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It is quite challenging for a single lesbian woman or a gay man to find true love or a sustainable and longest-term relationship in real life. One great option is to go online and find a community that caters to homosexuals where everybody is respected and accepted, and this is why Compatible Partners was born. Compatible Partners is a gay and lesbian online dating site that was launched by eHarmony on March 31, 2009. It is one of the oldest and most popular gay and lesbian online dating site today. Compatible Partners was created as a result of a settlement response with the lawsuit filed against the company in New Jersey, involving the alleged discrimination of eHarmony against same-sex couples because it was focused on a straight man and woman relationship. This dating niche was created to address the specific needs and wants of homosexual singles, particularly those singles who are religious. Because it is a sister site of eHarmony, you’ll see many of the features reflecting one of the most sought online dating sites today. has an intricate matching system to help you find your best match and your life partner based on your lifestyle, preference, personality, and hobbies among others. You can register for free and even review your potential matches without signing up.

In the UK alone, there are more than 500,000 members and the number increases daily! Some of the most appealing features of Compatible Partners include SecureCall, RelyID, Guided Communication, send ‘interests’, send virtual winks, check ‘who has viewed your profile’ and 24/7 customer support. Since it came to existence, has earned a good reputation among gay men and lesbian women worldwide, going stronger and bigger for the past couple of years. The prices of the membership plans are quite pricey but reasonable enough so you can gain a full access to more amazing and helpful features. The longer the duration of the plan, the cheaper you’ll pay based on the monthly rate. If you are sick of straight dating sites, you can always find an increasing number of niche gay and lesbian dating sites online like Compatible Partners, and this review serves as a guide to help you determine if this platform is suitable for you.

Compatible Partners has a fair number of members, about 500,000. You have a plenty of choices when it comes to finding your perfect partner, as well as in terms of membership plans and features. Sign up and take the personality test for free. Choose from either a Basic Plan or Total Connect Plan starting at $59.95 a month, not bad for a genuine and well-established gay-lesbian dating site.

With a Basic Plan, you can send and receive messages unlimitedly from free and basic plan users, and gain access to some of the advanced features. Communicate via email or other communication channels such as ‘FastTrack’ for quicker interaction. Enjoy viewing photos without restrictions or limits regardless of their account type. Also, you can view user profiles without issues to see what they’re like or who they are. You can splurge more money all you want with a Total Connect Plan, which is an upgraded version of the Basic Plan. Experience and enjoy the best features of Compatible Partners such as the Rely ID, SecureCall, and Premium personality profile, which we’ll discuss these features later. The accepted payment methods include credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex), Paypal, or BillMeLater. Essential Stats

Number of Members 500000
Free Account
-Answer the registration questionnaire
Paid Membership
Basic Plan
-Send and receive messages
-Get straight to communicating by FastTrack or Guided Communication process
-See who’s viewed your profile
-View members’ photos
1-month subscription for $59.95
3-month subscription for $119.85
6-month subscription for $179.70
12-month subscription for $239.40
Total Connect Plan
-Includes all features under the Basic Plan plus Rely ID, SecureCall, and Premium personality profile.
3-month subscription for $134.85
6-month subscription for $203.70
12-month subscription for $287.40
Special Features RelyID: $5.95
Secure call: $5.95/month
Premium personality profile: $19.99

1. Registration Process
Start creating your Compatible Partners profile by entering a username and password. You don’t have to use your full name for security and privacy. You’ll be asked to select your gender and enter your zip code so the matching system can show your potential matches near your location. Just like any other dating platforms, you need to answer a detailed questionnaire to assess your compatibility with other users. You’re not required to answer all 200 questions, but the more you answer, the greater is your chances to find your best match. You can choose to leave your answers ‘private’ or make them ‘public’.

2. Relationship Questionnaire
Most questions are commonly answered in a ‘scale’ depending on the degree of importance, with 1 as being the most ‘not important’, ‘rarely’ or ‘none’ and 7 as ‘strongly agree’, ‘always’, or ‘very important’.

The biggest bulk of question goes to the ‘self-descriptions’ section with 55 questions in total. Some examples of descriptive words are adventurous, hardworking, loyal, kind, disciplined, etc. There are also questions that ask you to answer by selecting your best answer on the ‘multiple choice’, reflecting your opinions and views about a particular topic. Short ‘text’ questions are also available which require short answers (twenty words or more), as well as ‘true or false’ questions. There are 20 questions under the ‘About You’ section, to describe your characteristics and personality traits, as well as your feelings and emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, love, etc.)

There are 15 general questions in total which focus on describing your personal appearance including your eye color, hair color, weight, height, and body type (thin, average, athletic, or overweight). Aside from your physical characteristics, you’ll be asked about your marital status, if you have children and your level of education. It is a good idea to describe your preference of your dream partner in terms of educational level, income, age range, and ethnic background. Knowing what you want will make your search a lot easier. There are 6 questions focusing on your personal and religious beliefs. The ‘About Your Feelings’ section has 20 questions, while 13 questions make up the ‘Relationship Orientation and Values’ section, where you can rate the statements which assess the type of romantic partner you are looking for. There are also related questions about the important qualities you want in your partner, your personal interests, living skills, and your communication skills.

3. Uploading Photos
Complete your profile by uploading your photos from your computer files or by emailing them to the site. Your photos should be yourself alone and not with your friends, family members, or pets. A high-resolution photo is recommended.

4. Special Features
Compatible Partners understands that it can be quite challenging to start a good conversation online, most especially if you’re a first-timer in the dating game. That’s why they offer various communication features and options for your convenience.

• Icebreakers
One cool feature of Compatible Partners is ‘Icebreakers’. The site suggests certain conversation starters or ‘Icebreakers’ help you create and send your first message if you are feeling shy or not quite sure about what to say.

• Guided Communication
The system helps you start a good conversation by giving suggestions based on your common interests. It eliminates the awkwardness of initial communication.

• FastTrack Communication
This feature allows you to compose message quicker until you are ready for an ‘Open Communication’. With Open Communication’, you can choose to remain anonymous until you’re ready to share your personal information.

• Secure Call
Similar to eHarmony, this is a cool feature that allows you to make anonymous calls to other Compatible Partners members without the other member knowing your phone number or location.

• RelyID
This is a safety feature where you can obtain your a verified membership information. It also lets you see other members who have verified accounts. The RelyID is an important feature that gives you a peace of mind and confidence that you are talking to a real person.

• Premium Personality Profile
With a Total Connect plan, you can enjoy having a Premium Personality Profile. It means that you’ll receive a more extensive, in-depth, and higher compatibility level.

5. Additional Features
With a paid membership, you can hide your profile from public view and see the pictures of other members. You can see the people who last viewed your profile and send emails and messages unlimitedly to paid subscribers.

Like eHarmony, Compatible Partners has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. They offer effective and reliable communication channels catering to every user’s taste and interest. Navigation is seamless and the web layout is pretty organized and simple to follow. Even if you haven’t completed the registration questionnaire, Compatible Partners may still provide matches based on your answers on the self-select section (age preference, match distance, etc.), but these matches won’t be confirmed as ‘compatible’, only potential matches. It will only be noted as ‘compatible’ once you complete the registration questionnaire. Signing up with Compatible Partners is guided by a step-by-step process so you won’t be overwhelmed with the number of questions on one go.

While some newbies may find answering the questions tedious, it is a good way to assess your personality so the matchmaking system will be able to offer the best matches according to your wants and interests. We highly recommend doing this task on your day off. You may want to prepare a snack or grab a bar of chocolate to keep your mind alert answering the questions. Yes, the site utilizes an automatic matchmaking system. That’s why all your efforts will be paid off after answering the questionnaire. You can simply sit back and relax after that and wait to receive the suggested matches of Compatible Partners.

Like any other dating site, Compatible Partners anonymously use your information and your shared experiences for research to improve their services. Don’t worry because behavior research scientists and psychologists conduct the research and all responses are anonymous. The site only allows members who are 18 years old and above to use the site. While Compatible Partners doesn’t conduct a criminal background screening on its members, they can initiate an investigation should there be reported cases by other members.

For safety and security, remember that your account is for personal use only. By using the services of Compatible Partners, you should not authorize others to log-in and use your account, or transfer or re-assign your account to another person or entity because the company will not be responsible for any type of third-party access results from inappropriate use of username and password and identity theft.

Checking the Help pages is a good idea if you want to find instant answers to your questions. If you need to contact Compatible Partners for any questions, concerns, or inquiries, you can reach their Customer Care team at (844) 544-3173 (from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm PST). Live chat and email support services are also available 24/7. You get a response within 24 to 48 hours.

• Clean and attractive web layout
• Easy to navigate
• Extensive matching system
• Big membership base
• Check matches without obligation
• Lots of extra features

• Expensive
• Cannot search and browse potential matches
Senior People Meet

While some people find the services of Compatible Partners expensive, it is still a good investment because you’ll get legit matches, reliable customer service, helpful and cool features, and deal with a trusted and reputable company. This dating site is recommended for those who are having trouble searching for love and longest-term partner in the LGBT community. Compatible Partners has been around for a decade, so you can confidently entrust your online dating fate to the matchmaking algorithm of the site. Of course, at the end of the day, it will be you who will make the final decision if the suggested matches satisfy and will make you happy. Happy dating!


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