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Catering specifically to people who are 50 plus years of age, Ourtime.co.uk is an exclusive dating website used by millions of users on a daily basis in their search for love and friendship.

When we think of online dating for seniors, Ourtime.co.uk is the first website that comes to mind. Unlike other generic dating websites, Ourtime.co.uk is designed exclusively for the senior population who have crossed 50 years.
Based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, with a newer office in London, UK as well, Ourtime.co.uk was the result of an innovative idea which aimed at making it easier for the seniors to enter or re-enter the dating scene at such a ripe stage of their life. Online dating has traditionally been the forte of the young generation who are more tech-savvy and willing to take more chances.

However, at Ourtime.co.uk, the features, as well as the website interface, has been designed to ensure that even the seniors find it easy to browse user profiles and use the site’s features to interact with people whom they find interesting.

Total number of members – More than 1.5 million across the world
• Number of people visiting the site – About 8.9 million on a monthly basis
• Gender Proportion – 52% females and 48% males
• The average age of users – Between 50 and 60 years
• Subscription Costs – You can get a monthly subscription to Ourtime.co.uk at 29.99 GBP. Alternatively, if you want a subscription for an extended period, you can get a 3-month plan for 74.97 GBP or a 6-month plan for 119.94 GBP. The overall average cost for subscribing to Ourtime.co.uk will come down to about 19.99 GBP a month.

Since Ourtime.co.uk is owned by match.com, one of the most popular dating websites in the world, it is no surprise that it comes loaded with the standard as well as special features. These features not only make it easy for the users to upload their details and design their profile but also make it convenient and quick for users to find each other and interact with other users in many different ways. The following are some of the main features of Ourtime.co.uk:

1. Easy sign-up process
Ourtime.co.uk follows a six-step registration process which includes filling out of details like name, age, country, sexual orientation, and the likes. Users are also required to upload the latest photograph for their profile. However, there are some restrictions on the photograph’s format and size.

2. Personal essay
Although the basic profile can be created by filling in the personal details, it may not be enough for other users to really get to know the kind of person you are to decide whether they want to interact with you or not.

To help others know more in detail about you, you can even write a personal essay in the About Me section where you can share your interests, likes, and dislikes, etc. You can also set up a formal greeting for anyone visiting your profile which will increase your chances of having other users interact with you.

3. Instant Messaging
A standard feature for most dating websites, Ourtime.co.uk too allows its users to chat Live through their Instant Messaging app. Users can send and receive messages which can either be read instantaneously if they are online or when they next log into their profile.

An added feature is that you can also get to know whether the message sent by you has been read or not. As soon as the other user reads your message, you will get a notification alerting you that your message has been read.

4. Connect Me
If you do not want to initially share your personal phone number with another user until you know more about them and can start trusting them, you can still communicate with them through the Connect Me feature of Ourtime.co.uk.

Through this feature, your mobile number will be masked, but you can still receive and send text messages and even leave voicemails. This is a great way to establish communication even when you are not logged into Ourtime.co.uk.

5. Blender
This feature is excellent for those who are tired of browsing through profiles and are unable to find anyone of their interest. The blender feature pulls up 100 profiles of users who are most likely to match your tastes and interests. You can consider these user profiles and choose either a Yes or No option for each profile depending on whether that profile interests you or not.

6. Advanced Search Filter
Apart from the primary search options to browse through profiles, you can also make use of the advanced search options which give you an extensive choice of filters. You can sort the user profiles according to their age, location, and other parameters.

This way, you can narrow down the search results and make a much more informed choice before picking a particular user’s profile. This is also an excellent option for those who do not want to spend much time browsing the website but want a quick and simple method for getting what they want.

7. Go Incognito
If you want to browse other users’ profile without them even knowing that you have visited their profile or viewed their pictures, you can do so through the Incognito feature. By subscribing to this feature, the person whose profile you have visited will not get to know of your presence on their profile page.

Moreover, with this feature, your profile will also not appear on the search results of any other user. If you are looking for a way to keep a low profile on this dating website, this sure is a great way to do it. However, a daily premium amount of 1.99 GBP has to be paid for using this feature.

8. Promote Me and Boosts
The Promote Me feature is the complete opposite of Incognito. The Promote Me and Boost features work towards increasing your profile’s visibility on the website. The more the number of users viewing your profile, higher are the chances that someone or the other will want to start communication with you.

When you avail of the Promote Me service, your profile automatically becomes the top search result for users. On the other hand, the Boost feature promotes your profile in the list of ‘Popular Singles.’ You can buy boosts at the cost of 1.99 GBP for 1 boost.

Ourtime.co.uk is a website designed exclusively for seniors over 50 and all the features introduced in this dating website have been introduced keeping in mind the average age of its users.

Right from the sign-up procedure to the search features, Ourtime.co.uk scores a major point over its competitors regarding ease of use. The sign-up process is pretty simple and requires filling out of essential information for the creation of a profile.

There are multiple payment options for the subscription plans, and there are drop-down menus and written instructions at various steps of creation of a profile. The other features too are pretty simple and easy to understand and use. The user interface is straightforward and simple. Even those who are new to the world of online dating will find it easy to use Ourtime.co.uk.

Collection of personal information including contact details such as the mobile number and e-mail are essential features of any dating website without which it cannot function. However, at Ourtime.co.uk, you can be sure that these personal details of the users will never be shared by the company with anyone.

Be it another user or a third party advertiser, the company policy is never to share the user details with anybody. Not just this, user safety is also guaranteed with the blacklist option on the website through which you can block other users from visiting your profile or sending your messages.

In fact, if you feel that any particular profile is suspicious in nature, you can even file a formal complaint, and the profile may be taken down by the company after an investigation. Apart from this, Ourtime.co.uk also offers many wise tips on the nuances of online dating which can come in pretty handy for someone who is out here for the first time.

Ourtime.co.uk has an extensive set of FAQs on their website from which a user can get detailed information on a range of topics such as account settings, site features, technical glitches, and suggestions.

If you face any other kind of issue, you can also drop in a query through the website’s Customer Service platform. You can even choose the category that your query falls in and type in the rest of the details. Ourtime.co.uk’s customer support team will surely reply to your query within 48 hours, either by e-mail or through a phone call.

The contact information for Ourtime.co.uk in the UK is:
PO Box 64197,
Phone number:
0844 33 80 095

• The most significant advantage of using Ourtime.co.uk is that you are able to access a large user base of people of a specific demographic that are usually neglected in mainstream websites.
Ourtime.co.uk is one of the few sites where you specifically have users only above 50 years of age.

• The sign-up process is easy and quick. You are not required to fill in a lot of personal details at the very first stage. Thus, you have a choice about how much you actually want to tell the world about yourself.

• There are numerous ways of searching through the user database with a selection of advanced filters which allow you to narrow down the search and increase your chances of coming across a profile which is a perfect match for you.

• The algorithm used by Ourtime.co.uk to generate daily recommendations or matches is also pretty accurate and is sure to produce some very relevant profiles. These custom matched profiles increase the probability of you finding your partner more speedily.

• You can also access your Ourtime account through an easy to use mobile app. The Ourtime app is available for both iOS and Android versions.

• Many features of the website require add-on payments while many exclusive features are available only for Premium Plan subscribers.

• There is no identity verification process which is a big drawback if you are looking for high-grade safety and security. While interacting with another user, there is no way to be sure whether he is a genuine user or a fake profile user.

• There is an automatic renewal of account such that your subscription will be renewed and money will be deducted from your account without any prior notification.

The following dating websites are the main competitors of Ourtime.co.uk:
1. eHarmony – Just like Ourtime.co.uk, eHarmony too caters exclusively to users above 50 years of age because of which these two senior dating websites are in constant competition with each other.

2. Silver Singles – One of the top sites for dating, Silver Singles is also designed for the older generation of users. Although its user base is much lesser than that of Ourtime.co.uk, it is still gaining popularity, especially in the European countries.

3. Match.com – Ourtime.co.uk is actually owned by Match.com, and therefore, these two websites are pretty similar in design and features. However, Match.com is a much bigger platform as it allows users of all age groups to create profiles.

Ourtime.co.uk is definitely a highly recommended dating website, especially if you are 50 plus. The features and interface make it a very simple and easy to use dating website which everyone will feel comfortable in using.

The user database is pretty huge and comprises of all kinds of profiles including divorcees, widows or merely those who have been unlucky in finding love all their life. It only takes a minute to set up a profile and start interacting with other users.

To promote communication and interaction, Ourtime also hosts offline events such as weekend get-togethers and cultural outings which provide an excellent opportunity for blending in with the crowd.
Who knows what you may find at Ourtime.co.uk. Maybe you will find a close friend, a buddy to chat online with or perhaps you will finally find the love that you never encountered before.


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