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RedHotPie Review June 2020



Redhotpie Review


In Australia, RedHotPie has become one of the most visited casual dating sites. The site was started in 2003. Its clientele includes straight, gay, lesbian singles and swingers. Interaction on the site is through their webcam hosted adult chat rooms, an interactive app, and events organized for swinging parties. You will also find a host of casual dating tips on their blog section.


Registration on the site is easy because you are only required to fill three fields; they have the option of Facebook login – which is way faster. When it comes to privacy, the site restricts non-members from viewing member profiles.


For casual hookups, the site supports private phone chats with the option of keeping your number private. The site boasts of over 2 million members, and this increases your chances of finding a casual fling. RedHotPie is active on various social media platforms like Facebook, and you can take your interaction there. They also host forums where members can discuss mutual topics. Most of the users on the site are below the age of 35.


The site boasts of a mobile-friendly app that is available to both Android and iPhone users. You will find most of the functionalities of the desktop on the App. The app is great for keeping one updated while on the go. You can launch the chat services and send messages to other members.


RedHotPie offers a host of cool features and swinging events that make it easier to find a partner. The subscription fees are affordable with members experiencing cost savings the longer the period. Members can operate on the site discreetly and choose who to share information with. Discretion extends to credit card billing. Lack of mandatory email verification exposes the site to fake profiles.

Redhotpie Cost and Membership Stats


Gender Distribution

● Majority of the users fall between the age of 20 to 35
● 57% are males while 43% are females

Subscription Fees

● Payments can be made through Credit card, direct card, BPAY or Cheque
● To keep the member details private the credit card statement has discreet billing
● The longer your subscription period, the more you save
● Billing is done automatically at the end of a subscription period unless you cancel it



Creating a profile is simple and straightforward. You will be required to provide your name, age, photo (will be verified by site administrators), email address among others. You can choose to add your mobile number to receive SMS or flirts; your mobile number remains private and is inaccessible by other members. Users also have the option of Facebook signup. You can always go back and finish entering your profile details like lifestyle, interests, and appearance.


Once you have completed your profile, you can make contact to other members through free flirts. This acts as an icebreaker and reveals to you whether another person is interested. The flirts messages come with default messages in case you do not know what to say. Once you become a paid member, you can send messages to all members on the platform.


Webcam chats are available for the premium plus members. RedHotPie profiles stand out because users are open about the kind of casual relationship that they are searching for. There are optional questions that you can use to know more about a person. Uploading photos on the platform has been simplified through Facebook, computer, or phone.


Browsing through the site’s blogs, photos, videos, and engaging in their interactive forum is free for members. However, it is impossible to make meaningful connections unless you are a paid member. The site is open for straight, lesbian, gay singles.


Users have access to multiple search criteria like age, gender or online now. You can also perform regional searches and find casual hookups with singles residing near you. It can be hard to get noticed when a site has many members, and that is why RedHotPie have included a paid priority listing that enables member profiles to be highlighted in search results.


For your first date, you can use their interactive webcam chat. This helps you interview a person and know more about them. The site also has a group chat where members can interact with others who are currently logged in the session.


You can suggest private chats for other members on the site. The site uses a matching algorithm to hook up members for casual dates. The algorithms use psychotherapy to join members with similar interests and tastes.


The site does not have a trial plan. Members can either join the site through their various subscription plans – premium, premium plus, or platinum membership. The subscription fees automatically renew at the end of the plan unless you cancel it before.


You can also cancel your membership while leaving your online profile active. You have two options to deactivate your site. The first one is to hide your profile for some time and then reactivate it once you get back to the site.


The other option is to delete your profile – this effectively removes it from the site, and you will need to create a new one when you want to join the site again. Members can also choose to unsubscribe from any email distributions.


Another cool feature on the site is the profile builder. It is understandable that there are people who have challenges expressing themselves. The profile builder comes with customizable profiles that help users in their communication with others.


Besides finding casual relationships on their website, RedHotPie organizes various swinging events where casual acquaintances meet. They are also known to host swinger parties in various locations in Australia. Their site has a blog where you can find all the dating tips to help you navigate the casual dating scene.


They also have an adult forum where various adult related topics are discussed. At the top of the homepage you have your newsfeed, and this helps you get the latest information about the site. In here you will find info on the newest members or those traveling in your area and interested in some casual fun.


The site has an innovative section with two ‘dating site doctors’ ready to offer advice and support for those using the site . These are more usually known as dating coaches but dating doctors rolls off the tongue nicely. They specialize in advice suited to casual dating.


The amateur picture section lets users post sexy photos for other members to rate. Those who have the highest ratings on their photos get to win monthly cash prizes.


Redhotpie dating app


It is one of a kind with lots of modern features. It comes with easy to use webcam adult chat rooms and you can interact with other members on the go. Besides, you also get to access their event guides, and this lets you know where the latest sex or swinging parties are going on.


The app is available on both iPhone and Android phones. With the App, you can check who is interested in you and view unlimited photos and profiles. Find someone who is online near you and organize a hookup. The app also lets members interact on the RedHotPie forums.

Ease of Use


The homepage is very clean with all the tools that you need to interact in the site placed strategically on the top bar. Setting up an account on the site is simple and straightforward with the option of Facebook login. Members who struggle to create their profiles can make good use of the profile builder templates. You can adjust them to suit your tastes and preferences.


Communication on the site has been simplified through the mobile app and webcam chats. The site offers many fun adult discussions, and members can easily join events located near them. You have optional questions, which you can use to know members better. Uploading a profile photo has been simplified through Facebook, phone or computer.


The site cool colors and clean white background make it easier to navigate the site even when you are in an area with low lighting. Due to the high number of subscribers, it is easy to find a casual relationship near you.


Casual dating can be difficult for some people, and that is why the site administrators have included dating tips to help you get started. The dating site doctors – Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker – whose expertise in the dating world is unmatched do this. They engage members on various sexual and relationship related advice.

How Safe is RedhotPie For Users?


Members can block annoying members, and this prevents them from contacting them. To enhance the privacy of members, you cannot view member profiles unless you register to the site. You can also upload personal photos and restrict access to specified members.


To ensure that messages between members are kept private the site uses an SSL connection for encryption purposes. The site, however, does not have an email verification process, and this makes it susceptible to fake profiles. Member photos have to be verified before they are added to profiles; this ensures that the photo is of the user.

Redhotpie Contact Details


RedHotPie is active on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and this offers members with more avenues to interact and send queries.


The first place of contact when you are experiencing challenges on the site is to go their Frequently Asked Questions. On the left side of the help page, you will have a list of questions with answers – all you need is to type in your query.


You can also report abusive, or scam members, and the site administrators can remove the person from the site. If this does not work, you can click the contact us button at the bottom of the page. This will direct you to an inquiry form. Fill out your username, email address, subject, and type in your inquiry.


You can submit your ticket with relevant files. The site has offices in Australia, UK, and Netherlands. The Australian postal address is:


Digital Quarter Pty Ltd
PO Box 285
Subiaco WA 6904
ABN: 50102421590

Positives and Negatives



● Interactive forums, videos, and blog
● Lots of events and swinging parties
● Boosts high member numbers
● Interactive webcam chat



● Lacks email verification which increases chances of fake profiles
● Most features limited to paid members

Other Sites To Consider


● Tinder

RedHotPie Review Final Words


RedHotPie is the right site for anyone looking for a casual fling with members of different sexual orientation. The sign-up process is simple and does not require the user to fill out mandatory questions. Uploading of profile photos can be done through your computer, phone or Facebook.


The site stands out due to its multiple features like forums, dating tips blogs and the monthly events that they organize in different locations across Australia. The events enable singles to interact with each other and have fun during swinging parties. Interaction on the site has been simplified through the webcam chat and flirts. Due to the high number of singles on the site – over 2 million – finding the ideal partner is easier and faster.


The mobile App is simple and contains most of the desktop features. You can use it to get notifications from the site while on the go. RedHotPie offers a clean page with friendly cool colors.


The homepage has all the features that you may need, and this has been strategically placed on the top page for easy access. You can contact the site administrators through their contact us button on the bottom of the page.


More needs to be done in securing user accounts because the site lacks email and profile verification. This makes the site susceptible to fake profiles. However, the administrators have taken steps to keep member identities private, and non-users cannot access member profiles unless they join the site.


RedHotPie offers many fun features to keep conversations flowing through their forums, private chats, and their interactive social media pages. The site has gained popularity in Australia and is the number one casual dating site there. Overall, the site has a host of features that ensure that you identify the right casual relationship.


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