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Commitment to a relationship starts with trust, passion, and love. However, you might start to wonder if the commitment in your relationship is still there after so many years or after so much pain and struggles you’ve encountered down the road. Generally, women are always faced with the question, “Are we still devoted to each other?”. Amy North’s e-book entitled, The Devotion System, is a program that can help women understand the reasoning and logic of men, creating a positive mindset towards romantic relationships, and promotes self-improvement. It serves as a guide or manual with instructions on how to apply love and relationship concepts and principles based on psychology, case analysis, and experience, helping readers set and attain clear and realistic relationship goals.


Amy North is a trusted and reputable relationship expert and dating coach from Vancouver, Canada. Her in-depth expertise in dating, breakups, divorce, and marriage is a result of her over 5 years hands-on experience working with local and global clients, seminars and coaching courses attended, and her excellent educational background (Social Psychology, University of Ontario). Her quest for truth prompted her to research on men and women’s psychological loopholes, so she can create unbiased techniques and methods she mentioned and explained in her book.


Like in fairy tales with a happy ending, Amy North thought that love was some kind of a supernatural force, with only a few people who can experience it. However, she soon realized as she grew older that love was not only seen from the lyrics of the songs or as she watched in movies. Love is everywhere, with varying levels of intensity and beyond what the imagination and emotions can perceive. She firmly believes that love takes dedication, patience, and hard work because it’s a lifelong and dynamic process. That’s why Amy North wrote The Devotion System, to help people cope and grow with the true meaning and understanding of love.


Useful Insights


With the exclusive facets of The Devotion System, each section will help you gain knowledge and understanding how to strengthen your current relationship, improve yourself to become more appealing, and how to sustain a long-lasting relationship. The e-book is subdivided into three parts, and every part provides useful bits of wisdom and drives self-realization, so readers can start a better romantic journey.


The first part of the program is called the ‘Letting Go & Moving’. The author did a great job in shaping the right mindset of women who are in a new relationship. Amy North sets the right tone by incorporating actionable steps into the P.A.S.S, which is a catchy acronym that encourages a clean slate, free from hatred, anger, and memories of the past, before venturing into a new relationship. In short, the program covers the value of developing positive self-worth and self-confidence by letting go of the past.


You’ll learn how to love and improve yourself and identify what you want in a relationship through the series of resources available. While the program doesn’t include a step-by-step guide in applying a good makeup, effective mix, and match wardrobe, or first-date etiquette, it provides useful insights on how you can strengthen your intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships, and most importantly, relationship with yourself.


The second part of the book is the ‘Men 101’, that tackles everything a woman needs to know about men. It’s like having a deep dive analysis of the thoughts, behavior, and psychological nature of men.  It’s not surprising to see that this section includes effective methods or practical tips on how to seduce men. You’ll learn about the different types of men, under the topic ‘The 15 Types of Men’, including pros an cons. By knowing the type of men to entertain and avoid will make you a smart decision-maker, preventing yourself from being trapped with the sweet words and promises of the wrong guys. The author shared the most common misconceptions about men. While many of the statements are found in magazines and relationship blogs, many men would probably disagree with the truthfulness or would ask for a scientific basis or anecdotal evidence of such claims. However, men are men, so you’ll probably think that they’ll likely react that way. Nevertheless, most of the points are fairly accurate and easily digestible, so both male and female readers would enjoy trying to figure out what kind of a man or a woman they are.


The last part is ‘The Stages of Love’, which provides insightful tips on how to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. In this section, you’ll also learn of what type of woman you are. Through the ‘Forever Attraction Tactic’, you’ll get a deeper perspective about the ‘chemistry’ or science of commitment. Human beings have natural hormones that trigger desire, admiration, and love. In this section, you’ll learn the Dos and Don’ts of dating. Also, The Phone Etiquette will help you make your man become addicted to you by following the golden rules. There are also steps you can follow to keep him if he begins to become distant. This program also tackles the sexual aspects of a relationship and helps you determine if he is the right one for you.


Practical Tips


The detailed explanations of The Devotion System trigger actionable steps and practical solutions to common love and relationship issues and problems. The  ‘Letting Go & Moving’ can help you process your emotions about the situations and circumstances that happened to you and your relationships in the past. You’ll get inspirational pieces of advice on how to accept the reality of the past, so you can let go of it and be ready to make the present and your future happier.


You can use the knowledge on part two (Men 101) to your advantage to make the man of your dreams fall into you and make him feel secure and safe, yet preserving his masculinity and pride. ‘The Devotion Sequence’, which is a topic found on the ‘Men 101’, doesn’t really provide practical techniques to attract men. It was supposed to make your man lust for you as claimed on the sales page, even if he says that he is not interested. Nevertheless, it provides you with examples and ideas on how to boost a man’s ego to make him feel good about himself. You probably won’t agree that there are a secret set of statements you can say to make any man fall in love with you, but it works if the man is really interested in you.


On the other hand, the last section (The Stages of Love) successfully relates everything you have learned in the previous sections that can help you initiate the application process. Upon reading this section, you will know how to turn on your man, check his hot spots, and identify warning signs if he’s cheating on you. While male readers will find this section intriguing and promoting misconceptions, the effectiveness of the final section actually differs from one person to another.


Value for Money


The price of The Devotion System is $48.25. It appears to be a good package deal because the total cost of these tools and resources is $358.75, thus saving you a total of $310.50. So you can try The Devotion System for two months, and if you’re not satisfied, you can ask for a refund.


The package comes with the following:


  • The Devotion System (main Interactive e-book)
  • The 13-Part Video Training Series
  • The 3-Part Adaptive Quiz System
  • Additional Books: Finding Love Online, Textual Chemistry, and Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship



While this e-book is slightly more expensive as compared to other products online, you’ll experience a professional feel with this interactive e-book and ease of access through the login portal, as opposed to similar programs that simply email the e-books upon purchasing.


Women can get the best value for their money investing in this program. If you’re a woman, you can confidently use contents of The Devotion System in your life because it’s directed at women, helping you improve yourself and your love life. However, it would be nice to also evaluate effective devotion techniques applicable to men or from a man’s point of view, whether the techniques would work out or not.


Style and Format


The Devotion System is an educative program about love and relationship that effectively explains each topic’s theoretical foundations, followed by practical tips to guide readers on the right path. It comes with 240 pages split into three main parts, with each part subdivided into shorter and more specific chapters. The writing style is a combination of descriptive and narrative styles, kept in organized three book sections. The points are easily digestible, with parts of the book bringing fun and excitement to the readers by figuring out what kind of a man or a woman they fall into.


Upon purchasing The Devotion System, you’ll get instant account access, wherein you can log in and access your e-book. This program includes summary tips and links to video guides on each section, for easy navigation to various and specific parts of the e-book. You’ll have access to the

13-part video training series. Also, you can test how you grasp the concepts in each chapter well with the 3-part adaptive quiz system.


The main e-book, The Devotion System, is supported on iOS (ePub) and  Kindle (mobi) platforms. In addition to the main e-book, you’ll be receiving three bonus e-books that can help you understand modern dating, which includes ‘Finding Love Online’, ‘Textual Chemistry’, and ‘Cheat-Proofing Your Relationship’. All of these are downloadable on your account, so you can read them offline.




  • We love how The Devotion System is subdivided into three parts, which is a great organization strategy, keeping readers focused on one topic.
  • The explanations are easy to understand, with clear instructions and link resources to help you relate one topic to another for an in-depth analysis.
  • It has a good combination of writing style, with descriptive and narrative touches.
  • You’ll feel the right tone, with objective reasoning backed up with scientific explanations, mostly from psychology.
  • This e-book will test your deeper understanding about yourself and the opposite sex, sparking interest and testing your level of commitment.




  • The ‘The Devotion Sequence’ contains a set of compliments women can say to make a man feel good, which can boost a man’s ego. However, it is not an adequate technique to get the man you desire with these compliments alone.
  • The e-book is only available in digital format. It’s not available in bookstores, so you need your internet-capable device, like your smartphone, tablet, or computer to read it.
  • Because it’s a system, you need to fully understand and digest all the relevant information so you can apply the concepts and techniques to make them work for you, which means more time spent reading this e-book.
  • You’ll find sections like how to break with your man gently in a step-by-step guide, which makes the break-up process mechanical. However, it can make your break-up journey a lot easier to guide you in the right direction, and that is to love yourself, become whole again, and happy.
Review Conclusion

While you might find points accurate to yours, at the end of the day, you’ll realize that they also have truthfulness in them. Men readers may find the points it very subjective, but it’s a type of love and relationship program that can help them accept and realize their nature, behavior, and weaknesses. For women, The Devotion System is a highly recommended book because it’s directed toward women, their struggles, questions, and possible resolutions. The program generally offers unbiased explanations, and the impact would differ from one reader to another. The general rules and instructions will make you think, create tangible plans and actions, and help you integrate those techniques that will work for you. While the concepts of love and relationship are highly personal, The Devotion System is an awesome guide to help you take the next step to the right direction, love yourself better, understand your partner, and attain your relationship goals for a successful love life.


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