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Share With : is a dating website founded back in 1993. It primarily caters for western men who are looking for a serious relationship and perhaps marriage with an Eastern European female. The website was founded by a Russian-American couple, so it is easy to understand why things evolved in this direction. The site has featured in various TV shows. Also, it organizes dating trips within Ukraine and Russia, giving men the chance to actually meet the beautiful women in these parts of the world. With tensions between the two countries running high then it is wise to keep an eye on developments within Ukraine until things stabilize. Russian trips, however, don’t have the same current safety issue.

Considering that the website is active for quite a while already, it managed to put together a rather impressive database. It stated that currently it has over 20 million users from all parts of the world. That seems a little inflated and probably relates to users over an extended period. Monthly stats from analytics websites such as show the site has 4.6 monthly visitors. The site is particularly popular in the U.S. and that accounts for 1.16m of monthly visitors or approximately 26%.

When it comes to gender ration, men are more prevalent. 39% of the total number of members are men, while women make out 61%. So, this is definitely an advantage for single men.

There is no subscription as such, however, the site is monetized by a token system. You can choose how much to spend but be aware that if you use all the available premium services such as translation services that costs can add-up.

The array of features is impressive though and the site has all the features that are common to most dating sites with a few innovative variations. As we noted, the premium features do cost and are accessed by a token system.

● Basic Search and Advanced Search
You can use the features of the search functions to personalize your inquiries for the ideal partner and adjust them as you desire. An advanced search will allow you to refine things based on their appearance, lifestyle choice and others.

● It recommends potential matches
The website uses an algorithm that enables it to make recommendations. So, it provides a nice combination of allowing ‘self-select’ in addition to taking the hard graft away and providing potential suitable matches.

● My Contacts feature
Keep your contacts on the website in a neat and organized manner, with My Contacts feature, so it will be easier to find the members you want to talk to whenever you want. You can ‘favorite’ the ones you like the most and exchange messages to see how in common you really have.

● CamShare
This is the kind of feature that you won’t find on many dating websites. The features enable a webcam that works both ways, giving you the chance not just to see your favorite members, but to hear them as well. This is useful as in the early days you won’t want to give out too many personal details such as your skype id. Of course, not all members will have instant messengers but, if they don’t, do check if there is good reason as it can be a red flag.

● Live Chat
With the help of this feature, you can contact another member and chat in real-time, if the other person is online and active on the site.

● Call Me
If you’re not too keen on messaging, you can always arrange a private call with another member. You can enjoy the call on the spot or arrange a date and time that will suit both of the parties involved.

● Video
You have the option to come up with an interesting video about yourself, which can be uploaded on your profile page.

● Credits System
The paid system of is rather unique. Instead of paying for monthly subscriptions, you will actually pay for credits, which you can use on the website. These credits will stand for the time you’ll spend online. Thus, 1 credit represents 1 minute spent on the site. It is entirely up to you how many credits you want to purchase.

● Messaging
In case messaging is your preferred way of communication, you will like You can really compose detailed messages on this website, increasing your chances to impress the person that got your attention.

● Gifts
You can really make someone feel special on this website, by using the wide range of virtual gifts that can be sent to your potential matches. These gifts are quite fun, like sending a kiss or a car. But, it is worth mentioning that you can also choose to send real flowers, jewelry, or gifts cards if you really like someone and you want to impress.

● Verification of the Profile
Safety counts a lot on, so there an entire team dedicated to finding out fake profiles. Thus, they will verify every new member, to make sure that the person really exists and that the profile is authentic. As ever, be aware that however vigorous the checks there will always be the odd scammer who slips through the net. Common sense and taking your time to know someone are the key watch words. is very easy to use, even by those that never tried a dating website before. You can go through the sign-up stage within a few minutes. It makes sense to spend a bit more time to come up with a presentable profile and stand out from the crowd. has no discrimination against gay or lesbian dating and all the options are there in the search and match features. It is not, however, a website that specializes in same-gender dating.

If you want to make sure that you’ll find the right match, it is definitely worth taking the time to complete your profile as detailed and accurate as possible. Put all your interests down and use a recent and smiling photo for your profile.

As mentioned earlier, in the Features section, the website runs thorough verifications to detect any fake profiles. This is quite common in the online dating world, so this website is depositing a lot of effort to make sure this problem is kept out of the sight of its members. Because women comprise the majority of the site’s members and the whole idea is to connect men with women, the profiles and identities of women will be verified. This is achieved by directly contacting every woman that subscribes to the website. Thus, not just their identities are checked, but also their intentions. The website wishes to get members that are interested in dating, friendship, companionship, relationships, and marriage. Also, the photos uploaded on the profile are checked as well. The team will want to see if the posted image is indeed an accurate description of the member, instead of being an image that has nothing to do with the real person.

The customer services provided by is great and you have the possibility to get in touch with the site’s support team around the clock. You can choose to give them a call, complete an online form, or reach them via chat, every day of the week and at any hour of the day or night. This really shows that they value their customers and shows a desire toward offering high-quality customer services. So, if you come across any problem, have a question that needs an answer, or you notice anything suspicious, you can always get in touch with the site’s customer service team.

It is worth mentioning that the website has a Frequently Asked Question section as well, where there’s a chance to find the answers you’ve been looking for faster than waiting for a reply from the site’s team. But, if this doesn’t work, you can easily find the website’s contact information in the designated section of the site.

● The website doesn’t require payment in order to sign up, create a profile, and meet new people. You can easily look around and even send e-mails without having to make any kind of payment right from the start;

● It offers a wide range of communication options, from the traditional messaging center, to live chat and even private phone calls. Everything is top notch and very convenient;

● It is very easy to meet people from various parts of the world and connect with them. In fact, this is how the website started and it is not something that will change in the coming future;

● The customer service is excellent, being available around the clock, every single day, and via phone call, chat, or online form;

● It shares thousands of success stories of people that met their better half on the website, which makes us believe that it is actually working in helping people enjoy the relationships of their dreams.

● While it is true that the website uses a simple interface to make things easy for every user, the design and layout can appear outdated for those that look for something more modern and glamorous;

● Unfortunately, men will have to pay if they wish to contact another member, as correspondence is not free in their case. This can lead to rather high costs in a relatively short period;

In spite of the fact that has some unique features, some of them being rather great, this dating website has some serious competitors. They can be listed as follows:


You can’t establish any form of communication without paying for credits first. Considering the numerous success stories that started on this website, it may be a worthwhile investment, if you have the budget for it. It’s not the cheapest option though. is not of course focused on local dates. So, before signing up be sure that you are eventually willing to travel long distances to meet your favored matches and potential partners. It’s usually a good idea to keep an open mind in terms of choosing dates as, invariably, people are somewhat different online compared to in person. Also, it’s a two-way process and you just may not click with someone in person.

Many online daters have experienced incompatible dates but usually these are local and can be shrugged off as all part of the process in finding Mr. or Miss Right. An expensive plane ticket and accommodation to Russia for one date that doesn’t work out just isn’t pragmatic. So, do keep your options open to make sure you can meet a few different people.

Overall, the site is long-established, has an array of premium features and is a good choice for connecting western men with potential European partners. The high volume of members in itself is a plus point as there will be plenty of members to choose from.


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