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MySingleFriend is an online dating website founded and registered in United Kingdom, London, by Channel 4 TV presenter Sarah Beeny together with her husband named Graham Swift, with the help of Christine Avis, Amanda Barnes, and James Barnes. Since the site’s launching on August 17, 2004, it has already helped hundreds of people find their match through the site’s unique features and approach.

Most of the members of MySingleFriend are looking for a long-term relationship. It is the perfect place for singles to find their desired relationship or even a lifetime partner.

MySingleFriend has less number of registered members compared to other existing online dating sites. The site has over 200,000 number of users in total, with the average age of 30-50 years old. The member’s gender proportion consists of 62% female members and 38% male members.

Like most existing dating sites, joining and signing up in MySingleFriend is free. But this only allows the user to perform a basic search and browsing through profiles of other members. Users must be able to receive and send messages to get to know other people and to arrange dates, which is not allowed for free members. To be able to gain full access to the website’s features, users may opt to upgrade their account to premium.

MySingleFriend has two different sets of rates: one is for the access via the website and the other, to gain access to the site via the app. Even if users pay access to the website’s membership, a separate fee to access the app is still required. MySingleFriend’s mobile application has some added benefits and features compared to the website, so it is more practical to register for the app. The rates do not differ much from the other:

***Website Membership Costs:

DurationPrice Per MonthTotal CostSavings
5 DaysNA£5£0
1 Month£28£28£0
3 Month£18.33£55£29
6 Months£13.17£79£89

***App Membership Cost:

DurationPrice Per MonthTotal CostSavings
5 DaysNA£5£0
1 Month£27.99£27.99£0
3 Month£18.33£54.99£28.98
6 Months£13.33£79.99£87.95

Members may pay via MasterCard or Visa card. After signing up, the payment will be automatically renewed according to the subscription option the user has chosen. Due to this, it is highly recommended for users to turn off the automatic renewal after paying for a chosen subscription by going to “My Profile and Settings” then clicking the “Payment and Subscriptions” page, then renew manually if the user has decided to subscribe longer. Members may also cancel their account to stop any unwanted payments within a day if ever they forget to turn off the automatic payment renewal straight away.

MySingleFriend’s also has a 14-day refund program. If a user cancels the subscription within less than 14 days of registering, He/she will be given a partial refund. And if the member hasn’t sent a custom personal message through the site’s messaging system, the user will get a full refund of how much he/she has paid. However, if the user sent a custom personal message, the following charges will apply:

1. For users who acquire less than 1 month of subscription: there will be no refund.
2. For users who acquire the 1month – 6 months of subscription: a daily rate of £1.43 for the days the user was active will be deducted to the refund.
To the downside, the website’s customer service does not give refunds to payments made via mobile app. To enable payment refund in this situation, the user needs to contact Apple directly.

Most of MySingleFriend’s features and options are available for both app and website system, but some selected inclusions like Veto are only limited to the app. Users may opt to use the website’s application and browse through profiles and choose the one they desire. One of the app’s unique features are the means to bookmark other profiles anonymously and to enable the app user’s friend to choose a particular type of single which may help suggest potential matches.

Every profile in MySingleFriend has a large photo, which may include several other photos if ever the user opts to add more, and all the basic information such as gender, age, gender the user is interested, children (if the user have any), location and a short description or greeting if the user desires to write one.Listed below are some of the features MySingleFriend offers:

● Instant Messaging
One of the features that make MySingleFriend different from most online dating sites is that they allow users to receive and read messages for free as early as the user completed signing up and after the profile was approved by the support team. Members may also reply through pre-written messages using their free account too, which will let the sender know that a user is interested with them, and through the premium account a user may create their own messages and reply to others freely.

● Oneliners
These are the set of pre-written messages that free members may use to reply to messages they receive.

● Likes
By hitting the “like” button on other user’s profile, they will be added to the user’s “likes” section. It will also be notified to them so that they will know that someone like them.This feature may be useful to start a conversation.

● Bookmarks
This feature allows users to save other profiles they desire into one place anonymously. It will be useful for those who are not sure into someone yet don’t want to lose track of them. Bookmarking is currently available only on the desktop version of the site.

● Veto
This feature is available only in the MySingleFriend mobile application. It allows the user’s friend to recommend other types of singles that he/she might be interested too. It will give the user a chance to seek out of their usual choice. The Veto feature will also let the user’s friend highlight anyone who they think should be avoided, which may turn into fun games on some occasions. works by getting people who know the user to write their profile description for them. Once it is done, the user will then have to approve whatever that’s been written for them before it’s posted on their profile.

This unique feature of having their friends write their description for them not only saves some of their time but also shows a better trustworthy image of who they are. The user’s added friends on this site can also recommend other single users to them if they think that they’re a good match. Users just have to sign up, register their own profile and invite their friends and their friends will provide comments and descriptions for them.

● Logging for the first time – MySingleFriend contains all the similar features that other dating site also offers. Users are able to see who recently views their profile, make a list of favourites, send messages to other singles, and also block suspicious or anyone who annoys them. The website also has a dating service available, which may help increase the chance of finding special someone.

● Member Search – The searching feature is no different to other dating sites. By clicking the basic search bar, the users will be able to see the member list depending on their standards. And unlike other dating sites, MySingleFriend allows users to view other member’s photos even if they are a free member.

Every online dating website can be unsafe if members don’t read and follow the precautions and safety guides first. Although it’s rare to find scammers on dating sites that require users to pay to use and MySingleFriend has a few members compared to other dating sites, there were still be people who might slip through the gaps and make inappropriate use of dating sites. This is what the website’s customer service is taking good care of.

After signing up the member’s profile, they have to wait for the website’s admin to manually review it before gaining full access on all features of the site. This safety feature is so rare as most dating sites don’t do manual checking of their member’s account.

If ever a member feels that someone’s profile is suspicious or behaving unnecessarily, there is an always an available “Report inappropriate profile” button on their profile to send a report or directly send email to There is also a detailed Safety link on the website that contains comprehensive ways to be safe when dating online, starting from sending messages to singles to dating and meeting up with them for the first time.

MySingleFriend also has a responsive customer support available to all application and web users. The site’s support staff can be contacted through the following:

Company mailing address:
4th Floor, Holden House,
57 Rathbone Place,
London W1T 1JU

Phone Support:


● Great free features -MySingleFriend allows users to have a glimpse of the website without paying anything.
● Low subscription cost – The website also offers a 5-day membership for £5 to let the users experience the full access to features of the app for a lower price.
● Friends are allowed to fill in the descriptions of the user’s profile (under the user’s approval) which builds trust between users.
● Let the user get help from friends to find a match -This allows recommendations of singles from

● MySingleFriend’s number of registered members is pretty low. The website is not as popular compared to other UK dating websites.
● The website and the application have separate subscriptions. Users have to pay separately to gain access to the site’s mobile version.
● The mobile application is available only on IOS users.
● The last login date of other members is hidden. Users cannot see whether a user is active or not, and also hides how many members are currently active.

MySingleFriend has a low number of active members. One of the biggest reasons is its competitors, here are some: – Founded on 2007 in Fremont, California, have already reached around 30 million members around the world. About 1 million of the dating site’s members are from the UK. Some of Zoosk’s free features are:
● Registering and creating profile
● Using the basic search and browsing function
● Receive and read messages which the user may reply with pre-set messages – This is one of the most known dating websites in the UK. was founded on 1993 in Dallas, Texas, holding a number of 60 million members around the world, with 4.5 million of them coming from the UK. Some of Match’s free features are:
• Signing up and posting a profile with a photo
• Browse through different profiles
• Taking a personality test for free and post the result on user’s profile (Plenty of Fish) – Founded on 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, have reached 65 million registrations around the world since 2004, with 2 million of the members coming from the UK. An estimate of 300,000 users is active at any given time, which opens for more chance of finding matches. One of the site’s best advantage is that its free for anyone to use

MySingleFriend may not be the most preferred dating website in the United Kingdom, but it is certainly a safe and enjoyable dating site to look in.

Due to its low number of members, the security team of the site are able to manually check every account registered to the site, making it a secure place to find a desired match. This will lessen the chances of having scammers and fake identity users in the site.

The prices for the registration are quite reasonable compared to other dating sites in the UK, but one of its downsides is its separate fee for the mobile application subscription, which is available only for IOS users.


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