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Love is not generally a matter of chance, you have to find it, and Match Affinity or Affiny by Match dating and relationship site can help you. By answering the questionnaire carefully, Affiny will capture your data to find the most compatible person for you. Affiny by Match or, as it was formerly referenced, Match Affinity is a mix compatibility dating site wherein you’ll truly have a unique experience. Let’s get to know more about this fun and exciting dating site!

Affiny is one of the most popular compatibility-based dating sites in the UK. If you check their website. This dating site uses a solid logic, research-based, and reliable personality and relationship questionnaires. In fact, Affiny has the appropriate tools to help you find your best matches. Indeed, you’ll be supported in igniting the spark of a relationship geared towards longevity and happiness. You might be confused between the Affiny and offering. Actually, both dating sites have only one parent company, but each takes an entirely different approach when it comes to matchmaking. You do get member suggestions in your inbox; however, you are mainly left on your own to find your partner on Affiny, however, helps you find your best matches based on the results of your answers on their personality questionnaire. Upon checking the archives on the web, Affiny initially went live in January 2010, thus making the dating site eight years old.

Match does like to cover all bases Affiny is its answer to the success of the algorithm sites and, specifically, EliteSIngles and eHarmony. It’s not just a ‘me too’ site, however, and Match brings its own distinctive flavour and features to Affiny. In essence, it is an algorithm-based site providing matches for consumers who are focused on seeking compatible matches that give the best chance of resultant lasting relationships.

Affiny has 2.8 million members. The majority of them are aged 25 to 55 years old with a male to female gender ratio of 49:51. Many of them are also professionals and well-educated people seeking long-term partners. It is free to set up an account as well as browse the profiles of current members. However, you need to avail of full membership options to be able to send messages and read messages received.

The site, as is universally the case with dating sites, has automatic renewals. However, you can choose to cancel the automatic renewal and just manually renew if you want to stay longer. Canceling the automatic renewal is possible after 24 hours after your purchase. You can set up an alert in your smartphone to remind you cancel the automatic renewal if you decide to do so.

Pricing for

Match SubscriptionPrice
1 Month$62.79
3 Months$140.07 (save 26%)
6 Months$180.53 (save 51%)
12 Months$270.49 (save 64%)

Pricing for SubscriptionPrice
3 Months£29.90
6 Months£19.90 (save 33%)
12 Months£12.90 (save 56%)
With SubscriptionWithout Subscription
Read received messages
Send unlimited messages
Answer all messages received
View personality report
See suggested best matches
View compatibility score
View personality report
See suggested best matches
View compatibility score

Joining Affiny is free. However, for you to experience the full range of services and features of this dating site, subscription is required. Finding your true love needs an investment to avoid ending up with non-serious or merely casual dates.

All of Affiny’s packages offer the unique and full set of features, in different monthly durations including 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months terms. Now, you can explore all of the membership details and payment methods by choosing ‘Subscribe Now’ at the top of Match Affinity’s homepage.

Affiny is proud of its compatibility tool. So, let’s check the features and benefits you can get from this dating site to see if there is justification for this pride.

1. Free Affiny Registration
The site offers free registration and questionnaire. Here are the easy steps to get started:

Step-by-Step Guide to Get Started with Affiny
Step #1: Account Registration
Upon landing the web page of the site, a registration box will appear on the screen. You just have to select the appropriate answers about your gender, birth date, and what you are seeking (man or woman), and click ‘Start Questionnaire’.
Step #2: Answering the Affiny Questionnaire
Now, it’s time to complete the questionnaire. This is based on research to collect relevant information about your work, relationship preferences, passion, vision, and your life plan. Your personality will be assessed so the algorithm can use the information to find your best matches. The company takes pride in this logical tool to make people connect and, whether it be lucky or a scientific process, end up happy together.
Step #3: Get in Touch
Once Affiny has chosen your best matches, you can get in touch with those people you are interested in. Communicate in your own way and at your own pace. This dating site wants to support you in your utmost quest for true love, so they have created a helpful series of articles tackling topics about relationships and dating to help you.

You will definitely need a snack to get through the questionnaire as you’ll be bombarded with more than 100 personality-based questions. You’ll be asked if you’re a risk taker if the family is important to you, and other relevant questions. After completing the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to write a short description about yourself and upload your photo.

The system of Affiny is designed to give you a clearer picture of the best profiles that match yours. You’ll be able to see your affinity score as well as a comprehensive report of the essential things you have in common based on the 71 criteria needed to have a long-lasting relationship.

2. Unique Compatibility Best Matching System
The websites matching system is specially designed to match members based on their views about family, love, religion, work, and relationship preferences. The compatibility results are also based on similarities in character traits, hobbies, and interests.

Although you cannot find a traditional search box, you can find potential dates by clicking “Your Matches” button. You’ll be presented with all your best matches and each member is given an “affinity score.” The higher the score, the more likely you two have more things in common. If ever you find the results are limited, you can change some criteria manually such as age, education, height, children, and religion.

3. Free Professional Dating Advice
Affiny has a dedicated ‘Help and Advice’ section. You’ll find helpful articles about dating, love, and relationship. Also, you can get expert pieces of advice about marriage. The specific articles you’ll find on their website now include first dating tips, preparing for your first date, how to move on, how to start online dating, dating safety tips, and how to improve self-confidence.

Affiny members are generally happy and satisfied with the services this dating agency provides. The majority of members are well-educated people and professionals who are looking for long-term and serious relationship. It is a perfect place to find your best match and special someone. The Affinity test is a helpful tool that analyzes personality and relevant data to come up with the best outcomes.

It’s a user-friendly website with bold font menu options on the upper part of the page. There is no traditional search box, but you can find a “Your Matches” button to see your best matches. A mobile version of Affiny is available using your mobile browser. It helps with smaller screen navigation with ease and speed. There’s no wink zone at Affiny. Just add anybody you like to your favorites list, and the person will be notified. You can also say that you are ‘not interested’ to stop showing on the list of best-suggested matches. If you’re interested in someone, you have to make an effort by reading the person’s profile and sending an email.

Affiny’s is based on the idea that compatibility will produce lasting relationships. Affinity’s matches are the results of your values, hobbies, personality, and preferences. All of this information is derived from the extensive sign-up questionnaire. Your answers to the exclusive questionnaire of Match Affinity will be used to find your best matches. This questionnaire is based on extensive behavioral and psychological research. Everyday Affiny will point you towards the people who are compatible or made just for you. It means that you don’t have to do any kind of research because Match Affinity will be the one to choose the profiles that are most likely to appeal.

Your privacy is always the priority of Match Group. The company understands the value of protecting your privacy because this is the core of how they operate to make meaningful connections among their members, helping them find their true love. With Match Affinity, the results of your questionnaire are strictly kept confidential and personal. How does Affiny ensure their members’ privacy?

1. The registered address of the member cannot be seen by other members.
2. You can select the photo you want to hide or appear as ‘public.’
3. Experts and professionals in different fields are involved in securing your privacy, including product design, engineering, legal, and marketing among others.
4. Privacy policy and other related documents are written in digestible terms for easy understanding and increased awareness.
5. Match Affinity continuously updates their security practices to enhance and preserve user information.
6. The company also collects information generated when their services are used, such as access logs and information from third parties like accessing their social media.
7. The data collected upon registration, answering the questionnaire, chats, paid services, surveys, focus groups, events, contests, or promotions are all kept secure and confidential.
8. All gathered information is used to provide you with the services specified by the dating site. Your details are used to administer the account, connect with other members, experience consistency, link devices, provide relevant offers, and ensure legal compliance.

Affiny has a dedicated ‘Help’ section where you can find their FAQ information and general guidelines. You can also reach the company via email at or mail on their UK address. They also have a customer service telephone contact point:- 020 38 68 31 36 from Mondays to Fridays, from 9am to 5pm

High popularity in the UK
Fun and exciting, comprehensive -questionnaire
Majority of members seek long-term commitment
Mobile-friendly internet access

Automatic Match Affinity membership renewal
Photos policy (unable to see image unless subscribed)

There’s no doubt that Match Affinity is right up there with the other relationship focused algorithm-based dating sites and Match Group has brought its own set of helpful tools and tips to the site to help make people connect. The compatibility personality questionnaire is time consuming to complete, but that has its own positives.

Firstly, the initial effort means you will have potentially compatible matches supplied rather than have to spend time self-selecting. Secondly, the time and effort to weed out the casual non-serious daters and even scammers and what can be more time-consuming than that?

5The algorithm tool will, in theory, and hopefully in practice, help people find a romantic relationship based on their profile and personality, which are significant factors in building a good and long-lasting relationship. When it comes to finding your serious date and future partner, Match Affinity can help you make it happen at a very reasonable cost.


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