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Russiancupid aims to provide an opportunity for Western men and Eastern European (primarily Russian) women to get connected. Russian Cupid is a product of Cupid Media, a highly reputable Australian company that operates 35 unique niche dating sites.

Just like its sister sites, Russiancupid was designed to help millions of people find love whatever their dating preferences in terms of geolocation, sexual orientation, ethnicity and in all the popular niches. In short, it’s ‘from Australia with love’. The site is not without scammers but Cupid Media is quite conscientious in doing their best to weed them out.

There are one or two sites such as LoveMe and Anatasia that have a pricing system that charges for just about everything; translations, email addresses, and so many add-ons. Sneeze and you get charged – well it sometimes looks like that and the charges soon mount up. The attraction of Russian Cupid is that it’s an all-inclusive monthly fee that covers all. Also, you, the subscriber, are in charge of searching for the right person as opposed to being spoon-fed potential matches that might be going to thousands of other email boxes. It does mean that you have to be careful in your search to avoid scammers but it’s an ideal site for those that can use their intuition and common sense.

With most of its users coming from Russia, followed by the United States, the website gets about 2million visits every month. At any given time, there are about 1000-2000 women online. The two paid membership plans are relatively affordable and their cost is as follows.

The site claims over 1.5million female members and is the go-to site for everyone looking for an Eastern European bride. Each month the site attracts just over 2m visit with the largest number coming from Russia as you would expect. That’s closely followed by U.S traffic consisting mainly of makes looking for a Russian female partner. It might seem ironic given the cold war between the two super powers that the citizens of each country are looking to form a love partnership. I don’t think Cupid Media designed the site to improve East / West relations but, intended or not, they are contributing. There again perhaps it’s not so ironic given President Trumps preference for Eastern Europeans with his first wife being Czech and his current spouse coming from Yugoslavia. 6% of site visitors originate from the Ukraine but if it is a Ukrainian partner you seek the appropriate offering from Cupid Media is UkraineDate.

12 Months$139.99 ($11.67 PER MONTH)$159.99 ($13.33 PER MONTH)
3 Months69.98 ($23.33 PER MONTH)$79.98 ($26.66 PER MONTH)
1 Month$34.99$39.99

Russian cupid comes with plenty of user-friendly and helpful features. With their basic and advanced search tools that act as a filter, you can practically laser focus on the perfect woman that meets your specific preferences. The search tools afford you the privilege to segregate women based on their physical appearance (hair color, eye color, height, weight, etc.), background, ethnicity, interest, and hobbies. And when you find women who meet your search criteria, you can always add them to your favorites list and chat with them whenever you please.

Apart from getting notified when someone adds you on his or her favorite list, you also get new daily matches even with a free account. Even though Russian Cupid doesn’t have a well-defined matchmaking system, features like cupid tags (states your characteristics and interest e.g. music, religious, pet lover, family-oriented, etc.) and a virtual table that shows whether users match each other’s interests and description makes the process of finding a compatible mate much easier. Other nice features include message translator, instant chat, video call, a video introduction to your profile and the show interest button.

While you can peruse the endless profiles of beautiful women with a free account, it still comes with some restrictions. Your messages will always be blocked unless one (recipient or sender) or both of you has a paid subscription. And since most of the ladies are on a free membership, it will do you a lot of good to choose between the available gold and platinum subscription plans.

With a paid subscription plan, the experience not only gets better but is also worth every dime. With the gold status, you’ll be free from annoying ads, be able to live chat with instant messenger, communicate with all members and have other nice features at your fingertips. The platinum status gives you a greater edge than the gold status as it combines all the benefits of the gold subscription and adds other important features that ultimately grants you VIP status. You’ll rank above other members (gold inclusive) in search results, double your profile space, get the message translational tool enabled and get access to exclusive VIP features.

The cost of a personal translator can be very pricey and if you don’t fancy dipping in and out of Google Translate the Russian Cupid translation tool is an extremely useful feature. A lot of educated Russian women do have a good grasp of English, however, the translator can help avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings and overcome communication barriers.

There are hundreds of testimonials on the site highlighting that Russiancupid has been fulfilling its purpose. Don’t be too naïve on the site though as it’s not immune to the inevitable scammers and time-wasters that frequent each and every dating site. The site does take its responsibilities seriously and on each profile, there is the option to report via email dubious activities.

With just having to fill 5 fields to sign up, just about anybody can create an account on Russiancupid in quick time. You are prompted to add more to your profile if you skip some information initially but that’s a good feature as it means most of the profiles have a decent amount of detail enabling you to assess whether it’s someone you might click with. Users can even opt to sign up with their Facebook account. And once they’re in, they get to browse profiles even with a free account. And apart from the site being easy to navigate, the pink and white theme of the website is easy on the eyes. To make the user experience more convenient, Russiancupid also has a mobile app to keep the chatting and flirting hassle free.

From switching off accounts without profile pictures and filled out description, to verifying the women that sign up in a reliable and effective process, Russiancupid has you covered on all fronts as their fraud prevention team are always on the prowl to weed out scammers. Even when you sign up with your Facebook account, your profile information is not being shared and they certainly won’t publish anything on your behalf.

With Russian Cupid, you can also be rest assured that none of your personal data will be shared with a third-party company. Another important security feature that comes with the website is the verified badge which shows that the profile is authentic as the client must have uploaded an official Identification document such as drivers’ license or international passport. Despite the security measures been put in place, there’s a possibility of meeting a scammer or two since it’s easy and free to register on Russiancupid. It’s for this reason free accounts have limited privileges as a form of protection.

Russiancupid has a very professional customer service that answers promptly to the needs of their customers. But there’s a hitch to this. Calls are answered in Australian time, from Monday to Friday and this won’t be convenient for everyone. But even at that, on the Russiancupid website is an ‘answers to common questions and problems’ page that addresses most of the problems users might encounter. Complaints are primarily lodged by submitting support requests forms which are addressed promptly.

Russian Cupid is hidden charges free. You don’t have to buy likes or gifts or pay for some funny feature that makes meeting women easier. Once you have a premium subscription, you’re limitless!

A large database with an excellent advanced search facility.

The membership subscription is reasonable especially if you take out a longer subscription

An online translator and messenger feature for premium members

Free membership on Russiancupid doesn’t allow your messages to be read as they are encrypted until you upgrade

If you’re looking for hookups and one-night stands, Russiancupid is the wrong option. Most of the women on the Russian dating site are looking for commitment and something serious.

If are not willing to invest time and effort, Russiancupid is definitely not suitable for you as it generally takes time to win Russian women over.

While Russian girls might download tinder, they’re not as active on it as Russiancupid. A major competitor to Russian Cupid in the Russian dating scene is Mamba but unfortunately, it’s more effective for native Russian men. Consequently, there are not as many foreigners on Mamba as Russian Cupid. Other major competitors that connect western men to Eastern European women are Ukrainedate and Anastasia Date. Yet Russian cupid remains the leading Russian dating site amongst its competitors.

Russiancupid is true on its promise of connecting users with the beautiful women from Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. The platform makes user safety a priority and combines functionality and ease of usage in the design of their website and App. Even though there are limited features available for free membership accounts it allows a greater degree of browsing than most premium subscription sites. That said, using a dating site without being able to contact members is pretty much a waste of time but it does allow you to see assess if a subscription is going to be fruitful. One of the attractions of the website is the large database, there are sites with more features but features with few members isn’t a good deal. In essence, Russiancupid is your go-to niche dating website if you’re interested in befriending, dating or getting married to women from Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. It’s a particularly good option if you like the idea of self-selecting your matches as opposed to being spoon fed by a matching algorithm.


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