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Fitness Singles Review


Dating sites have their own niche, and when it comes to health and fitness or active lifestyle, Fitness-Singles is the best platform to go. is considered the largest online dating community specifically created and developed for active singles.

It’s the site with the highest membership base for singles who are fitness enthusiasts, health-conscious, adventurous, and with an active lifestyle.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and want a fitness partner for life, this is a dedicated website that can best support an active single like you who’s searching for love. The user profiles on this dating site are unique in such a way that members can list their ‘Top 3 Fitness Activities’ with corresponding skill levels. This tool is very helpful because it reveals the common fitness interests of users and even suggests what best matches can do on a date.

You don’t have to push your limits alone, because you can always find someone who can support and inspire you when you’re working out or doing your fitness routine through Fitness-Singles. The site is all about building connections while users are burning calories! is the place where runners, cyclists, bodybuilders, and generally people with active lifestyles meet their new friends turned first dates and, on occasions, partners for life.

It is grown into a favored choice for people who make health and fitness a priority. Subscribers are committed to an active lifestyle which makes the site stand out from the larger competitors such as Match where members feel obliged to put down interests but may just be paying lip service.

The platform doesn’t just cater to the muscle-bound gym addicts,  it’s also a popular dating option for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll in the outdoors or a social game of tennis.

The site was founded in 2003 and established itself as the top dating site for active singles to meet. Its platform is simple and straightforward. Some might say basic. So you can’t expect many ways to message other members, search, and browse profiles.

This is not necessarily a negative thing, but if you’re expecting lots of activities, gimmicks, or innovation, then Fitness Singles is not really for you. However, if you’re hoping to meet a physically fit partner, Fitness Singles is a worthwhile place to start your online search.

The members appear really physically fit and the favored activates range from reasonably gentle countryside walks right the way through to those who like a triathlon or two to burn off the excess calories of a Sunday lunch!

The members of Fitness Singles are basically sporty, athletic, and into health and fitness and inevitably it attracts a lot of members in their 20’s and 30’s. The site, however, caters for all ages and a significant proportion are in their 40’s to 50’s years old who want to find a second chance in love. There will be a smaller selection of dates though for those who are in mid-life or come into the senior category.

Subscribers tend to be those looking for a gym buddy, trainer, motivator, a lifetime workout partner, or just someone who loves to be active. Whether you are seeking someone who enjoys a brisk walk in the countryside or loves a game of tennis then there are like-minded members on the site.

Fitness Singles had 569,000 visitors according to the latest analytics stats. 68% were from the U.S., 17% were UK users and 11% came from Canada. The site has a smattering of members from Australia but very few given the population has such an active outdoor lifestyle.

When it comes to membership costs, Fitness Singles is generally on an average level as compared to other dating sites. The site offers free and fee-based services. Get a 46% savings with a 3-month plan, 63% savings for a 6-month plan, and 75% savings when you upgrade your subscription to the 12-month plan.

Just an important reminder, subscriptions are automatically renewed after your subscription term, but you can place a cancellation requests one day before the renewal date.

The payment options available include paying via credit card, cheque, or Paypal. Fitness Singles reserves some features for their paying members, including instant messaging and email. Paying subscribers do have a private photo gallery that can be viewed only by their chosen members.

If ever you’re not happy with the paid service, Fitness Singles offers a 12-month extension through their ‘Perfect Fit Guarantee’. You can always call the customer support of Fitness Singles to arrange the extension. Fitness Singles is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Member Structure

Latest site visitor numbers (per month) 569,000
Gender Proportion 50% Male
50% Female
Age 18 years old and above active singles
40 to 50 years old (second chance for love)
Composition Sports hobbyists
Sports fans
Fitness gurus
Fitness enthusiasts
Outdoor junkies
Travel and adventure seekers
Country Availability US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Fitness Singles Prices

Fee-Based Services Free Services
Private photo gallery
Private message
Creating a profile
Viewing profiles
Searching for matches
View connections and matches
Saving profiles

Fitness Singles Membership Costs

Duration Monthly Cost Total
1-month subscription $39.99/month $39.99
3-month subscription $21.99/month $65.97
6-month subscription $14.99/month $89.94
12-month subscription $9.99/month $119.88

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Fitness Singles conspicuously missed launching a mobile app, and with the digital age, it’s really a strange omission. However, the mobile site functions of Fitness Singles are well enough to substitute for a mobile app.

The site has a simple and user-friendly interface, with all the web pages found on the site’s full version. It’s clutter-free without pop-up advertisements, so you can focus on what really matters, finding a date. You can sign up for mobile notifications so you can instantly receive a text message when a member sends you a message.

1. Key Features. The ‘Top 25’ is a feature that shows the most popular men and women in Fitness Singles online community. With ‘Primary Fitness Activities’, you can view the fitness activities that other users enjoy the most and their skill levels. Members can search also search by ‘Who’s New’ or ‘Who’s Online’,.

2. Sign-up Process. As compared to most dating websites, Fitness Singles has a different sign-up process because aside from the basic information required, members are also asked to disclose their top three primary fitness activities, and list their skill level (beginner to pro) for each activity. Including additional fitness activities is possible whenever a member chooses to do so.
Users are asked to describe their appearance or physical attributes (body type, weight, height, and best feature) from different drop-down menus. Next, the new member will be asked to disclose personal information such as religion, lifestyle, spoken languages, children, and if the member wants to have children.

Finally, the new member is asked to provide more details, like fitness interests and goals, as well as a profile headline. There are some fields where a member can just select and click on ‘Rather Not Say’ if the user doesn’t feel like answering it.

Once a profile is submitted, it will be reviewed by Fitness Singles and the new member will be notified accordingly. During this time, the member will have instant access to the site through the messaging feature remains blocked until the profile has been approved.

3. Search Options. You can search other users through their usernames or by using the ‘Basic Search’ or ‘Custom Search’ option. The ‘Basic Search’ allows you to view random user profiles from a broader category, whereas the ‘Custom Search’ is a more detailed version, where you can view profiles from specific preferences, such as distance, age, etc.

4. Messaging or Member Contact Options. In terms of communication, Fitness Singles has a standard method similar to other dating sites, wherein users can email within the community, click a button to show interest, and save their favorite profiles. Expect more or less similar profiles except for questions catering to health and fitness.

The sign-up process of Fitness Singles is very simple, so the older generation or less tech-savvy users can easily follow. Just like any other online dating platforms, you just need to create a username and password and provide your valid email address for proper verification.

For faster and convenient options, you can subscribe to the paid features offered by Fitness Singles. Basic users will have limited choices on how they can engage with other members within the community.
If you want to maximize your dating journey, availing a subscription plan will definitely allow you to reach more people a lot easier.

You’ll be able to send and receive instant messages and emails, as well as have an access to view the galleries of other users. Nonetheless, browse before you commit is a sensible option.

Navigation is really a breeze because the web design of Fitness Singles is very simple and minimalistic. You won’t experience viewing overwhelming graphic images or nuisance pop-up ads in the background like what is commonly seen in other dating sites. There are no gimmicks or featured games. Yes, that’s a nice way of saying it is rather a basic platform

With fewer design entities, members can focus more on the profiles to find their best match. The plain white background of the web page makes the texts more visible and readable, and the font used is easy to read and appropriate.

Sections with editable and clickable features are properly in place. The usability and functionality of the site fit all ages. Fitness Singles has a user-friendly interface to help users get familiar with the portal easily. Indeed, the main function of the site is to allow members to find their perfect match and interact on a more personal level.

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Fitness Singles has a dedicated team to ensure the safety of all its members. Members can block or delete a user from accessing their account by clicking “Block Member”. Once a user is blocked, the member won’t be able to contact you through the instant messenger or via email, and your profile won’t be viewed by the other party.

All user profiles are checked before they go live on the site, and although new members will be able to instantly gain access or navigate upon signing-up, some features (including email) will be blocked until the profile has been approved. The editorial staff of Fitness Singles monitors user-profiles 24/7, intercepting any questionable profile before it even enters the community.

If a profile has been approved and turns out to be from the ill-intentioned, it is quickly removed from the site. You can always report an unscrupulous user or profile to Fitness Singles for evaluation. welcomes all adults who are seeking one-to-one relationships including companionship, friendship, romance, and marriage. The Quality Assurance team of this site reviews all profiles to provide a comfortable and safe environment for its members. Fitness Singles rejects a profile if the headline, username, or narrative text contains any of the following:

• Direct contact information (e.g. full names, physical address, email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger
• Any descriptive information or location threatening a member’s anonymity
• Political or business solicitations or advertisements
• Material that solicits personal information from underaged individuals
• Abusive language (e.g. racism, vulgarity)
• Descriptions or discussion of illegal acts or behavior (e.g. drug use, violence)
• Foreign languages (must be in English to monitor profiles effectively)
• Solicitation of additional or multiple partners
• Overt sexual discussion or innuendo
• Unauthorized use of trademarked or copyrighted material

For concerns and inquiries, you can reach Fitness Singles through their ‘Contact Form’. The current response time of the dating site’s Customer Service is within 24 hours. Fitness Singles has a ‘Help and FAQ’ page for reference.

• Find a fitness partner easily
• Simple and straightforward layout
• Simple, neat, and user interface
• Shared interests among members
• Targeted dating service (less work to narrow search)
• Limited social features available
• Limited choices
• No mobile app

Match, Elite, eharmony and the larger sites will have a greater selection of local dates and countless members who are dedicated to fitness and sports. The main issue is just like religious denominations people who put down fitness pursuits aren’t always that keen and are just putting in pursuits to fill in profile gaps. With a site like Fitness-Singles that isn’t going to be the case.

Fitness Singles is a fitness-based niche, helping people with an active and fit lifestyle to find their perfect match. The users are mostly outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, sports hobbyists and fans, and fitness enthusiasts.

The site offers very informative user-profiles and free users can access profile pics and view some featured photos of other users. You can always edit your profile information and profile photos are viewable to everyone. Each profile has a brief biography and the layout doesn’t have a lot of clutter or ads, so users can focus on reading user profiles.

One of the biggest downsides of this dating site is not having a mobile app, which is a bit ironic for a site focused on people ‘on the go’. Nonetheless, it really fills a popular niche and it has established itself as the most popular site in this sector.

For those that do join then that perennial problem of what to do on a first date shouldn’t be an issue. You and your prospective dating partner will never be short of dating activity ideas.


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