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SilverSingles is an online dating website that is at the forefront of the 50+ senior dating sector. It’s part of the long-established Sparks Network group of sites. Its user-friendly tools and simple interface appeal to many 50+ singles who are looking for a serious long-term relationship. The site started back in 2002 as PrimeSingles and has evolved and improved over the years. It was rebranded in 2012 as SilverSingles.

This website primarily caters for a U.S. membership base and with over 1m site visits per month and 96% (as reported by SimilarWeb) from the U.S this highlights that subscribers get offered a plentiful supply of local date suggestions. There are members in countries like Canada and the UK with the latter country specific website,, getting approximately 100,000 visits per month.

SilverSingles matches its users via a well-designed personality test. It’s based on a Five Factor Model theory that has been structured and developed by experts with a matching process that is designed to ensure you meet compatible partners. It’s by no means quick to complete so give yourself 30 minutes to complete.

It can be quite fun to complete as there are lots of intriguing personality questions specifically structured to produce compatible matches. It will take longer than 30 minutes to complete if you think too hard about the various options. With these questionnaires, the instinctive answer is usually the best one. So, don’t tax the grey matter too hard and just follow your gut instinct when answering. There will be over 100 questions including how important physical appearance and the emphasis you place on the financial status of your potential partner. In terms of personality you will be asked about what traits most apply to you and the characteristics such as warmth, kindness etc that appeal. That’s just a taster. It really does go into detail and cover all bases.

The site claims to attract over 50,000 new senior registrations on a weekly basis. Perhaps even more impressively, their website suggests they achieve at least 2000 match-ups of couples per month.

Members Activity Gender
Over 1m Visits/Mo 45% Man / 55% Women

Most users are widowed or divorced and looking to find love again. The average age is above 50 years old, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find younger users, there are some in their late 30s or 40s, but they’re probably looking to date older people. Members are predominantly looking for potential dates that may lead to serious relationships. Just under 50% of the site are college graduates. 81% are White Americans with 7% Hispanics and 8% African American. There are figures taken from analytics sites including SimilarWeb, Quantcast and Alexa.


SilverSingles has a subscription plan that allows you to make use of many features including chatting and viewing profile pictures. The mobile app is also an exclusive tool for paying members. It’s useful to sign-up before subscribing in order to take a look at the site before committing. In order to contact other members and to use the premium features, then you need to subscribe to a membership plan.

Here you can see the detailed information about the plans SilverSingle offers:

Members Plan Total Price
3 Month Membership $57.95 / Month
6 Month Membership $44.95 / Month
12 Month Membership $31.95 / Month

As you can see, the longer you commit for a sign-up the greater the monthly discount. The 6-months subscription probably offers probably the best deal to enable you to take your time to find the right partner or meet a few different dates and extend your social life. All fees are paid as a lump sum do if, for example, you do decide to join for three months the outlay will be $173.85. It’s not the cheapest dating site option but it is a quality site and gives you a chance of finding the right partner and happiness. Who can put a price on that?

SilverSingles offers a variety of features that are quite important to mention if you’re in the search of a true love companion.

The Match System they offer hones in on an assessment of compatibility in percentage terms of all registered users. After the initial process, SilverSingles matching process flags up every potentially compatible member for other members who could well be a perfect date for this person. All the users in this dating site can tinker with their search options, including changing the location, age, and personal preferences. Members can even filter their results by showing new users or other members they contacted before.

With this modern match system, SilverSingles is able to show a great variety of members, making it possible to find a perfect partner for many seniors, in any part of the world.

Some key features about this system include:

● An exclusive personality test that helps you to find a great partner near to you
● It recommends at least 3 matches per day
● It has a Matching Score to tell you how well you’re going with one person
● Members have the option to show interest with smiles or messages
● Members are able to custom filtering tools like height, age and even distance

As a plus, SilverSingles offers a cell phone app that’s available on iOS and Android devices. However, this app is exclusively to members who pay a subscription plan.

Premium members can also see who checked their profiles and enjoy other features that a free account can’t offer. As with all the premium subscription dating sites, if you really want to message another member, you have no other option but to subscribe.
All members (free and premium) can read through many profiles each day, but they’re not able to see profile pictures unless they’re Premium.

The extensive sign-up process does weed out most scammers and, particularly, those who are half-hearted about searching for a sincere date. The time and effort needed in the sign-up process deters most of them and SilverSingles does check each application before accepting. The site owners (Sparks Networks / Affinitas) clearly take their responsibilities seriously. It’s in their commercial interests as well of course to keep the site free of any undesirable elements.

This website has a very simple sign-up process that appears as soon as you visit its homepage. You’re able to create a complete profile in just a few minutes thanks to their simple interface. When we say simple, however, please don’t mistake this for brief. As we outlined earlier, the sign-up process isn’t quick but it does mean you should get highly compatible matches.

All you will need for this process is an email address and that’s it. After signing up, you’ll be taken to a personality test that will ask you for basic information as education, age, profession, etc. and will also ask what you’re looking for in a partner.

In this part you can rank what are the most important characteristics you’re looking in a partner, including religion, political views, etc. Keep in mind that this personality test asks at least 100 questions to simplify the process, and it’ll take some time, but it’s worth it to have great matches for you. Almost all of the questions are multiple choice or a screen where you can click your physical and personality trait preferences.

After you finish your profile, and you add one photo (optional but preferred), you’re ready to go and check for singles near your area, or if you wish, you can upgrade your free account to a membership plan. Remember that with a free membership, you’re not able to view profile photos.

SilverSingles have obviously made it their priority to create a simple platform that makes it equally intuitive for computer geeks or complete novices to navigate.

SilverSingles take safety and security very seriously. As you would anticipate, they respect your privacy and take all appropriate measures to protect the data of members. They also encourage their members to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

As an extra feature of security, SilverSingles use measures including an SSL Encryption and a powerful Fraud Detection System. They strive to ensure that they’re one of the best dating sites for privacy and security, and they make it possible with a strong platform created to give you a comfortable and safe online experience.

They emphasize in their website that their customer care team is completely committed to support every search you make. One of their priority missions is to make sure that you have a safe and stress-free online dating experience.

SilverSingles has a professional Customer Services team that’s ready for any personal support. They also work hard when checking new profiles in order to minimize the prospect of decent members experiencing any improper conduct.

You can contact Customer Service easily with their Help Center Page. However, keep in mind that they have already answered several questions on their FAQs page, and make sure to first check this page if you have any doubt, before contact them directly.

Now let’s cover the Pros and Cons of SilverSingles.

● After Signing up, you’re taken to a tailored personality-based test that makes it simpler to find a strong match
● Really easy and clean user-friendly interface
● You can discover more about your match before meeting in real life with all the features the website offers
● A strong emphasis on safety
● Helpful Customer Service Team

● Restricted features for free members, including limited communication options
● You’re not able to see profile photos unless you pay for a membership plan
● You have to pay for a membership if you want to send messages
● You can’t search on the platform, just wait for matches that the website offers, and this can be a slow process to some people

As for its competitors, SilverSingles has four other dating sites that target the senior dating space: OurTime, Match, eHarmony and Elite Singles. is probably the most recognisable name in online dating nowadays. Its algorithm is constantly improving and it’s been a powerful website dedicated to dates and relationships for over 23 years. It’s owned by Match Group Inc. (MITCH), and it’s a favourite for many people, not only senior members.

eHarmony, has maintained its strong reputation within the online dating sector thanks to their emphasis on facilitating serious relationships and marriages. eHarmony doesn’t offer a browse or search feature. Instead, this dating site focuses on finding a perfect match with it’s much vaunted algorithm. It’s comparable with SilverSingles in that sense and both sites do the donkey work by offering a regular selection of dates that have the potential to be a good match. Our preference, however is for a site dedicated to senior dating.

Thirdly, we have EliteSingles, which is one of the US leading dating sites for professional singles who are looking for a long-term relationship. It has more than 70,000 new members every week and covers more than 20 countries. A strong point for this one is that most of its members are very active in the site.

Lastly, OurTime. As mentioned, we prefer the option of a dedicated senior’s site and OurTime also fulfils that criteria. Both SilverSingles and OurTime have their merits and are worthy options in their own right. It was a tough choice but we scored OurTime slightly higher, mainly on the basis that it’s higher membership base will give a slightly more choice.

That said, the SilverSingles subscriber numbers are sufficiently healthy to ensure members are not short of matched date suggestions. The compelling feature of SilverSingles, however, is that the hard work you put in during the sign-up process means the site takes the donkey work out of searching for ideal matches. With OurTime, you will get regular suggestions in your email box, however, there is also much more scope for self selection.

SilverSingles provides an easy and convenient interface for seniors, mostly for those who are over 50 years old who just want to give love another chance. Its matchmaking system has been proved over time as a successful way to find true love. It’s unequivocally for those committed to finding a long-term relationship as opposed to just a casual date.

If you’re looking for a loyal partner in the silver line, this is one strong option for sure. You just have to remember that SilverSingles’ best features are available with a paid subscription. However, remember that they do not offer just one plan, but a variety of them, and you can choose one that you think is convenient to your search and your pocket.

Once you have a paid membership, everything is even simpler and fun, since you’re able to do more things like chatting and checking profile photos. Both good things and bad things have come out of online dating and we love the senior sector. It provides the opportunity to extend a social network and combat any latter year isolation or even loneliness.

In short, this is a great tool that provides practical options to support the old adage that it is never too late to find love.


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