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Kasidie Review June 2020


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Kasidie is an online dating site for swingers who are looking for casual sexual encounters and swinging events. It has been serving in the ‘alternative lifestyle’ for more than 10 years and has a good reputation for providing a safe community for swingers.


Although it accepts singles, it is more inclined towards swinger couples. The site functions more like a social media platform than a typical dating site where members can create profiles and ad friends. Members can also update their status, upload photo albums, post on their friend’s wall, find and attend events.

Kasidie Cost and Membership Base Details

Kasidie is one of the largest swingers websites online. It has an average of 750,000 to 870,000 unique monthly visits as reported by Alexa . It ranks among the top 80,000 websites worldwide and among the top 15,000 websites in the United States.

According to 2019 statistics from SimilarWeb, 95 percent of its traffic came from the United States with low to minimal traffic from Turkey, Canada, United Kingdom, and Mexico.

Joining Kasidie is free. However, a lot of features and content are not available for non-paying and non-certified members.

Pricing : Below are the payment plans for the site’s elite membership:



Creating a Profile


It is very easy to create a profile on the website. You can just register your email address, location, age and other log-in details. Meanwhile, uploading a profile photo is a must. If you don’t upload a photo, the first photo you upload in your album will automatically become your profile photo. If you don’t want your identity to be known, you can crop or blur parts of the photo. You can’t use graphic sexual images on your main profile.

Other parts of the profile can be filled as much as you want. This includes your sexual preferences, personal appearance such as height, weight, eye and hair color, complexion, etc.), and other descriptions of yourself and what you are looking for.

For more private information such are your sexual fetishes and other things you don’t want to tell the general public, you can write them on ‘Private Text.’ There is also an area for nude or sensual pictures on ‘Private Photos.’ These things will only be visible for members you have granted with ‘Backstage Access.’


Account Certification


In Kasidie, getting your account certified isn’t just a way to make your profile more credible. It also unlocks numerous features which are not available for both free and elite members.

You would have to upgrade to be an elite member first before getting certified. You can get certified by:

1. Having a certified friend of yours to verify your profile for you.

2. Meet a Kasidie staff or event host at any Kasidie sponsored party or event.

There is also a listed option to email a clear photo of you with a sign saying “Kasidie.com” and your member name to certifications@kasidie.com. However only do this option if you can’t do the first two. Some member reviews reveal that the staff at certifications are pretty much unresponsive.

The certified seal is the most common seal type which represents certified community members. Aside from the certified title, there are also a lot of other title types you may see at the platform. These are as follows:

Founder – Kasidie gives honor to their loyal members. Founders are the founding members or earliest certified members on the site since it began.

Celebrity – These are members who have contributed to the website. Either by writing an article or providing photos for the magazine or the site’s other public services.

Ambassador – A seal given to those who have done a good job in promoting the site by referring new members or those who can represent the lifestyle in their city.

Event Host – These include all party promoters and clubs . They should have a website with a Kasidie banner and organizes parties at least several times a year.

Travel Agent – A seal for travel professionals who specialize in organizing swinger travels and vacations.

Photographer – Includes select professionals with the right talent and equipment to turn swinger fantasies into digital reality.

Partner – These are a few lifestyle-oriented businesses which partnered with Kasidie and have profiles and sponsor communities on the site.


Profile Search and Browsing


Members can use the Profiles & Photos tab to find profiles using part of their username. There is also an ‘Enhanced Search’ at the bottom of the ‘Profiles & Photos’ page where members can use all parts of the profile to find suitable matches. However, for free members, there are profiles which are not viewable due to their settings.

Other members will know it if you viewed their profile. You can choose to deactivate this feature so you can view other profiles incognito. In turn, you will also not see members who are viewing you. You can find those who viewed your profile in the tab ‘Who’s Viewing Me?’


Sending Flirts


The fastest and easiest way to convey your interest to another member is by sending flirts. You will be notified when you receive a flirt, and you can either flirt back or just ignore it. If both sides are interested, you will see an icon with hearts flowing out of test tubes.


Email and Messaging


Only certified, elite members can send emails. Kasidie’s internal email system allows you to attach photos and files, and do basic formatting. You can also send mass emails to all your friends. On the other hand, free members can only reply to an email, not initiate them.


Instant Messaging and Chat


IM and chat rooms are only available for all certified, elite members. If you are a paying member but you are not yet certified, you won’t be able to use IM just like free members. You can manage your IM settings so only your friends can send messages to you. There is also an audio and video chat available.


Forums and Communities


Kasidie also has forums for topic discussions. Only certified, elite member with a complete profile can start a new topic while any certified, elite member can comment on the topics. Free or uncertified members can only read topics and comments. General forums are visible to all members while every community groups have their own private forums.

Unique Features


Kasidie also has a lot of special features you may not see at other websites. They are as follows.


Backstage Passes


If you uploaded some private photos or texts, other people wouldn’t see them unless you grant them a backstage pass. You can give a Backstage Pass to any member by visiting their profile and clicking the icon at the top of the page. You can revoke any Backstage Passes you have given any time.You can view and manage the Backstage Passes you have received, and you have given at the ‘Backstage Passes’ page in your ‘My Home.’


Notes & Stickers


Members can add a wide variety of stickers or text notes to another member’s profiles while browsing search results, friend lists or a party rsvp’s. These are private notes, meaning they won’t be seen by the people you have written the note to. This is just a way to mark and organize the profiles. You can see a list of your ‘Notes & Stickers’ at the top of ‘My Home.’




Much like reviews, giving Raves is a creative way to tell the community how amazing a friend of yours is. They are displayed on your profile and adds to your credibility. Only certified, elite members can send Raves. You can approve or revoke your Raves in the ‘Manage My Raves’ page in ‘My Home.’




This is a fun way to engage and know more about your friends. You can send them questions on the Q&A box. The recipient may answer or just ignore it.



This is a way to find an instant date on the website. You can post a date you are free and the type of activity you wanted to do via Rendezvous to find someone who can join you. You can filter those who will see your Rendezvous with different criteria like age and body type. You can also notify your friends every time you post a Rendezvous. Only certified, elite members can post a Rendezvous.


Parties and Events


You can join any party that matches your criteria, or you are invited to by responding to add your name to the guest list while viewing the party information. You can also remove your name in the list anytime. There are also some Kasidie sponsored events such as the women’s only event ‘Girl’s Uncorked’ held every 3rd Thursday of every month.

Meanwhile, any certified, elite member can also organize their own events by clicking on the ‘Post Your Party!’ link on the ‘Parties & Events’ tab.




If you’re going on a trip, you can post your travel plans. It will then appear on your profile and the Travel page so your friends can find you. You can also join travel events posted on the website.


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Ease of Use


The sign-up for new members is very easy. However, even if you pay to become an elite member, most of the site’s best features are inaccessible unless you get certified. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Certifying members filters out the fakes; however, there are reviews of some new members getting a dilemma on how to get certified without attending an official event.


For new members, it is much difficult to find someone to chat with. Many members restrict their IM’s to friends. On the other hand, users are very much active in forums, travel, and events.


The website is good enough, though the design is quite bland. The site has many links and functions, so new users might have to spend more time to get the hang of it and fully navigate the pages. Kasidie has a much more compact mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

Kasidie Safety & Security


The site has much tighter security than other dating sites. It’s very easy to conceal your identity as real names are not used in profiles, and you can blur the photos. The site also has a strict certification system. Meaning it will be more difficult for fake profiles to pass through the certification process and they can’t do much on the site even if they pay for membership.


All messaging features are hosted on the website’s internal system and members may report and block malicious members. The site’s Privacy Policy states that the site won’t provide user information to any third party without permission. However, they cautioned users that no security technology is perfect and the website is not invincible to hacking.

How To Contact Kasidie


The site has an internal ‘Admin/Customer Service’ page where members to contact the customer service staff for their concerns. Users can also visit the site’s Twitter and Facebook account or mail to Kasidie Entertainment, LLC at P.O. Box 30308 Las Vegas, NV 89173.

Positives & Negatives




● Active user base
● Local, national and international event listings
● Unique features for instant hook-ups
● Has active social media pages



● Few features and content available for free members
● No automatic matching feature
● It takes some time before you can navigate the site fully

Other Sites To Consider


SwingLifestyle- This is a more affordable alternative for Kasidie. It has more traffic and has many loyal and active members. However, its site design looks outdated.


SDC- Swingers Date Club or SDC is a more expensive site than Kasidie. It has more or less the same amount of members; however, it has additional features like live cams and site contests.

Kasidie Review Final Words


Wrapping up, Kasidie is a good site if you are looking to attend offline meet-ups and parties. It has a large list of events and travels you can crash and very active members. Members also have good interaction online through forums and chat rooms.


It has an atmosphere of a site which focuses more on their users than counting money. The site focuses more on member interaction and gatherings than online fun. There are not many photos and video materials on the site. It has no nude model pics, live cams, or pay per view videos that similar sites use to earn money. Instead, the photos and videos are mostly uploaded by users.

Just paying also won’t get you anywhere. An elite account has too many restrictions much like a free account unless you get certified. This minimizes the risk of fake accounts.


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