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Swingers Date Club also called is among one of the most trusted and well-known dating site which focuses on the swingers lifestyle. Established in 1999, it has quite a long history and a good reputation among its regular members. The site is based on the Netherlands and the majority of users are from western countries.

SDC does not just stand for the site’s name. It also embodies the site’s creed and tagline: Seek Yourself. Discover Yourself. Create Moments. claims to be a site made by swingers for swingers, and an optimal community even for those who are new to swinging and are exploring the lifestyle for the first time.

The website is open for couples and singles that are looking for bedroom fun. It has a large user base with diverse interests, so it would be easy for members to find someone with common ground. The site’s goal is to allow its members to realize its erotic fantasies through different parties, events, travels, and other site features. is not just an online dating site but more of a social networking platform with extra services. Its features are not limited to messaging and meeting new individuals. Members can also join community groups, organize parties, watch videos, or enjoy lifestyle vacation packages. Prices and Membership Stats


The site has over 3 million members from more than 100 countries worldwide. It operates globally and can be accessed in various languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, German and Turkish.

The majority of its members are from the United States and the Netherlands. About 1.1 million members of the site are from the U.S. making up approximately 42% of all members according to Similar Web. I t also has many members from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Its users are made of couples and singles. The site also has no prohibition on gender the users include members of the LGBT community, even gay and lesbian couples. The members also have varied sexual interests.

Still, SDC’s main targets are couples. 56 percent of its users are swinger pairs. Meanwhile, 26 percent are single males and 18 percent are single females.

The online dating site offers two types of memberships; free and premium. Its full membership fees are expensive compared to other similar sites.



Below are payment options for premium:


Payments can be made through bank transfer, credit card, direct debit or cash. offers a 7-day free trial for all new members; however, the trial still has many restrictions. The site also offers a lifetime membership promo at $250 on selected dates. They usually make announcements or press releases during these promo periods.

Features has many features that would certainly keep you from boredom and let . Listed below are all the features of the site available for full members:


Create Profile –


The member profile is divided into many sections, such as physical appearance, personal details, swing status, sexual preferences, etc. Only premium can change the details of their profile anytime. Premium members also have extra data storage and the option to lock and unlock parts of their profile details and photos to other members.


Upload Photos and Videos –


Premium members can upload private pictures, photo albums, and videos which can only be seen by members granted with permission.


Search and Browsing –


There are no automatic matches. You can only browse manually using search filters from all sections of the profile. Premium members rank higher than free members in searches.


View Profiles –


Complete profile and photos can only be viewed by paying members. Full members can also watch videos, check the history of members and add private notes to the profiles.


Viewed Me –


You will see a list of members who have viewed or showed interest on your profile.


Profile Validation –


You can validate profiles to prove the authenticity of other members.


Save Contacts –

You can create your own lists of “Contacts” by saving the profiles of other members. This makes email and messaging more efficient.


Messaging – has both email and instant messaging system. The “Mailbox” is where you receive and send a reply to messages from/to clubs such as parties and events. Meanwhile, “Messenger” is where you can have an instant and private conversation with other members.



The focus of the site is not just one on one communication. It also has group communication features. You can join apply to join “Groups” and “Chatrooms.”


Special Features


The dating site also has many features beyond the traditional search and messaging functions. Most special features are only accessible for premium members.


Voyeur Cam –


If you are a paying member and your device has a flash player; you will be able to watch real-time live shows of other couples and singles who want to share their fun through your desktop or smartphone.


SDC Blog – has a separate blog site which contains swinging tips and advice, swingers dating, finding the right partner, joining trips and parties—basically everything about the lifestyle. The blog is free to read for everyone, but only full members can post their own articles.


Contests –


The site has contests like who has the prettiest face or who has the most beautiful figure where members can vote for their chosen candidates. Only paying members can join the contests.


Speed Dating Events –


This is an SDC event for those who are looking for quick hook-ups. Again, it is only available for premium members.


Parties and Club Events –

The site has a feature that lets members organize parties. Full members can join these events by simply adding themselves to the guest list. On the other hand, free members would need to contact the individuals or clubs which organized the event to get approval to join.


Travel –


You can manage your travel calendar on the website to let others know of your trip and maybe schedule a meet-up. also has a travel website where you can book a ticket for their official travel events such as cruise trips.


SDC Bracelets-

This is somehow similar to a VIP card. You can buy an bracelet to enjoy discounts from shopping stores or events affiliated with SDC.

There is certainly a lot of things you can do at SDC. The bad news is, almost all of them are only accessible for paying members. Truthfully, you won’t be able to do much on the site with just a free membership. Even contacting other members is prohibited. You won’t be able to send and receive messages or view profiles in full. Below are the features you can access using free membership:

● Create a profile
● Upload a profile photo
● Search and browse profiles
● Use advanced search and save searches
● Create “Favorites” list
● Send ice-breakers
● Join Groups
● Access Travel calendar
● Post and join Parties, but with pending approval)
● Get updates on new travel offers offers a 7-day free trial.


This gives new members a glance at the features for a free membership. However, the trial has a lot of limitations too, which will only be lifted if you upgrade to full membership. Below are the restrictions of the 7-day trial:

View Profiles- You will only see the first pictures on the profiles of other members.

Messenger- You can only receive messages, but you can’t send one.

Mail- You can only view your emails. These emails include invitations to events, service offerings from other members, and more. You cannot respond to them or initiate a message.

Access to Chat Rooms- You can read chat logs, but you cannot send messages.

Member Validations- You can receive validations, but you can’t validate other members.

Ease Of Use


Creating a new account is very easy, but it will take time to create a complete and wholesome profile. There are a lot of fields to be completed if you want to make your profile very detailed. After signing up, you would need to confirm your email address through a follow-up link sent to your email address. also performs a simple check before the profile goes online. Full members can edit their profile details anytime, but free members are not allowed to make changes.

Site Design


Since the site has been in operation for 20 years, the design looks quite plain and outdated. It has a dark theme with black as the main color and hints of other colors from the SDC logo, which includes blue, violet, yellow and red. It uses simple fonts, and you can notice some awkward blank spaces at the end of the pages.

Still, the website has good functionality and easy navigation. It’s a little hard to locate all the functions on your first use—they are just too many. However, it wouldn’t take much time to be fully familiar with the site.


Mobile App


The dating site has a mobile app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Appearance wise, it looks better than the desktop site. Its layout is also more compact and clear despite having all functions of the full site. It is easier to use and navigate.


However, it has a slower loading speed. You would need a strong internet connection or else; you might need to wait for minutes to fully load a page. This is especially for pages with high-resolution photos and videos. In some cases, the websites mobile site is faster than the app.

How Safe is ?


The dating site has a validation process where full members can help confirm the authenticity of its users. This eliminates potential fake accounts and scammers. SDC has a quite cohesive community, which is active both online and offline so it’s easier to identify which members are genuine.


On the other hand, SDC’s privacy policy details the site’s data collection and usage. Similar to most dating sites, only shares its user data to third-party companies. However, they claim that all their third-party service providers and partners are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and does not contain personally identifiable information except for some which may strip the last digits of the user’s IP address. The site also complies with the US-EU Privacy Shield Principles to resolve complains about user privacy.

How To Contact


To contact SDC’s customer service team, users can send an email of their question, suggestion or concern to The site also has phone hotlines available for different regions. They are as follows:


● US: 1-919-283-4414
● UK: (44) 20-30063021
● Spain: (34) 91-829-5179
● Mexico (52) 55-13283805
● International: 1-866-417-9956 (toll-free)

Positives & Negatives




● Large user base with varied interests
● A lot of special features
● Offline events such as parties and official travel tours
● Members can be validated for authenticity
● Mobile app available for Android, iOS, and Windows



● Very limited features for free members
● Costly premium fees

Other Sites To Consider


SwingLifeStyle- Often compared to SDC, SwingLifeStyle or SLS is another swinger adult website with a long history. It was launched in 2001 and had very similar features to SDC. Similarly, SLS’s website design is somehow plain and outdated. That said, SLS has lower fees and has the largest community.

Swinger Zone Central- A relatively newer swinger dating site compared to SLS and SDC. Its design also looks more modern. It has more focus on individual communication than community interaction. It has no group chat or forums. It uses a newsfeed style interface and is similar to the old Facebook.

SDC.Com Review Final Words


Overall, is a good swinger community site. The site design is simple, and it has many special features. It also has a lot of offline events for members to join in. It also has good security and customer service.


With its millions of users, it is not difficult to find someone who suits your interest. The search filters allow you to locate couples with similar sexual tastes and fetishes. However, contacting them is another matter. If you are not planning to take out money for a premium membership, your account is basically useless. You won’t be able to make contact with anyone, much less find a date.


The worse thing is, the 7-day free trial also does not allow you to send and reply to messages. You can use all other functions, but you can only receive messages and view chat logs on group chats. It totally sounds like a scheme to bait users to upgrade a membership.


With its millions of members, it is not difficult to find someone who suits your interest. The search filters allow you to locate couples with similar sexual tastes and fetishes. However, contacting them is another matter. If you are not planning to take out money for a premium membership, your account is almost useless. You won’t be able to make contact with anyone. The prices are affordable though and, for such a feature-packed site, represent excellent value for money for those that want to be part of the swingers community.




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