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Horoscope Compatibility Fact or Fiction

So, what do the stars and heavenly bodies in the galaxy say about your love  destiny? Astrological beliefs include correspondences between terrestrial  events and astronomical observations. Thus, it is believed that these celestial elements have influenced human history, including language, world-views, and other aspects of social culture, like love.

Did Alan Leo, or his birth name, William Frederick Allan, “the father of modern astrology” even think of the relationship between the placement of the stars in the sky and two person’s romantic feelings with each other? Is it true that moon phases can affect your love life?

It is usually an overlooked astrological body in the sky but some astrologers suggest the phases of the moon play a crucial role in successful love and dating. Other astrologers look to the planets for guidance when it comes to intimacy and romance. ‘Goddess of love’ planet, Venus, is the obvious one.

Celebrity Match Love Calculator

This feature matches your star sign with the zodiac sign that is purportedly highly favourable to a compatible love match. Past and present celebrities that match that star sign are highlighted accompanied by a paragraph summarising the features of a potentially idyllic match.

If you match with a celebrity you find appealing then obviously it is a true and valid scientific insight! If, however, your match is your worst nightmare then simply regard it as a false reading and have another go. This game definitely succeeds on the basis that if at first you don’t succeed in love then try, try again.

Is there any scientific validity to horoscope compatibility?

Humorist, George Burns, once depicted love as akin to backache “it doesn’t show up on x-rays but you know it’s there.”

There have been numerous attempts to prove that horoscopes have some scientific basis but there has yet to be any conclusive proof. So far countless studies have failed to find any evidence that validate zodiac compatibility claims. Curiously, however, in our recent data collection exercise, we found an interesting anomaly in our celebrity love match game.

When compiling the results list for each star sign for the gay celebrity love calculator the results for one sign were starkly different from the rest.

Curiously, with 19 results, Gemini turned up triple the number of famous gay men compared to most of the other star signs compiled from lists on two websites.

We struggled to find famous gay men for some of the star signs and, for example, we even had to resort to a 17th Century French king, Louis VII, for our meagre total of 5 Scorpio results. Leo (5) and Virgo (7) were also lacking in quantity for gay celebrities.

For our source for compiling the results, we used the following sites and three IMBD lists including

The imbd lists used consisted of actors and actresses and the same anomaly didn’t arise for the lesbian results. So, is there a greater proportion of Gemini gay male actors compared to any other star sign? Given we adopt a cynical eye to reviewing the statistics produced by dating sites, we’ll apply that same principal to our own stats and conclude with an unlikely or unproven verdict. However, the figures are curious and deserving of more research by any number crunching analysts out there.

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