Fling.com Review 2020 | Real Dates Or Just a Tease?

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Fling.com Review June 2020


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Fling Review. For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, Fling.com is an online space where people go to have fun and find casual hook-ups in their area. The site is a great choice for those who are into casual dating and are not in search of marriage or commitment. Fling.com has become the go-to online destination for singles who are in search of casual relationships.


Fling.com is an international platform that has users from around the world, but is mainly focused on users in the United States, Canada and the UK. The site caters to the growing popularity of other similar sites such as Adult Friend Finder that do not cater to traditional relationships. In this way, Fling.com fills the gap that’s between websites that help people find long-term relationships, such as eharmony.com, and those who are just looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. This adult-themed website also boasts of the largest userbase of any site catering to this very specific audience.


Fling.com’s other claim to fame is that it is one of the earliest dating sites for casual relationships on the internet, opening its services in the late 90s. This makes it almost three decades old, which is another reason why the website continues to rank high when it comes to the best dating sites. Another reason why Fling.com has been able to maintain its fan base and quality through the years is that it continues to adapt its services, continually adding and improving on its features to keep its service fresh for younger audiences.


Fling.com is also available in multiple languages such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish, which makes it easier for users from around the world to take advantage of the platform to find love or lust. Because of the adult-nature of the website, members who use the service are considered to be more open about their sexuality and the things they are looking for in a relationship. Fling is a full-featured website that has much to offer those who are looking for casual relationships in their area.


Fling.com Prices and Membersip Base Details


Fling.com is a casual dating website where men and women of all races and sexual orientation go to meet and hook-up with other like-minded people. The dating platform was created by Global Personals Media and boasts of approximately 50 million members from the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and Russia, along with many other countries.


Fling.com receives a monthly traffic of 2.2m as per similarweb.com. The website audience make-up is 75% USA, 9.1% Russia. 5.1% UK 3.6% Canada and 3.3% Ukraine. Fling.com has been ranked by Alexa at 5,604 globally. According to the Best Dating Sites, Fling.com has been rated 9th out of a total of 173 dating websites.


The average user spends 4:16 minutes on the site viewing member profiles and visits an average of 4.56 pages per visit. The website also boasts of up to 3.5 million unique visitors every month. The website enjoys a male/female ratio of 65% and 35% respectively, with most of its users being between the ages 30 and 35.


Being an adult-oriented website, Fling.com enforces an age limit. All users need to be over the age of 18 in order to use the platform. The website also offers plenty of features to keep the user’s experience interesting.


While the service does offer users free access to get the complete user experience, users have to first become paid members to take advantage of everything that Fling.com has to offer. The platform offers two paid membership options. Those who want to become paid members of the service can choose from the Gold or Silver subscriptions of the service.


Subscription Prices




1-month membership

This is the shortest and most expensive of all the options. The 1-month Silver membership costs $25, and is only going to last for one full month, after which the user will need to renew their membership with the site.


1-year membership

Those who are searching for a cost-effective option can go for a year-long membership that will come for a total of $100, which is basically at a low fee of $10 per month.




3-month membership

The 3-month Gold subscription is another short-term option, which comes for a total of $35 or $11.50 per month. This membership is ideal for those who are planning to test the dating website before committing to a longer relationship.


18-month membership

The longest subscription period offered by Fling.com is the 18-month Gold membership which comes at a cost of $120. This amounts to $6.66 per month, which makes this the most economical option. While this is a longer commitment, the membership allows users to save nearly 80% in the total cost of using the site as compared to other subscription options.


Similar to many other online dating services, Fling.com also offers many awesome features that make the user experience interesting. Unfortunately, these features are only available for paid members, which is no surprise. Fling.com has a simple, easy-to-navigate format, which is one of the most appealing features of the online dating platform.


Three month trial


Fling.com is very confident in their ability to please their customers, which is why the service offers a three-month trial subscription for users to try out the paid service before committing.



Before we delve further into reviewing Fling.com, it is important to note that some features are available for free while others are only available to paid members of the service. The features that are offered for free on the site include, user account registration, profile creation, image galleries, play the “Who’s Cute” game, see who viewed your profile and who liked it.


Signing up for a paid membership will give you access to more interesting features such as viewing other members’ profiles, chatting with other members, participating in cam chats with live girls, purchasing items from the sex shop and video chatting with other members. The following is a breakdown of the features offered by Fling.com.


Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on Fling.com is pretty straight-forward as compared to other dating services. Users also have the option to share what kind of relationship they are looking for on the service. This is also where users get to describe their appearance to other members of the service, and share any habits such as, gambling, drinking or smoking.


Users can also name their hobbies and interests, and share details on the type of partner they are looking for, such as, age, gender, physical attributes and location. While the section is optional, filling it increases your chances of finding the matches you’re looking for.


Once you’re done with adding information to your personal profile, you need to include a profile picture. Both free and paid users can include a picture on their profile, or they can link their Fling profile to their Facebook account. Uploading profile photos are crucial if you want to get noticed while using any dating site.


Messaging Options

One good aspect of using Fling.com is that it allows its members to communicate freely with other members of the platform. The instant chat messaging option is available to paid members. Users can also see if other members are online before sending them a quick message. Fling.com also provides a group chat feature where members can use both audio and video messages to communicate with other members.


Member Search Functions

Paid members of Fling.com can customize their search options according to various criteria. The search bar can be customized to cater to a range of preferences such as, age, location, race and sexual preferences. Users can also filter out certain members that don’t meet your personal preferences, which makes the search features extremely compatible. There’s also a basic search function that is available for all users.


Member Lists

Whenever you sign in, Fling.com will display pictures of other members that fall within nine different categories. While using the site, members are also able to see which other members are online, who is using video chat, and who are the “hotties” in the area. Other features that you can view include, featured members, premium live cams, members who have viewed you, your friends as well as photos and videos of popular members. To keep track of what other members are up to, there’s also a streaming ticker with images and important notifications for the user.



One of the reasons why Fling.com has been able to maintain its popularity over the years is because of its ability to keep things fresh. The ‘Hotness’ score is one such feature. It’s simple, the more you use the platform to post photos, or view other member profiles, take part in audio and video conversations, your “hotness” factor increases.


On the flipside, those who are not active on the website, will see their ‘hotness’ factor drop, which means their profile will end up showing lower in the search results for compatible matches in your area.


Cam Girls

Fling.com has partnered with a live cam company to offer live cam girls to its members. While free users can view pictures on these profiles, taking part in actual conversations is going to cost you.

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Ease Of Use

To begin using the service, all members have to sign up for a free or paid subscription. The good news is, this process is extremely easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Users will be asked to choose their gender, along with providing some other important personal information such as, name, age, zip code and password. Providing basic information is mandatory in order to use the service.

Although the platform offers plenty of features to keep its users busy, one of the highlights of the casual dating platform is its simple and easy-to-use design, which makes navigating through the many features a breeze.

Is Fling.com Safe To Use?


Fling.com has a dedicated profile team to review each of the user profiles to make sure they are authentic. The platform also does not sell its member’s information to other third parties. Fling.com also offers payment safety by hiring authorized sales agents of Epoch, SegPay and WTSeTicket, which adds an extra layer of security for its users. The dating site is also Norton Secured.

How to Contact Fling.com


Fling.com makes it extremely easy for users to contact their service. Users can fill the online form to share their questions, queries or complaints.

+1 888 824 3640
+1 877 717 3257
+1 305 695 6700

There’s also an online support center where users can send their messages https://gpnethelp.com/

Positives & Negatives




● Massive user base
● 3-month guarantee
● Dynamic user interface



● No compatibility test
● No matching system

Other Sites To Consider


● Tinder.com
● Adultfriendfinder.com
● iHookUp.com


Fling.com Review Final Words


Overall, Fling.com is a fully featured online dating service that is stimulating. It offers some interesting features that create a unique dating experience for its users, while being affordable. Fling.com has also been nominated as ‘Best Mobile Dating Site in 2011 by iDateAwards and was one of the finalists for About.com’s ‘Best Adult Dating Site Award. Fling.com offers the best adult dating experience you can find online.


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