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For accomplished members of the society, especially those at the retiring age, it is important to find companions who they can spend the rest of their life with. Senior FriendFinder makes this task easier by bringing together a community of mature singles

Senior FriendFinder is a specialized site for members of the older generation. The term ‘senior’ on this website does not refer to senior citizens. A person can sign up on the site as long as he/she is over forty years old. In reality it’s mainly for the 50+ age group

Unlike most dating sites, Senior FriendFinder is not just essentially for those looking for lovers or serious partners. In fact, an elderly couple can apply for a joint account to find friends which they could spend their weekend mornings together. To go jogging, play mah-jong, or do other hobbies. There is also an option to register as a group for members of a certain senior club.

Senior FriendFinder was created in 1999, It is among the websites under FriendFinder Networks, a giant in the online dating service industry which started in 1996. Since its establishment, FriendFinder Networks has engaged to more than 700 million users with at least one of their websites.

Though the user base of Senior FriendFinder seems moderate compared to other major dating sites, it is still sizeable compared to so many competitors in the crowded ‘senior’ dating niche. Senior FriendFinder has more than 400,000 active members, the site has an average of 30,000 users online at peak times.

The website is open for those in their 40’s, however, the majority of the users are in their 50’s or 60’s. There are mainly two types of users that are predominant on the site. The first consists of divorced or widowed members who are looking for some late romance. The second group consists of married couples or groups who are looking for activity partners.

Initial sign-up in the website is free, however, to communicate and interact with other users better, members are needed to upgrade to paid membership. There are two types of membership in Senior FriendFinder, Silver and Gold. Silver membership is cheaper, however, the additional functions are fewer compared to Gold.

Below is the price list for each type of membership:
Silver Membership

1 Month22.99 USD22.99 USD
3 Month11.90 USD33.93 USD45%

Gold Membership

1 Month34.99 USD34.99 USD
3 Month14.90 USD44.70 USD57%

The paid subscription will renew automatically after the membership expires, however, the membership can be cancelled at any time.

There are a lot of limitations for free members, they cannot initiate email messaging to other members or view full-sized pictures. However, Senior FriendFinder allows free members to access basic communication and matching functions. Below are the features available for free members:

● Profile Creation- Complete user profile including basic information, physical information, and lifestyle and miscellaneous information. There is also some open-ended, essay-type questions and a standard personality test, photo upload as well as limited video upload. The profile also asks about the user’s criteria on finding a partner which will be used on finding appropriate matches.
● Member Search and Matching- Only the basic search function and automatic matching with 10 matches a day are available. Free members are also not allowed to search members by username or save search settings.
● Profile Viewing- Can only view a limited number of profiles. Viewing pictures or videos uploaded by other members is also not allowed.
● Messaging- Can only use instant messaging and active chatrooms but sending email to members is limited. Emails can also be viewed only for 30 days.
● Hotlists- This is a tab which lists profiles that the user is interested in and vice versa. The maximum number of members that can be added in ‘Hotlists’ is 200.

Silver members have a lot more freedom than non-paying members. Aside from enjoying the benefits of free members, below are the additional features they can access.

● Advance search options to find members by location, interests and username, as well as save search options.
● 20 new matches a day from automated matching
● Can view unlimited profiles and up to five photos or videos of each member.
● Unlimited messaging functions which include instant messaging, email messaging and live webcam services to all members. The emails are viewable for up to 60 days.
● Hotlists up to 500 members
● Profiles highlighted above free members

There is also a further premium upgrade and below are the additional features for Gold members:

● Advance search options and ‘Super-search’ feature using the site’s priority form
● 30 new automated matches a day
● Unlimited profile and photo viewing. Can also view up to 20 videos uploaded by each member as well as access to extra-large photos.
● Unlimited messaging features. Emails are viewable for up to 120 days.
● Up to 1000 maximum members in Hotlists
● Profiles highlighted above both free and Silver members which ensures five times more views.
● Get ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID’s of members in your network

Both Silver and Gold members are also prioritized in the approval of their profile and uploaded photos, as well as customer service responses. Members can also enhance their profiles for additional costs. One is by highlighting their profile in all search results and emails and another is by allowing free members to initiate an email message to the user for free. Both add-ons come with a monthly cost on top of membership fees.

One key feature of the site is the so-called ‘Activity points.’ This allows members to gain points through, referring friends to the site, replying to questions, voting on topics and adding or voting on articles. The points can be used to improve the member’s profile by highlighting for a period of time or initiating email messaging for free members.

Senior FriendFinder also has their own online magazine which has very interactive content gathered from the inputs of members. Not only they are very interesting, the readers can add their own responses to the topics.

Overall, the website has good usability although the layout of the main homepage is a little crowded, which makes it harder especially for elder members to sort out through all the information.

The mobile app for Senior FriendFinder is only available for iOS, however, it has a mobile-friendly site that can be accessed from any browser. The layout is very similar to the app and it can also allow phone notifications like the mobile app.

It is very easy to create a profile on the page. There are three types of accounts which can be made by a user; a single account, a joint account for couples and a group account. The initial sign can be done in a few minutes, however, more time is needed for an in-depth profile.

Senior FriendFinder does not do individual background checks or criminal investigation to each and every member. To protect its members, the site uses a Fraud Detection Algorithm. Senior FriendFinder review every image uploaded by each user for simple checking.

The site has ‘Report Abuse’ links located at the bottom of each page and follows up seriously with every reported complaint of malicious activities against another user. They also have a detailed privacy policy as well as some online dating safety tips. Meanwhile, to secure its transactions, the site uses Symantec by Norton.

The website has a 24/7 customer service hotline which is only available for paid members. Another way to contact the staff is through the websites automatic mailing system. However, the response of the staff is based on the user’s membership. Free members may get a reply within 48 hours, Silver members within 24 hours and Gold members within 12 hours.


● A unique community for the ‘more mature’ and ‘experienced’
● ‘Activity points’ which promotes the user’s site activity
● Instant messaging and chat rooms available for free members
● Phone hotline available for paying members


● Limited profile viewing for free members
● Photos not accessible for free members
● Visually crowded homepage for the desktop version

There are other dating sites in the same niche that make a good alternative to Senior FriendFinder:

OurTime:- This is a very competitive site for singles over 50 with at least 10 million monthly visits. Most members of the site are those looking for serious relationships. The site has a simple but very functional layout. OurTime also organizes many offline activities like fun group dates, cooking classes and cocktail hours. It claims number one spot in our ranking of senior dating options and its membership base popularity is an endorsement in itself.

SeniorPeopleMeet:- Another popular site with about 3 million monthly visits. Its prices are almost at the same level as Senior FriendFinder. It also a unique feature which gives the user a phone number that can be used to talk or text another member without exchanging their real numbers.

LoveAgain:- This site has a lower membership compared to SeniorFriendFinder, OurTime and SeniorPeopleMeet but it has more safety options. Users can verify their profile and there is a ‘Safety Mode’ preference which makes the user only contactable by verified members. Users can also choose to browse the website anonymously.

● For a large selection of potential matches in the 50+ sector it is also worth considering the mainstream giants such as Match and eHarmony where you can filter by age range.

Senior FriendFinder is helpful for senior singles who want to settle down again, find serious dates, enjoy casual dates or just seem friends for companionship.

One of the goals of Senior FriendFinder is to connect older singles or couples with someone of the same hobbies. The profiles of the users involve many questions about the interests of the members.

The website is little strict in profile and photo viewing for free members, which is frustrating for those that want to browse in detail before deciding whether to subscribe. However, it has many interactive online activities including polls and its very own magazine. One of the best features of the site is the ‘Activity Points’ which allows users to access premium features just by being active on the website. Instant messaging and chat rooms are also available for free members. It’s worth signing-up for a free membership to try the website first before considering upgrading to a paid membership. We prefer the likes of SilverSingles and, especially, OurTime with their significantly larger number of subscribers and, accordingly, more choice for local dates.


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