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As you might have guessed by now, LoveandSeek is a website that caters specifically to believers of the Christian faith. Unlike, using other sites, where something like faith is all over the place, this site offers a platform where Christians with strong religious beliefs can find other singles for a serious relationship. So, it comes as no surprise that the site not only powers but also supplies all the members for, which is another dating platform that’s frequented by Christians. When it comes to dating and relationships, religion plays an important role, even if the other dating websites do not cater to the requirement.

Christians aim to share their life in holy matrimony with those who share their love and fervor of the Lord’s faith. This makes it harder to find a suitable match while using the usual online dating platforms. This is a problem since there aren’t many dating platforms that cater solely to religious members, and in this case, those who belong to the Christian faith. To solve this problem, some sites such as LoveandSeek offer a platform that is exclusively for Christians. In this review, we are going to take a closer look at this Christian-only dating site and how it increases your chances of finding that special someone.

LoveandSeek is a faith-based dating platform that allows single people to find others with similar interests, and more importantly, a similar faith. The site’s main goal is to create relationships, which is exactly what it does, allowing millions of single Christians to meet other singles in their local area. Every online dating website uses unique features that allows it to stand out from the rest and, LoveandSeek is no different.

The site has a powerful algorithm and some interesting features to keep the users busy. It also has one of the best dating apps you are going to find, Christian-based dating site or otherwise. This is a huge plus point for the platform and its users. The Tinder-like swipe app offers a great feature which allows members of the service to send other users instant messages. Overall, the app is well-designed and simple to use, which is one of the reasons for its immense popularity.

LoveandSeek is a dating site which caters to members of various Christian denominations. The site has around 500,000 registered users, 95% of which is from the US. It receives over 14,000 daily logins and has a gender proportion of 50/50. The majority of the members on LoveandSeek are between the ages of 25 and 44. The site has 532,000 visitors per month and from this figure 95% are from the U.S. and 3.5 % from Canada. Users are, as you would expect, almost universally Christian singles who are looking for suitable partners. The dating platform also offers multiple membership packages:

● Six-month (Best Value) membership:$53.94 ($8.99/month)
● Three-month (Standard) membership: $36.97 ($12.32/month)
● Full Price Plan is for one month only: $16.99

Each of the packages offered by LoveandSeek provides full mobile access, and the Best Value Plan also gives you a profile highlight.

LoveandSeek offers plenty of features for its users to help them find a suitable match, such as:

Message Ideas
For those members who are unsure of how to start a conversation with someone who they find interesting while using the site, LoveandSeek offers ‘message ideas’ which basically allows users to pose four pre-written questions to anyone who visits their profile and want to send them a message. The questions that are provided by LoveandSeek are very diverse and can range from asking about a user’s hobbies to having them describe their ideal first date. The questions are designed to help shy users break the ice when meeting other members on the website.

Audio and Video Greetings
When it comes to features, LoveandSeek certainly doesn’t disappoint its users. One of the best features that the site offers is audio and video greetings, which allows users to record personalized greetings for their profile page in video or audio format. This was a great idea, since it helps visitors feel welcome while reading a user’s profile. The process of creating an audio greeting is also extremely easy and can be done with your smartphone. Video greetings can be uploaded to the site from a computer webcam.

Special Icons
To make its user’s profile more unique LoveandSeek allows members to use colorful icons that help create a more unique user profile for each of its members. Each of the members also get to use a customized background wallpaper to separate their profile and make it stand out from other members. The ability to include special icons is another fresh and creative way in which the site has been able to stand out from others and carve a niche in online dating sites.

One way in which LoveandSeek makes sure all of its members get to make the most out of its platform is by providing both the paid and free members with pretty much the same features to find a suitable match on the site. One such feature is ‘Flirts’ which is available for both free and paid members. The feature is quite useful as it allows users to express their interest towards other members by clicking on the flirt button. Once you have done that, the user will receive a notification of the flirt you have sent their way and can choose to either respond by ‘flirting’ back or ignore the gesture. If you do receive a flirt back from the person you sent one to then it is probably a good idea to go ahead and send them a message or start a conversation.

This is another useful feature that LoveandSeek has included to its service. This feature in particular is directed to those who feel that simply flirting is not going to be enough to win over other members or get their attention. The Favorites feature allows users to also add other members to a favorites list. This provides users with more than just a way to bookmark those members who they are interested in. By doing this, users are able to keep track of those members who they are interested in and want to stay in touch with. Apart from that, both free and paid members can use the search bar of the website to search through the thousands of user profiles.

Limitless Communication
While the platform allows free users to send ‘flirts’ to other users, and other form of communication between free and paid members are restricted. But, once you have upgraded to a paid membership, you get access to limitless communication options. You can either send or receive mails or messages from other users of the platform, regardless of whether they are free or paid users.

Ability to View ‘Flirts’ of other Users
Paid members of the service also get to view all of the ‘flirts’ that have been sent their way by other members. In this way, paid users can view all of the ‘flirts’ that other members have sent them and can choose whether to respond or not. The ability to view ‘flirts’ increases the chances of meeting new people while on the platform.

Live Chat
Paying for the LoveandSeek membership also has other perks such as live chat, which allows users to send live text as well as audio and video messages to communicate with other users. Paid membership of the site allows users to view how many members have sent you flirts and how many members have favorited your profile or visited your profile recently, which is a great way to know which members are interested in contacting you. It also provides you with the information you need to make your search more targeted and increase your results exponentially.

Increased Profile Visibility
By far, one of the best features that LoveandSeek has to offer its paid users is the ability to boost their profile’s visibility so that it can be visible to other members of the site. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to paid members and not to the free members, which is why free members should upgrade to the paid membership so that their profile can reach the top of the results for searches in their location. Paid users also have access to view any audio as well as video greetings that are displayed on the profiles of other users, which is a huge plus and allows users to get an idea what other members sound like. The feature basically allows users to get a better sense of who other members are before they can go ahead and communicate with them.

Highlighted Messages
Whenever you send a message to other members of the site, those messages are going to be highlighted and will be sent to the top of the recipient’s message inbox. This makes it easier for those members to find and view your message. But, the highlight of the LoveandSeek website is the fact that it allows its users access to so many features that makes the search for a potential partner easier as compared to other dating sites.

Picture Uploads
You will get to upload more pictures to your profile if you are a paid member. Users are allowed to upload up to 30 photos, but only once they have subscribed to the paid version of the service.

One of the reasons why LoveandSeek has managed to garner a huge following is that it makes the whole process of online dating (for Christians) easier. The registration process only takes a few minutes. Users will have to create a profile by answering some personal, but their relevant information, along with including a picture for their profile.

One thing that sets LoveandSeek apart from other online dating websites is the fact that both paid and free members get to create their own user profile and customize it. They also get to make it as detailed as possible to help their profile stand out from the others. When it comes to answering questions, there’s no specific order in which those questions need to be answered. Users also get a chance to arrange the formatting of their profile, along with the information that they want to display on their profile page.

Once users create their profile, they are required to take a quick and easy personality test. The personality test is taken by asking members three questions that LoveandSeek uses to find out more about the personality of each user. The three questions can be answered according to one’s own personal beliefs and experiences and does not have to be too personal. Apart from that, users are also going to be asked 11 other personality-related questions on their profile which are optional. This means a member can either choose to provide an answer to those questions or ignore them. Answering those personality-related questions is advised since it will give the website’s algorithm a better chance of finding a compatible match that’s based on your personal traits and characteristics.

Users of the LoveandSeek platform need not be afraid of using the service since it provides enough layers of security features to keep your personal information safe. For starters, any of your personal information is not going to be visible to the public. Even when a member visits your profile, the only information they are going to find is your name, gender, age and city, and the audio or video greeting. The bottom line is that no other member of the service will be able to view any of your personal information if you do not want them to. Apart from that, the website also offers plenty of tips and safety advise to keep users safe.

When it comes to customer service, LoveandSeek does not disappoint. The service provides a customer care number 866-320-0106, which is available from 7:00am to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday. Users can also fill out the online contact form to answer any question and get a reply within 48 hours.

● The Ideal site for Christian dating
● Users can record audio and video messages
● Modern and easy-to-use user interface
● Pricing is affordable

● Free members aren’t allowed to message other users
● Minimum visibility for free members
● No chatroom



There are plenty of religious-focused dating websites out there, but few get close to level of service that LoveandSeek provides its members. We gave the edge just to ChristianMingle primarily on the basis that it has a larger membership base. Nonetheless, the rebranded LoveandSeek is more feature rich and is growing with good usage numbers so you won’t be short of local date options. It also comes with the security and reputation that comes with being part of the Match group series of sites.


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