site fills a gap in the dating industry and should be applauded for making provision for those who might otherwise be reluctant to look for relationships

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