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Millionaire Match is a dating site dedicated to millionaires and successful singles, including some Hollywood Celebrities, lawyers and CEOs. There is some flexibility, however, since people earning less than $300,000 are able to sign up too. However, this site always emphasizes that it is not for sugar daddy-type relationships.

It was launched in 2001, so it has a long-established background. This site proudly states that more than 3 million singles are using all of their services. These may not be active members though, and independent sources such as SimilarWeb show the latest monthly visitor figures at a decent 570,000.

Millionaire Match has also generated plenty of attention in the press. Media like ABC and CNN have covered the site, and even Forbes voted it as “Best of the Web.”

The site focuses on the high life and offers other services like a luxury guide about cars, yacht, fashion, and other high-class products. It also has a blog page dedicated to giving dating tips for the wealthy or aspirationally wealthy. Make no mistake, Millionaire Match has wealth as its primary focus of appeal.

The late and great comedienne, Caroline Aherne, conducted tongue in cheek celebrity interviews. One of her most memorable questions was to a dancer and magician’s assistant, Debbie McGee. Caroline asked, “So what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”

In Millionaire Match there are almost 4 million users, most of them from the US and around 200,000 of them are from the UK. The gender structure in the site is equally divided between women and men. They also have a typical age range between 35 and 54 years.

Members – 2m globally
Monthly visits – 570,000 (70%from U.S.)
Gender – 50% Man / 50% Women

Significantly more male users have gold membership accounts, and they’re very active publishing their luxuries in Members Luxuries page. Female users prefer to be active in the Blog Feature and Forum page of the website. This gives paid subscribers further insight beyond profiles into who they would like to message.

Creating a profile here is entirely free, but you’ll have limited access to all of its features. One important feature that is missing with a free account is the message option, that’s only available when you upgrade to Gold status.

The prices vary a little depending on how much time you really want to dedicate to your single search and make the perfect match.

Membership Plan – Total Price
1 Month Membership – $70
3 Month Membership – $45 monthly or $135 total
6 Month Membership – $35 monthly or $210 total

All the members in MillionaireMatch are able to show a photo gallery and a bit of basic information once they sign up for free. One of the tabs that appear in the profile section is the about me, which can be an excellent opportunity to be creative and stand out.

It is also possible to fill other details like annual income and net worth. The best features, however, are available only when you upgrade your account to a premium one.

It’s important to keep in mind that each profile created in Millionaire Match is subject to approval, especially when pictures are uploaded. This validation part takes between 2 to 24 hours, and if the website concludes that the profile could be a scam, it instantly suspends the account. This is a useful feature for the site since it helps to verify that the profiles created are authentic.

Here are some other great features:
• It has a powerful and strict verification system
• The profiles show a lot of detailed information
• It’s possible to change your information whenever you want
• Free members are able to check photos of other users in the site

There’s also the option of earning a verified badge for the pictures in the profiles. This option is possible when the member uploads a readable ID. The good thing about having a verified badge is that your profile rises above others in the search results, making it easier to potential matches attention.

A Certified Millionaire badge is another option for members in their profiles, as long as they have a gold subscription and upload a bank statement or a similar financial document.

Some might raise their eyebrows at the inclusion of the option for women to include a ‘make-up free’ badge for their pictures. This did attract some controversy in the press, but it’s not necessarily sexist as some claimed. Many celebrities have been publishing make-up free pictures, and some might say it empowers women. Also, it’s a niche site and, inevitably, niche offerings will have their quirks that differentiate them from mainstream sites.

Another plus feature for MillionaireMatch is its mobile app. This one is available to download on Google Play with no price. Some devices are not compatible with the app, and it has a strong verification process when you decide to use it.

There is, however, not a big difference with the website. All the features found on the site appear on the app too. The main differences lie in the design, since the app shows search results with a linear display, and not with a grid layout like the browser version.

The elegant design of the site is very distinctive, especially when it’s made for its target’s taste. But even with a sleek design, MillionaireMatch keeps it simple with a clear, user-friendly menu top bar and site navigation buttons. All the options in the site are very accessible and easy to find, partly because of the contrast in the colors (black and gold), so if some users are not very computer savvy, then they won’t have a problem using this dating site.

All the pages of Millionaire Match are organized with different sidebars according to the content. For example, you can find a sidebar on the Forum that’s related to all the questions posted before, and there’s also a personal manager for the main forum topics you decide to follow.

The search tab is also very user-friendly and conveniently accessible. This part includes advanced filters that can be seen on the top or the side of the page, so you won’t have it hard if you decide to search for your partner.

Millionaire Match scores highly here. Obviously, within any dating website, there will be unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage in one way or another. That’s a given and for each user to go with eyes open, take sensible precautions and not be too naïve. Regarding the pluses here, first of all, there appears to be minimal fake profiles or scammers on this site, that’s presumably because the verification process for potential members is quite rigorous
. encourages its users to read the safety section, which has stringent rules to avoid dubious profiles that somehow got through the scrutinizing net.

When you decide to create a profile here, you have to verify your identity with all the options the site gives you; including a photo ID (it can be a State ID card, passport, etc.) but keep in mind that they keep this information private and 100% secure.

The website also has the security of GoDaddy and Norton so you can be sure that they have a strong shield created to avoid fraudulent actions.

The evidence they ask to prove your millionaire match profile is also a good way to add authenticity to the website.

There are several helpful features in this website that provide useful customer support.

Millionaire Match has a “Help/FAQ” page. It’s quite comprehensive so it’s recommended to check first before contacting them directly. It includes 8 pages dedicated to the most repeated questions. You can also search for any keyword query with the site’s search tab bar to see if it is covered.

Next, to this page, they have the Contact Information Tab, which includes a form to send feedback, and other topics according to what you need from them.

They also display their billing address, and if you’re already a member, you’ll be able to see more detailed information to contact them after login.

One of the unique features they have to make your search easier is a Live Support page, which allows you to contact any of their customer service representatives if you really need help and can’t find any option available on the FAQ page.

MillionaireMatch caters for wealthy members who are used to good service so it’s of little surprise that they strive for customer service excellence to keep members with high standards happy.

• Millionaire Match attracts a lot of attractive women seeking different types of relationships, including casual dates and even serious long-term relationships or marriage.
• It has a high response rate according to many websites, and also press media.
• The sign-up process is very simple, and they offer some important features with a free account
• It includes a Facebook sign-in
• It has a mobile app
• Little sign of scammers – but as with all dating sites be wary and careful
• Excellent customer service
• Stringent status checks

• MillionaireMatch emphasizes that it’s not a Sugar Daddy site, inevitably, however, there will be gold diggers
• They work hard with the security, but anyone can create a profile here. You’ll probably need some extra time when looking for a partner since it’s not just a thing of a match, but also to make sure that you’re not part of any scam.
• Unfortunately for guys: If you want to send messages, you’ll have to upgrade your account to a Gold membership.
• Free accounts don’t have many features; even the search options are limited.
• The site doesn’t have a video chat option
• It has high monthly fees, but that shouldn’t be a problem for those who have enough money to qualify for membership.

Millionaire Match is one of several wealthy dating sites in this niche. It a has 4 strong competitors: WealthyMen, SugarDaddie, SeekingArrangement, and Richmeetbeautiful.

WealthyMen is a dating site dedicated to those older men that are looking for a young and exciting woman, so basically, it’s more related to sugar-daddy and sugar-baby relationships. Many of these wealthy dating sites ask for at least a salary of $100,000 to subscribe to a plan, while WealthyMen requires an income of just $85,000.

In the case of SugarDaddie, there’s no need for a long explanation. As the name suggests, it’s a dating site dedicated to those wealthy men that are looking for young and beautiful women in exchange for providing material benefits. This site was one of the first of its kind, and that’s why its legacy still remains strong and has many active.

SeekingArrangement is another popular dating site. This offering is dedicated exclusively to those women and men looking for a finance-based relationship with no “taboo” or shame so you could say that it is another wealthy dating site for sugar daddies (or sugar mamas) and sugar babies. They always emphasize that the monetary aspect is a must in the experience.

Lastly, we have Richmeetbeautiful, which is another wealthy dating site to find a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy/Mama near your area with simple search filters.

Millionaire Match is probably the only wealthy dating site that attempts to go beyond merely being a platform for rich men using their wealth to attract attractive young girls for liaisons. The features and forums do allow more than superficial insights into members and prospective matches.

It is true that there are many websites aimed at getting dates for millionaires, but the significant difference with MillionaireMatch lies in its authenticity and its commitment to forming serious relationships, it’s making best attempts not to be purely a sugar-daddy site.

With more than 2 decades in this business, Millionaire Match has been able to prove that it heads the pack in terms of promoting genuine relationships with reciprocal feelings as opposed to solely emphasising relationships based on materialism. That said, we are dealing with subtleties here and ultimately it’s a site for the wealthy and aspirationally wealthy.

If you’re a successful person with a high income, and you’re looking for a genuine partner to build a strong love-based relationship, then this is our pick of the wealthy dating sites.


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