SwingTowns Review 2020 | Fake or Real?

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SwingTowns Review June 2020


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If you’re open-minded for a non-monogamous relationship, SwingTowns claims to be the ideal platform for ‘swingers’ like you. SwingTowns.com connects you with locals or anywhere in the world. The Swinger Lifestyle refers to the style of non-monogamy, which includes swinging, open relationship, or polyamory.


SwingTowns is a dating platform that resembles Facebook in many ways dating back in 2000. SwingTowns.com is a friendly site for swingers to meet and greet for a fun and exciting journey in friendship with benefits and other types of non-monogamous relationships, like wife swapping, threesomes, and group sex.


You can find and meet local swingers in your local area for free. This dating site also accepts a special place for kinkers (kinky singles, couples, or groups) for those Master or Mistress seeking a slave or the other way around. SwingTowns is the perfect place for finding men and women who are looking for fetish play, erotic BDSM, and bondage adventures.


SwingTowns is for people who are interested or are living a non-monogamous lifestyle, claiming to promote true love connections and genuine friendships. Meet polyamorous singles, polygamous couples, triads, and other poly tribes every day. Now, let’s find out if this dating site is the right platform for you, so continue reading below.

Costs and Membership Base Information


SwingTowns has a small user database, around 100,000 members worldwide. There are more men (79.51%) than women (20.9%) members in SwingTowns (4:1 male to female ratio), so women have a lot of options while men may find the site lacking with excitement due to low female count. But still, it’s a decent place to spice up your dating and sex life as well as for all swingers out there. Along with English, SwinTowns also offers a Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian language option.


When it comes to popularity, many swingers are gradually discovering the site from their friends and other swingers. We love it because it’s not overly commercial. Also, you’ll feel that it does put its members first like Swinglifestyle. It’s a decent meeting site if you’re looking to find and experience serious adult fun. This unique dating niche will appeal to you if you’re seeking group encounters, like twosomes or threesomes. You can also search for individuals or singles if group sex doesn’t appeal to you.




SwingTowns offers a 7-day free trial for new members. Of course, you can take advantage of affordable premium membership plans with relatively low prices as compared to other dating sites. The longer you’re subscribed, the more savings you get. One month subscription costs $15.95 a month. You’ll only pay $8.16 a month for a 6-month subscription and get 25% savings.


For a 12-month subscription, pay as low as $5.75 a month and get 61% savings. SwingTowns is also offering a full access lifetime membership for only $49. This discounted price is based on the regular price of $149. The site also provides 2-Day full access which is great if you only want a sneak preview.


Premium membership or Gold membership allows you to find several articles, games, links, and videos about adult dating right at your fingertips. The payment methods available include credit and debit cards, Paypal, online check, and money order or a postal check. Since the subscription is automatically renewed after the expiration, you have the option to cancel recurring membership. Go to your “My Account” section and look the option to stop recurring billing.


SwingTowns Prices and Services




User Profile Quality


When it comes to the member database, SwingTowns community is small. The SwingTowns network has users worldwide as a global dating network. Many users are not residing in the United States, which is favorable for some and may not be suitable for others. As far as your SwingTowns profile is concerned, you can add a bio, upload pics, create a tagline, and all the basic stuff that all other sites offer.

SwingTowns is intended for singles, couples, groups, or kinky get-togethers. You can create your SwinTown profile as a single or a couple detailing your preferences. Next, you can upload your photo, audio, or video message. Since there are more men than women, ladies have a lot of choices, while gentlemen may be left hanging for a while.


Search Options


SwingTowns has several search options, which includes a Polyamory Finder and a Threesome Finder for people who are interested in finding and establishing polyamorous relationships. There’s one option for singles to match, automatically making SwingTowns search based on your location and preference. Searching for nearby compatible matches is easy because of the zip code search of the site. Also, members can browse those who are online by using a few images similar to how Facebook shows content in your news feed.


Member-to-Member Communication


When it comes to member-to-member communication, SwingTowns offers instant messaging, emails, and video chats. You can choose the best way to communicate with other users on the website, enjoying the active and large userbase of SwingTowns.


Online and Offline Fun


Once you’re inside SwingTowns, you can instantly use the instant messaging to get to know others. Also, you can use the live webcam features to perform all types of online fun and adventures. Offline fun activities include local club, live events calendars, and parties (through the party locator tool to help you find what’s the next big thing for swingers in your area).


Site Features


If you are looking for super advanced dating site features, you won’t find them at SwingTowns because the site has limited features. The search functionality is also limited. One feature that free members are not privy is to take advantage posting swinger party ads on the SwingTowns network. You’ll find some members post when they’re throwing a local swinger party to attract locals to participate in their sex-centric activities.


Here are the key features of SwingTowns:


● Large user base
● Facebook-style interface
● Competitive prices
● Activity updates action feed
● Singles Match Finder
● Polyamory, Threesome Finder

Ease Of Use


SwingTowns has a remarkably fast sign up process. You won’t encounter in-depth questionnaires, like personality test or assessment of physical traits. You have to provide a brief description, biographical information, and one Facebook-style photo. You’ve successfully signed up with a complete profile in 10 minutes.


You’ll be asked to describe the kind of partner you’re looking for, such as singles, couples, bisexuals, gays, and more. The “Action” section of SwingTowns.com is similar to the Facebook news feed. You’ll see photos and updates of users you follow. Get to view the general trending posts of other members within the SwingTowns community.

How Safe and Secure is SwingTowns?

SwingTowns.com collects information on the member registration page, registration page, log-in page, and member profile. Like any other dating sites, SwingTowns uses cookies to gather data, like your IP address, browser information, geographic location, and login information, to promote the site and its services.

Your collected information allows SwingTowns to provide you customized services you paid and deserve, and to track trends for market analysis and marketing purposes. This dating platform for swingers also implements birthdate verification for safety and security. You can block or ignore a member on the site, and safety tips are provided as your guide — however, no background check or enhanced security features in place.

SwingTowns is also partnered with ASACP, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting online child protection. This organization offers a secure and anonymous reporting system for reporting questionable content. It fosters cooperation and communication with the online adult industry. ASACP has the technical ability to review all submitted reports, forwarding suspect sites to the authorities.

How To Contact SwingTowns  Customer Service

For any questions about your SwingTowns account, involving safety, registration, and other aspects of the site, you may contact the company via email at support@swingtowns.com. You may also write and send via snail mail at:

Contact Address of SwingTowns:

Street Ink Corporation
C/o Weston, Garrou, DeWitt & Walters
781 Douglas Avenue
Altamonte Springs
Florida 32714

Positives & Negatives




● Affordable price
● Facebook-style interface
● Special polyamory and threesome finders




● Not detailed profiles
● Confusing regular search
● Browsing active online members is quite difficult

Other Sites To Consider


Swinglifestyle.com                                                                                                          Kasidie.com                                                                                              LocalSexySwingers.com

SwingTowns Review Final Words


SwingTowns.com tries to impress swingers to join the site with the niche chosen by which the site represents. However, you can’t expect the coolest features, but it’s a decent place to find and meet singles, couples, and groups who are interested in a polygamous relationship. Also, the membership prices are affordable, so it’s a worthy option.


1. Why meet swingers?

If you’re curious and interested in a non-monogamous relationship, SwingTowns is the place to be. People love swingers because they are relatively easy to hook up without dealing with aftermath issues — no clinging or drama at all when it comes to SwingTowns Lifestyle. Swinger couples don’t have anything to hide at all because of the open-minded relationship.

2. What are kinkers?

Kinkers refer to people who are a fetish, open-minded, and those searching for bondage, erotic BDSM, and fetish play. These people are either submissive or dominating. If you want to experience Fifty Shades of Fetish Fun, then join SwingTowns kink community today.

3. What do we mean by poly?

A polygamous relationship or poly refers to having more than one partner. SwingTowns is a poly dating site for those who are interested in learning more about a swinger or non-monogamous lifestyle. It is the perfect dating platform for open-minded singles, couples, or polycules who would want to meet other people who are interested in polyamory, non-monogamy, and alternative relationships. Meet polyamorous singles, exciting couples, triads and different types of poly tribes to create genuine friendships, as well as true love connections.

4. What is polyamory?

Polyamory came from a Greek word, poly which means “many, several,” and the Latin word amor, or “love.” This term refers to the practice of intimate relationships or desire for having more than one partner, which comes with the consent of all people involved. Also, it is described as consensual, responsible, and ethical non-monogamy.

5. What is BDSM?

The acronym BDSM stands to ‘bondage and discipline’ symbolized by ‘B,’ ‘dominance and submission’ for ‘D,’ and sadism and masochism for ‘SM.’ In a BDSM, the top or dominant partner controls or performs the activity, while the bottom or submissive partner is the one who is controlled. Informed consent must be sought from both partners. According to Wikipedia, BDSM is the umbrella term for some erotic behaviors between two or more consenting adults. Participants derive pleasure from humiliation, inflicting pain, or being restrained.

6. Does cheating represent a non-monogamous relationship?

No. Cheating doesn’t exist in a non-monogamous relationship because all parties have informed consent. According to SwingTowns, cheating is a breach of both monogamous and non-monogamous relationship.

7. Is a non-monogamous relationship easier than monogamous?

Not really. A non-monogamous relationship has also challenges like a monogamous relationship, such as jealousy, cheating, and misunderstandings. One of the most difficult parts is time management. That’s why proper and open communication is needed. You don’t want to surprise your date with someone else on her plate. Quality time for your partners and scheduling are crucial for a successful non-monogamous relationship.

8. Do people who are involved in the non-monogamous relationship have the right to be jealous?

Of course, but having mutually established rules is essential to avoid deep jealousy. Trust that your primary partner seeks an addition and not a replacement. A non-monogamous relationship is also based on trust and love like a monogamous relationship.

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