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No surprises for guessing that UkraineDate is dedicated to Ukrainian Dating! It’s primarily for western men looking to date Ukrainian women and vice versa. It’s one of the plethora of Cupid Media sites, a successful company that runs 35 dating sites based on diverse topics like religion and ethnicity. UkraineDate is long-established and was launched in 2002.

There are diverse reasons why so many Ukrainian women wish to meet western men. This can range from a desire to improve economic circumstances to a straightforward preference for western men. Cultural differences can be a mutually positive dynamic in multiracial relationship. When dating people of a different culture, it’s often worthwhile reading up on the culture and the Culture Shock series of books make a compelling read.

The site has over 926,000 visitors per month according to Ukrainians are, as you would expect, the bulk of the users but there is a strong contingent from the U.S. (15%), Germany (10%) and 5% for France and the UK. The site ratio of men to women is split about equally as most of the site users from the western countries are men. is the largest dating site specifically for the Ukraine and is one of the more popular Cupid Media sites.

Pricing, as with most subscription dating sites, works out cheaper per month the longer you subscribe. It’s possible to sign-up and browse for free to assess the site first. Free subscribers can message anyone they are interested in but the message is encrypted and unreadable until a premium subscription is taken out.

MonthsPlatinum SubscriptionGold Subscription
12 Months$12.50 USD per month (save 64%)$10.00 USD per month (save 67%)
3 Months$23.33 USD per month (save 33%)$20.00 USD per month (save 33%)
1 Month$ 34.99 USD$29,98 USD

Plans for 12 months or 3 months are billed just in one payment. For those who just want to try the site for a month do remember to go to your account and turn off auto renew. The site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

UkraineDate App
Cupid Media developed an app of this dating website to get more valuable users. This app is available on iOS and Android, and you don’t need to pay to download it.

Once you install it, you’re able to sign up and create your profile just as you were on the website. However, the functions are not as easily configured as on the website, and some users have criticized the fact that the app can get stuck sometimes. The consensus of users is that the app still works well for what it offers. Primarily, it is just a useful way to keep yourself updated with your matches while you’re not using your laptop.

This website is very user-friendly, especially for those who aren’t computer savvy. You can easily browse through the site and enjoy all its functions.

You can use the basic search facility for the standard preferences such as age, city, religion, and so on. More advanced options include education, English language ability and the members own assessment of their attractiveness and best physical feature.

UkraineDate has an attractive design and minimalist structure that makes it straightforward and fast to navigate.

As many other dating websites, UkraineDate takes its security serious hence their SSL Web Server Certificate, as well as their McAfee Secure Certificate.

They also offer a Customer Service page in order to resolve any issue you have. In this page you can send them an online message or even send contact by snail mail. They also leave the address and phone number with some detailed instructions for you to call them properly if you have any inconvenience on the website.

Inevitably, being the most heavily used Ukrainian dating site, there will be a small minority of scammers who slip through the filter process. Western men in particular have to be very careful with the girls you chat with. You’ll probably realize when there’s a fake profile.

If you are interested in someone try to set up a chat of skype or another IM. It’s not unknown for some profiles to use photos of Ukrainian models and fill in their personal information with many things that are “too good to be true”.

If someone asks for money then take heed of the alarm bells. The site does give very clear warnings on this and takes its responsibility seriously. There is a clear and easy to use option to ‘report’ a profile to the site administrators.

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● The site is well used and populated giving a good opportunity to find a compatible match.
● Almost all the women are specifically searching for western man, it’s clearly an interracial dating site.
● Less expensive than the likes of AnastasiaDate, the subscription is inclusive without extras.
● It’s a good option for guys who are savvy enough to find their own match
● There are some useful site features such as translation of messages.
● Easy to navigate well-presented site.

● These aren’t generally local dates. Western men will have to travel.
● Currently there are political tensions between Ukraine and Russia so visitors need to avoid areas where safety might be an issue.
● As with all sites you do have to be watchful of scammers.

If it’s specifically a Ukrainian you are looking for then there aren’t a lot of good alternatives. is one option as a considerable number of Ukrainian women sign-up there. The site, however, can prove more expensive as it uses a system of buying tokens for premium services. It also arranges foreign tours. UkraineDate, however, has a much more transparent pricing model and there is greater freedom to self-select your date.

If it’s an Eastern European date in general you are looking for then RussianCupid (also run by Cupid Media) is a popular option. There are subtle as well as strong cultural differences between all the Eastern European countries and some research on these is useful. Russian women, for example, are perceived as more assertive, impulsive and confident. That’s a generalization though and there will be an array of personality traits on both sites.

Ukrainian women are known to be very beautiful, elegant, fun and easy-going, and that’s one of the reasons why many western men fall for some of these girls quickly. It pays to take your time though and take heed of the old cliché that ‘love is blind’. The values of Ukrainian women can be somewhat different from many western women, and that is probably one of the compelling attractions of this site. In short, if you are looking for a ‘Ukrainian Date’ then the site is a great option for facilitating that preference. It does what it says on the tin.


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