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SwinglifeStyle Review June 2020


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For those with unconventional interests, it is very difficult to find likeminded people even on the internet. SwingLifeStyle, SLS for short, is an online dating site for swingers—singles and couples who are open for non-monogamy and non-traditional relationships like partner swapping, threesomes, orgies, etc.


Swinglifestyle has been around since 2001. It advertises itself as an “alternative lifestyle dating” website due to the taboo surrounding swinging. It is perfect for couples who are interested in having fun with other people in the bedroom and add more variety to their sex life.


Swinglifestyle Cost and Membership Information


As one of the oldest swinger community dating site on the internet, SwingLifeStyle has a good reputation and has gained a lot of loyal members. The website records about 7,000 members online at any given time and continues to grow with 10,000 new members each week.


According to SimilarWeb, SwingLifeStyle has an average of 6.57 unique visits. Most of its visitors are from the United States at 94.91 percent. The rest of the visitors come from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. It currently has a worldwide website ranking of 6,237 and a US website ranking of 1,118.


Because the site is open for partners, there are a lot of active couples in the website. In fact, 55 percent of the user base is composed of couple of accounts. Meanwhile, single females make up 32 percent of the population, and single males make up the remaining 13 percent.


The site has a lot of free features but communication between members is constrained without upgrading to premium membership. SwingLifeStyle offers four payment plans with varying discounts based on duration. Users can also choose a one-time payment of 149.00 USD for a lifetime membership.



Compared to similar website, the fees for SwingLifeStyle can be considered affordable.

Members can opt to pay using credit cards or money order to Dashboardhosting LLC.



Sign-up and Profile Creation


The sign-up process and profile creation on the website is pretty much similar to traditional online dating websites. Additionally, SwingLifeStyle have a detailed section in the profile about sexual preferences and fetishes.


There is also an indicator on the level of swinging which includes tame, moderate, or wild. Tame means you only like to do sexual activities in same room sex but with your own partner. Moderate means you permit physical contact like oral play but not full sex. Meanwhile, wild means you permit activities that include full swapping and sex with someone other than your partner.

Members can upload photos and videos on their profile. However, nude photos are automatically blurred to free members. Paying members can set their own privacy parameters on who can view their photos or profile information.


Completing all the profile information as well as uploading a profile photo is not mandatory. However, SwingLifeStyle reviews all new profiles before they go live, so it is better to put in more effort.


The site aims to keep a favorable balance for couples and restricts the number of single male members. This might be another reason why you could be rejected. Paying member can also certify new members to be a valid member.


Search and Profile Browsing


SwingLifeStyle has an automated matching feature. All members can also use advanced search filters to view profiles by age range, sexuality, location, profiles with photos and/or videos, last login, paying members, level of swinging,whether matches drink or smoke, whether you are interested in meeting couples, single ladies or single men or by username.


While browsing, users can opt to add profiles to ‘friend’ list for future viewing. Your friends will also receive your group emails.


Messaging and Interaction


Messaging among free members is restricted. Free members can only receive and view messages. On the other hand, paying members can send an unlimited number of emails and messages. New messages appear in a pop-up with a notification sound so members don’t need to worry that it would be left unread. Access to chat groups and forums are also only available for paying members.


Special Features


Aside from the online interaction features, SwingLifeStyle also provides members with access to information about the swinger lifestyle, offline meet-ups, and events, or even a platform buy sex toys and read smut stories written by members. Here are special features of the website you would love to know.


Blog- SwingLifeStyle has a separate blog site found at blog.swinglifestyle.com. Aside from occasional site updates, the blog hosts several topics such as bedroom tips and know-how, maintaining an open marriage for swinger couples, swinger events, and more.


Free Erotic Stories- Under the ‘Swinger Story’ tab in the website is a collection of fiction and non-fiction erotic stories written by members of the website. You don’t need to be a member to read the stories.


Submitted works are reviewed by site administrators before they are published to ensure quality. Stories which involves minors, rape and animals are not permitted. The stories are also rated by members with 5 as the highest rating. Those with an average rating of less than 3 will be automatically deleted while those with high ratings will be ranked on top.


Sex Toys Shop-


SwingLifeStyle has an online retail shop with a wide variety of sex toys, vibrators, lubes, DVDs and more. The only shop has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Customers can contest for a replacement or refund if the product if they found that the product is not to their satisfaction within a 30-day period.


Hot Date-


This is a public calendar where members can advertise their free days and find someone else who is willing to meet on that particular day. It can be used to schedule a date with a swinger or multiple swingers at once. It can also be used to mark dates for group events.




SwingLifeStyle has been serving for the ‘alternative lifestyle’ for almost two decades and has expanded to create its own travel agency called Topless Travel. It offers travel adventures to official members such as week-long cruises to swinger destinations, parades, safari adventures, intimate house parties, etc.


Swinger Clubs-


Members can access an active map of the United States where they can find clubs that serve the swinger lifestyle and its ratings based on the experience of paying members of the site. There are also clubs which only caters to official members of the website.


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Ease Of Use


Registration on the site is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. All you need to do is to enter your email, username, password, some basic information about what you are looking for, and you can start browsing immediately.


Messaging is limited to free members. There is no way to reply or make a conversation with another member except by using the forums or group chat. However, the members of the site can be very different than users of traditional online dating sites.


SwingLifeStyle members can be very straightforward and very active in contacting other members. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. Don’t be surprised if you receive propositions a night after signing up.


In terms of design and usability, the website is very simple and user-friendly. Unlike other sensual websites bombarded with heated photos starting from the sign-up page, SwingLifeStyle can be considered very discreet. It is also free of annoying sensual ad banners and pop-ups. In fact, at first glance, it can be mistaken as a traditional online dating site (if you filter the nudes). You can be reassured to browse the site during a public commute or during downtime at the office.


The site uses simple fonts as well as violet and gray accents on white background. Meanwhile, most of the main features for the site can be found constantly on the left side of each page. The icons and design interface of the site are also very simple and somehow outdated. It can be easily understood by the oldest and most technologically challenged members on the site.


SwingLifeStyle has a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users. It is designed with a user-friendly interface. It is also very straightforward and easy to use. It includes all the website’s desktop functions without cluttering the information. The app is available for download from Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon Marketplace.

Safety & Security


Members can be at ease to use the website without disclosing their identities. The profiles, chats, and forums only include usernames. Full names and email addresses can only be seen by site administrators.


According to the website’s Privacy Policy, the site won’t provide user information to unaffiliated third parties without consent. The site also uses modern encryption methods to keep all member data safe.


SwingLifeStyle reviews every profile and photos uploaded on the site to minimize fake accounts. They do not accept questionable profiles and ban members for inappropriate behavior. The administrators also remove inactive profiles.

How to Contact SwingLifeStyle


Members can mail their queries to DashBoardHosting, LLC, P.O. Box 9896, Coral Springs, FL. 33075. SwingLifeStyle also has very active social media pages on Facebook and Twitter where members can get a hold of the site administrators.

Positives and Negatives



● A unique community for ‘alternative lifestyle’
● Affordable fees compared to similar sites
● Very active members
● Simple and reserved site design
● A lot of special features
● Access to local and international trips and events
● Mobile app available for both Android and iPhone


● Somewhat outdated interface
● No video or audio chat
● Free members cannot send or reply to messages
● No customer service hotline

Other Sites To Consider


Kasidie- Similar to SwingLifeStyle, this is a swinger adult website for couples and singles. It has almost the same features and slightly higher fees compared to SwingLifeStyle. It is known for its celebrity members and has more than three million members.

Ashley Madison- This is not a swinger website but an online dating site for extra-marital dating. Those who are married or in a long-term relationship but want to date outside of that relationship, or singles who want to date someone who’s already involved with someone else. It uses credits and can be overpriced for men, but women can use the site for free.

Swinger Zone Central- Established in 2006, this is a newer dating site for singles and couples who are looking for casual sexual encounters. It has different features than SwingLifeStyle. It has no group chats or forums. Instead, it uses a profile and newsfeed style similar to Facebook. Users can also post Booty calls for instant dates. Their prices are more or less the same as SwingLifeStyle and similarly have a cheap lifetime membership option.

SwingLifeStyle Review Final Words


All in all, SwingLifeStyle is a perfect dating service for singles and couples who are looking to add more fun to their bedroom activities. It is not just a platform that can help you find local swinging contacts, but an active community where you won’t have to worry about judging eyes due to your lifestyle choices.


It has a lot of community features such as forums, chat groups, private parties, events, and international cruise travels. SwingLifeStyle also offers a number of bonuses for members and non-members such as free erotic stories, DVDs and adult products. It has a lot of quality reading materials from its online magazine and blog site for those who are looking for tips and know-how as well as those who are new to the lifestyle.


Its design is very simple and can be considered reserved compared to similar sites filled with nude and sensual pictures from the site promotional photos to ad banners. Although the site may look a little outdated, it has the feel of a genuine site that cares for its users instead of those solely motivated by money.


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