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Caribbean Cupid is brought to you by Cupid Dating Network. Cupid Media is a well-known dating site developer producing niche dating sites since 1999.

As with most of their sites, Caribbean Cupid appeals to many western guys looking for a relationship with someone of a different culture and race. The easy-to-use interface and ability to browse for free has meant Cupid has built up a strong following for all their sites. Caribbean Cupid is one of their most popular niche offerings.

Before you get started with finding the love of your life at Caribbean Cupid, there are some essential stats we would like you to know.

Users: Caribbean Cupid has approximately 200,000+ users from the USA and a similar number of visitors from the various Caribbean islands such as Jamaica and Barbados. SimilarWeb reports that 47% of site’s average of 592k per month visitors come from the U.S. with the rest, as you’d expect, mainly from the Caribbean.
The site isn’t as widely used as some of the Cupid Media sites but if it’s a relationship or holiday romance with someone from the Caribbean you are looking for then this is the ideal site. The amount of U.S. members fits in with Cupid’s unique selling point, namely long-distance interracial relationships that start with email and messenger with the potential to progress to meeting and even marriage.

Subscription Plans: Caribbean Cupid comes with two subscription plans, i.e., Gold and Platinum. Though both paid versions of this site let users enjoy the added benefits and features of the site, the standard or free users can also enjoy simple features like sending and receiving messages.
It is recommended to go for the lower-priced Gold version as the Platinum provides minimal extra benefit.

Note that the premium subscription plans are auto-renewed by default so we recommend you turn off the auto-renewal feature as you can always manually renew or select it again if you need more time to meet your ideal match.

Language: English is spoken widely throughout the Caribbean which obviously makes the getting to know you phase nice and straightforward.

Cupid haven’t given out official stats on the male to female ration of members for this site, nonetheless, in our site test that generally there were an equal number of males and females online at any single time.

The latest prices for the Gold premium subscription are as follows. Do be aware, however, that for the cheaper and longer subscriptions the amount has to be paid as a single lump sum.
$11.67 (12 mths). $23.33 (3 mths). $34.99 (one mth)

Caribbean Cupid Review

Caribbean Cupid has so much to offer to single people all around the world. Though you will get a clearer idea of how it works after making an account, the following are some unique features of Caribbean Cupid.

• Setting Up Your Account
Setting up an account at Caribbean Cupid is even easier than creating an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site, Yes, you don’t even have to verify your email address at the first go. Thus, you are just a few clicks away from making an online appearance at Caribbean Cupid.

After making the account, users can further customize their dating profile such as adding an appealing profile picture, adding an introduction, searching for online dates and much more. However, you will have to complete the verification process when uploading the information by providing a national ID or passport.

Buying the paid subscription will also let you lock/unlock your messages, hide personal info or pictures, double your profile space, rank above other dating profiles, open exclusive galleries and much more.

• Mobile Application
Caribbean Cupid also comes with an android mobile application with over 10,000 downloads at play store. Unfortunately, the mobile app isn’t available to iOS users so far, though Cupid Media is still working on launching an iOS application of Caribbean Cupid.

Mobile application of the Caribbean Cupid is as user-friendly as the online website. It comes with an organized interface with most used buttons on the main screen. In simple words, the mobile application almost provides the same functionality as that of the desktop version.

• Added Features
The user-friendly interface of the Caribbean Cupid has an exclusive menu showing the number of members online, search option, messages, activity, matches, and settings. You can easily update your billing information, change the password, manage notifications, an even change the language directly from the home page through the setting icon.

• Efficient Search Option
Members can find the perfect match using the filters in the search option. The efficient search engine lets you find dating profile based on preferred age, location, education, religion, physical appearance, profile photo, and location.

Caribbean Cupid is a welcoming site for technophobes and online dating newbies. The easy-to-use interface, user-friendly features, and optimized mobile applications make it an ideal choice for technophobes.

Caribbean Cupid is directly operated by the well-known developer of niche dating sites Cupid Media which is an Australian Registered Company. Cupid Media ensures 100% data security of user’s content and information and doesn’t keep any record of the information after the account is deleted.

The Company provides useful safety hints and tips, and there are easily accessible options to report potential scammers

Caribbean cupid review

Caribbean Cupid features efficient customer support to keep pace with the ever-growing dating community. Though they do not provide real-time live chat support yet, you can still send them a query at the helpdesk here. They usually give a 24-hour response timeframe. For better customer satisfaction, Caribbean Cupid has toll-free contacts for Australian, Canadian, American, UK, and international customers. In case of further questions or suggestions, you can always contact them here.

• User-optimized dating site and mobile application.
• Instant login through Facebook or 2-minutes signup.
• No email verification at the first login.
• Multiple filters in the search option to find better matches.
• Free registrations – users can upgrade to Gold or Platinum subscriptions later.
• Exclusively made for Caribbean singles – promoting black dating.
• Equal gender ration and about 50,000 active users per month.

• The mobile application is not available for iOS users.
• Fewer real-time online members than some of the other Cupid sites.

It’s relatively unique if you are looking for a long-distance relationship with a Caribbean partner. It’s certainly going to have the most members from this region. With its close connections to the Caribbean, the UK sites such as UK.match are likely to have a lot of members with close ties to the area.

Overall, the positives of the Caribbean Cupid outweigh the negatives. It’s the stand-out site for this geo-niche, however, if you are flexible on location, then some of the other black dating sites are worth looking at and may have members closer to your location.

It is recommended to use the free version of Caribbean Cupid for the first few days until you have a grasp over its features, tools, and search option.


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