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When talking about swipe dating apps, Tinder is the first name that comes to mind. It has become the go-to app for those in search of easy hookups with members of the opposite sex. It didn’t take long for Tinder to catch on, especially amongst college students. Today, Tinder has grown into one of the most popular dating platforms of all time. For those of you who aren’t quite sure if Tinder is made for you, or don’t have an idea about its features, this is going to be a guide should help you navigate around the social app.

The Tinder dating app was first launched on September 12th, 2012 on the iOS platform and later on Android by founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen, Dinesh Moorjani, Joe Munoz and Whitney Wolfe. The dating app grew in popularity quickly because of its easy-to-use concept. Users can either “swipe right” to like or “swipe left” to dislike other user profiles. The Tinder app won “Best New Startup of 2013” at TechCrunch’s Crunchie Awards.

The idea for Tinder was explained by Sean Rad, one of the founders as, “No matter who you are, you feel more comfortable approaching somebody if you know they want you to approach them.”Initially, Tinder was seeded in college campuses and soon made its way to campuses, universities and other localities across the country. Later, it not only became the first swiping app, but, by 2014, Tinder was seeing up to a billion of these “swipes” a day, and an average of twelve million matches per day. If both users swipe right to life each other’s profile, it is considered a match.

Match Group Inc., a Dallas-based company is the owner of the Tinder app. The app primarily uses a hot or not concept and has been in the spotlight for its popularity and controversial model. Regardless of its ability to generate controversy, the app remains one of the most popular dating apps around. In 2016, Tinder invested in Vina, a social network where women get to make friends. In 2017, Tinder launched Tinder Online, which is a web-optimized version of the app that allows users to use its service via desktop PCs. Tinder also offers a Tinder Gold service, which is a members-only service and gives users exclusive features on the dating app.

Tinder has been around for a few years and has added a few features to its platform service which has captured the attention of its users and has made it even popular than when it started. At the end of the day, it’s the casualness of the platform which is what makes Tinder a significant hit amongst people across varied age groups.

What sets Tinder apart from other dating apps is that you are pretty much sure of what you’re getting into since it is a “hookup app.” Meaning, users can drop the niceties while interacting with other members on the app. Occasionally, you will find ‘serious inquiries only’ profiles. So, in many ways, the dating platform works for both those who are looking for a casual hookup and those who are looking for something serious to come out of a connection on Tinder.

Tinder is the number 1 app in the Google Play Store’s lifestyle category and holds a 4 out of 5-star rating on the Apple App Store. The app also tests real-time feeds within the app for Spotify and Instagram. User accounts can be linked to their Facebook, Instagram, or Spotify accounts or their phone number. Tinder is currently in the process of developing some new location-based features to enhance the Tinder experience.

On average, users of the dating app spend 35 minutes on the app each day and complete an average of 140 swipes. As of 2014, Tinder has registered 46 million members, 3.8 million of which are paying members. The dating app is available in 46 languages and is used in 196 countries. Tinder is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

Tinder attracts users between the ages of 18 to 24 years old, which makes up the majority of the user base of the dating app. As of 2016, Tinder was one of the few apps which boasted of a 50/50 male to female ratio. 20% of Tinder users have reported using the app to hook-up while 27% of Tinder users have admitted to using the dating app to get into a serious relationship. While still, 53% of Tinder users say that they use the dating app to make new friends. The dating app is widely popular in the US, UK, and Canada. In the US, 76% of Tinder users live in urban areas, while just 7% live in rural areas, and 17% in the suburbs.

Tinder operates under a freemium model, which is similar to Spotify of LinkedIn. While the service allows everyone to use it for free, it does charge users if they want to use additional features. This version of the Tinder app is called Tinder Plus and allows users to use advanced features to gain an edge over their immediate competition.

• Free Subscription with limited access to features and no advanced features
• Tinder Plus Subscription: $9.99/month for users under age 30, ($19.99 for users over 30 years old)
• Tinder Gold (optional for Tinder Plus users) for extra $4.99/month

Both Tinder-Plus and Tinder-Gold are in-app subscriptions, which means recurring payments will need to be made. Users who choose a monthly subscription package will be charged on a monthly basis, while users of go with the six-month subscription package will be charged for six months upfront and will be automatically renewed once the six-month period is over. Tinder also offers a 12-month subscription package where the users are immediately charged for the 12 months, and it will be renewed once the 12-month period is over. The renewal process of both paid subscriptions is automatically, meaning users are only able to cancel their subscription by doing it manually. A user’s subscription can also be canceled at any time to stop charges immediately.

Tinder is a mobile dating app where users try to meet other people by creating matches, based on no particular factors or a highly advanced algorithm. If you see something you like, you swipe right to accept, if not, you swipe left. If two people swipe right to each other’s profile, it’s a match. It’s really that simple. Once a match is made by swiping right or clicking on X, the Tinder app allows those two individuals to communicate via chat. Since Tinder depends on visuals, there’s minimal typing involved.

Currently, the dating app only allows users to view one profile at a time and 200 profiles within a 12-hour period. This cap was put in place so that users don’t keep swiping right to all the profiles to increase their chances of matching with other users on the dating app. Other than the basic features that Tinder offers its users, there’s a growing list of additional features that have been included to the app to engage users and make it more of an interactive experience.

The most prominent feature of this dating app is that it allows users to swipe either right (if interested in a profile) or left (if not interested in a profile). This can also be used for accepting or rejecting groups.

Super Likes
The app allows users to indicate if they really are interested in a particular profile by using the Super Like Feature. The only downside to having this feature is that users only get to use a few of these, and then have to wait to get more. On the other hand, if you do not wish to wait to get your super likes, you can easily upgrade from your subscription.

Purchasing a “boost” will boost your profile in your area. This means your profile is going to be seen by more people for up to 30 minutes. The profile boost feature was put in place so that those who use it could get more matches. Users get to purchase five to ten boosts or can also purchase a single boost.

Tinder Plus
Tinder Plus is another feature that is available only to premium (paying) users. The feature allows users to unlock more features on the Tinder app, including the ability to rewind their swipes. This is a nifty feature since it allows users to double back on a swipe that they have carried out previously, allowing users to correct a mistaken swipe (either way). Tinder Plus allows users to ‘Discover’ other users in those areas that you are not currently located in. It allows users to increase their chances of getting matches, even if they are not in a particular area at the moment.

Swipe with Friends
The dating app has been making many improvements to its app through the years. One of such improvements is the recently launched ‘Swipe with Friends’ feature. This is the service’s attempts to be more social. The feature allows users to find other groups of friends to hang out with. Before using the feature, however, users will need to set up their group by including at least one other friend. This can be done by going to the profile screen and tapping on the ‘Create Your Group’ icon.

After you have matched with another individual’s or a group profile, users are allowed to start chatting instantly, which is free. Users can also send other members GIFs. The chatting feature is just about all you get when it comes to communicating with other matches on Tinder and is used by users to take their interaction to the next step and make plans to meet face-to-face, which is the whole idea behind the dating app.

Lift the ‘Swipe Limit’ with Tinder Plus
One of the major benefits of subscribing for Tinder Plus is that it allows users to have more freedom with their interactions while using Tinder to meet other people. For instance, a Tinder Plus subscription eliminates the right swipe cap that’s given to the free users of the app. While regular users of the service are only allowed to swipe a certain number of times per day and have to wait for up to 12 hours, for the other right swipe session, there is no limit to the number of right swipes a Tinder Plus user can make in a day. Tinder Plus users can swipe as many profiles as they like without crossing a maximum limit and having to wait for additional swipes.

Using the Tinder app (or PC version) is a breeze. All it takes is a Facebook account and a few tips to get started with the dating app. To sign up for the service, you have to authorize the Tinder app to connect to your Facebook account and accept their terms of use, which also includes, granting the app access to your location. Once that’s done, the dating app will automatically pull all the information it needs for your profile. For instance, your name, age, profile picture and location. If any of this information is not present on your Facebook profile, the app will ask you to complete the information manually.

Once you are registered, users get to choose their main profile picture and can upload up to five secondary pictures to the Tinder app as well. Since Tinder accesses the same picture folders that you will have on Facebook, those images need to be part of Facebook. Users also get to say a few words (500 characters) to introduce themselves. There’s a setting tab which allows users to either choose if they want to be matched with men or women, or both, and how far the user is interested in searching in. Some of the options are from 10 miles to 50 miles from your current location. You also get to add your anthem and claim your username. Finally, you get to choose the age group that you are interested in being matched with.

The free version allows users to write a short bio, upload 6 photos, connect their Instagram and Spotify profile and ‘like’ up to 100 user profiles on the platform every 12 hours. Free users can also send, read and reply to a message of the members they match with, which is pretty much why people use the dating app in the first place. Since Tinder allows users to use its service for free basically, the app is continued to gain in popularity. However, there are some limitations to using the free version of Tinder, which is the case with almost all dating apps. Users of the free version can only use a single “Super-like” each day and can check out only one Tinder Pick daily.

Of course, the paid version of the app offers so much more to attract its members. Paid subscribers to the service get to hide away their age and their distance from other members. Apart from that, users can also change their location, or undo a previous swipe. Paid users also get one free boost per month which will send your profile to the very top for your location for 30 minutes, which significantly improves the visibility of your profile. Then, there’s the option that only allows your profile to be seen by those who you have swiped right too. Users of the paid version get to swipe through users who have been most recently active. There is also no cap on the swipes you can make each day. Other advantages of being a premium Tinder user includes getting five extra super likes daily and enjoying ad-free swiping.

Tinder Gold allows users to get a grid-view for all the members who have liked your profile and allows you to swipe right to like them too for an instant match (if you want to). Users of Tinder Gold also get the advantage of 10 top picks for Tinder users daily apart from all of the features available with Tinder Plus. In the settings, users can either turn on or off ‘Discovery’ which allows new users to view your profile and add you to groups if you are using Tinder Social.

According to Tinder, the app uses a combination of electronic and procedural controls to make sure its users are safe while using the service. Tinder also regularly has its system and applications reviewed for potential security concerns. The dating app has a team of internal security and outside security firms to help the app maintain its user’s privacy. Tinder allows users to send their questions and concerns, or report security issues or a suspicious profile.

All these measures have been put in place because Tinder takes the security of its users very seriously. Although, it is impossible to be able to predict future security threats, the service is active in improving and updating its security protocol to enhance the safety of its users. That being said, only those user profiles who you have liked are given access to contact you via the Tinder app, so there are minimum chances of receiving unsolicited messages from Tinder. However, the dating app does not carry out any extensive background searches of its users.

Even the users you have allowed can be blocked if they get annoying. When it comes to online dating, and dating apps, it is wise to use the same approach as you would any other online dating platform. Because, at the end of the day, one really doesn’t know who they are going to meet while using dating websites and apps until they do so. That said, before meeting with someone who you have matched with on Tinder, it is essential to let a friend or a family member know, and always agree to meet in a crowded area like a restaurant or café or someplace that you are familiar with. While dating apps such as Tinder do their best to curb instances of abuse while using the app, it is also up to the user to ensure that they use the app responsibly.

The customer service at Tinder is just what you would expect in any other premium online dating service. Users are allowed to send queries and questions, or complaints via an email address. There is currently no way for users to contact Tinder’s customer service by phone or via live chat, which is a bummer, but certainly not a reason not to use the app.

• Free to download on iOS and Android
• Also accessible via website
• Large pool of members
• Easy-to-use swipe functionality
• Quick and efficient registration process
• Extremely popular amongst youngsters
• Allows users to connect with others quickly
• Constantly matches members with other users
• Location-based searching for a more convenient search

• Registration via Facebook account
• Pricing model is based on the user’s age
• No aging algorithm
• Users aren’t matched based on their personalities
• Appealing for those who only are looking for a hook-up
• Low security since the app only verifies via a user’s Facebook profile
• Doesn’t provide enough information for a match before you meet
• Cannot search for matches based on similar interests

• Adultfriendfinder.com
• Zoosk

Tinder is an easy to use dating app that allows the user to connect to other individuals who they are interested in, and who are in the same area. The app is mostly used for hook-ups, but many users use the app for serious relationships as well. The app boasts of a large pool of members and is free to use, which increase your chances of finding a suitable match. However, there are some who would say that reviewing a profile by merely viewing their profile pic is a rather superficial way of choosing a match.


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