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Christian Cafe is a proudly faith-based and Christian-owned online dating site specifically designed to help Christian singles to meet, date, build friendships, get married, and build lasting relationships. This is the perfect site for those who are looking for serious interracial relationships with someone of the same faith.

Christian Cafe was launched in 1999 which aims to bring Christian values to the world of online dating. It was founded by Sam Moorcroft, who is proud of his Christian roots and has run the site with compassion and integrity for nearly twenty years. You’ll find prayers section and profile answer choices, making faith as the primary feature of this platform. ChristianCafe community forums foster thousands of genuine and fruitful discussions.

Christian Cafe is a highly respectable dating site that has provided a platform for introductions leading to more than 25,000 Christian marriages. The site aims to inspire wholesome, healthy, and happy relationships by supporting an active dating network and promoting Christian values. The first 7 days free trial makes this dating site unique, wherein all features can be used for free because they firmly believe that once members see what Christian Cafe has to offer, they would sign up freely based on faith without pressure. There’s a disclaimer when signing up the questionnaire about legally married individuals who are highly advised not to continue to join the site. As a result, this dating site has established a loyal and active user-based Christian singles. On a daily basis, thousands of visitors conduct saved searches, send private messages, and post on the discussion forums. If you’re up for a real and serious relationship, Christian Cafe will help you find a Christian partner.

The dating services of Christian Cafe are exclusively for over 18 years of age straight Christian singles. They have an estimated 500,000 members across the United States and abroad. Single men are lucky enough to find someone easily on this site because 60% of the total user base is women. On average, 392,000 mobile desktop and mobile online users per month visit the site and spend an average of 7 minutes per visit, and the majority of visitors originates from the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

US Christian Cafe Rates

Basic AccountFree
2-week plan$29.97
1-month subscription$34.97
3-month subscription$16.65/month (save 52%) or $49.95 in total
6-month subscription$13.33/month (save 62%) or $79.95 in total
1 year subscription$8.33/month or $99.95 in total

UK Christian Cafe Rates

Basic Account
2-week plan£23.41
1-month subscription£27.31
3-month subscription£10.41
6-month subscription£7.75
1 year subscription£7.16

Christian Café is considered one of the most reasonably priced online dating platforms. The pricing is somewhere in the middle as compared to other Christian dating sites. Newbies can take advantage of 7 days free trial and use all features on the site, unlike other dating sites that only allow a partial access and 2 or 3 days free trial at most. Christian Café gives an extra 3 days if a user adds a profile photo, making a total of 10 days free trial! Free and paid accounts get promotions from time to time.

Christian Café is a reasonably priced online dating platforms. The pricing is somewhere in the middle compared to other Christian dating sites. Newbies can take advantage of 7 days free trial and use all features on the site, unlike other dating sites that only allow partial access and 2 or 3 days free trial at most. Christian Café gives an extra 3 days if a user adds a profile photo, making a total of 10 days free trial! Free and paid accounts get promotions from time to time.

The Christian Cafe app has 100,000 to 500,000 downloads. It holds a steady 3 out of 5-star rating on Android app or Google Play Store and 2.5 out of 5-star rating in the iOS or Apple App store based on 445 reviews.

1. Search Options. Christian Cafe offers different search options such as the standard search with advanced options, search by today’s birthdays, search for new members, and search by username. Searches can be sorted by location, photo, percentage match, age, gender, last viewed. Your last viewing date is seen on the search results page. Browsing users who are currently online are also possible by heading to the ‘Who’s Online’ section. Also, you can refine results by showing females and males online in your region, including user viewing profiles and their mailbox.

2. Community Section. Christian Cafe hosts a blog, hosts testimonials, forums, and prayers on their community section. You can easily search using keywords to browse forum topics and posts that interest you because they are organized into different dating and relationships categories and general interests. You can start a new discussion, comment, or jump from one profile to another of the individuals who posted on this section.

3. Key Features. The Christian Cafe Match System customize searches by username, age, gender, username, and other factors up to 5 searches, automatically messaging those compatible profiles on every day, every other day, or weekly basis. QuickMatch suggests users profiles who have high compatibility regarding age, location, faith, and relationship goals. The ‘Coffee cup’ icon indicates that the profile is a 100% match to your saved searches. A ‘Star’ icon means that the user is a new member. You can also show your interest by sending a wink or an automated message which says, “your profile caught my eye.”

4. Other Features. Christian Cafe offers free communication on weekends occurring sporadically throughout the year. The detailed user profiles have open-ended sections and tons of free inspirational contents such as prayers, blog, testimonials, and Dating 101. While only paid accounts can communicate on this site, free account members can see who last viewed their profile, add profiles to their favorite list, and check if their message has been read.

Through the years, has been considered as the most favorite Christian dating site by millions of Christian singles worldwide. From young singles to those who are widowed and divorced, as well as seniors. Indeed, Christians have put their full trust and confidence at to help them meet others who can share their Christian faith and values.

Overall the Christian Cafe dating platform is relatively easy to use, and the web page is well designed. Profiles are clear, and the details are presented concisely. There are a handful of options to search new people, accommodating a wide range of personality types, from blunt and conservative to direct are more bashful individuals. Jumping straight to a faith-based dating site such as Christian Cafe is a good idea if you are looking for someone you want to marry and consider religion as a deal-breaker.

The sign-up process of Christian Cafe is fast and easy, which only takes less than 5 minutes. In order to become a full-fledged member, you need to enter your birth date and provide a valid email address, as well as fill the required information for the mandatory sections about marital status (single or never married, widowed, or divorced), employment, number of children, lifestyle, appearance, and faith. You can also answer open-ended prompts that tackle about describing your faith and the relationship you are looking for. While these sections are optional, answering them will add personality to your profile and attracts attention for the right reasons.

You’ll find the main sections, including QuickMatch, Who’s Online, Community Forums, and Search on the homepage. It clearly explains the seven various ways to see and meet new people on the site, by giving a short description of each. The fastest and easiest route to reach other users is by through QuickMatch, which automatically matches your profile with others based on your location, age, faith, and type of relationship you are looking for. For each user profile listed on the results of your QuickMatch, a percentage match score is dedicated, starting 100 and it goes down from there. The user’s full profile is opened by clicking it, then you can send a message or a wink, add it to your favorites, view similar profiles or recommend the user. Regardless of the route you take, direct email is the primary mode of communication in Christian Cafe.

Christian Cafe acknowledges the fact that their employees will have access to your personal information, including your username, password, and financial information to process operations and processes with ease and security. The site has strict rules followed by its employees, so all user information is protected without disseminating to third parties. Christian Cafe highly recommends its members to use Symantec Encryption Solutions or any strong encryption program for safety and security. As a new member, you can select a username that you can use on the site which also adds anonymity and privacy, most especially if you find uncomfortable using your real name online.

Christian Cafe promises and ensures a safe and happy online dating environment which is free from spammers, scammers, and creepers. By using sophisticated technology, it pinpoints undesirable behaviors and flags suspicious profiles. The Safety & Security team of Christian Cafe closely monitors all activities on the site to keep everyone safe. This team checks and approves all photos, to ensure they meet their standards for good quality photos. Profiles that are inactive for more than a few months are automatically removed.

Christian Cafe Photo Guidelines
No blurry or tiny photos
Photos should clearly show the user’s face
Only recent photos are accepted (less than 6 months)
No cleavage and excessive skin shots
Appropriate clothes (no bikinis or shirtless)
No copyrighted material
Christian Cafe provides Photo Help if you have questions about what is appropriate and how their photo review system works. The site will not hesitate to remove any photo or profile that violates their rules. Members can also block and report users who are causing problems on the dating site.

Christian Cafe is one of the few dating sites you can count and rely on in this digital age, with true believers who are taking care of the site operation and 100% support from the company’s daily customer service. Here are the ways you can contact Christian Cafe for your queries and concerns.

Joining and FeedbackEmail
Media Inquiries and ConcernsVisit Media Page
Billing InquiriesEmail or send snail mail to
128 Banchory Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 2V5

• Christian singles user base
• Multiple search and discovery options (QuickMatch)
• Free 10-day trial period (all features used)
• Extensive and optional open-ended profile fields (showcasing personality)
• Unlimited sending and receiving emails
• Offers practical and inspiring dating tips

• Not a large user base
• Some profiles are long and hard-to-read

BigChurch. This dating site comes with a powerful engine, a FriendFinder Network member, and with video introduction functionality. It is not owned by any Christian founder. It boasts its feature-rich faith-based entrant. Members cannot be contacted without paid membership.

Christian Mingle. It focuses on meeting people to establish a God-centered relationship. It was launched by Spark networks in 2001. This site is a “niche-dating” site that is a huge competitor of Christian Cafe. Unlike Christian Cafe, Christian Mingle accommodates gay men and women.

Newsweek reported in November last year that Christian Cafe was a well-deserved recipient of the “America’s Best Customer Service” award in Newsweek’s category for online dating. It’s a prestigious award, and the results are formed via the feedback from U.S. customers who have used a particular service. The award backs up our experience of communicating with the owners who always reply conscientiously concerning research queries. The free 7-day trial also highlights the confidence that the site owners have in the quality of their dating offering.

While Christian Cafe doesn’t have the massive membership that some dating site giants have, those that have joined are likely to be committed Christians. The larger sites so allow searches for different faiths, but often singles signing up have just casually assigned themselves that status via a tick box. The website is user-friendly, and the community-oriented features make connections worthwhile for single men and women who share the same shared beliefs and values. There are international members, but it’s predominantly used by American Christians. For singles looking for long-term relationships that potentially lead to marriage with someone of similar faith, then Christian Café is an excellent option to consider.


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