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Is Adult Friend Finder Safe?

The answer is yes with common sense and if safety measures are applied. The four golden rules apply to every dating site, not just Adultfriendfinder and they are:-

i) Always meet in a public place until you feel safe and secure with someone. If someone is too pushy about meeting privately for a first meeting then just avoid.
ii) Tell a friend where you are going.
iii) Leave a date with polite excuses if you feel uncomfortable
iv If something seems too good to be true then, almost certainly, it is.

There are also mobile apps that allow you to signal to friends or family you feel you are in an unsafe situation.

Some members on Adultfriendfinder are verified and all members have to declare the following they have never been convicted of a felony and do not need to register as a sex offender in any location.

Of course, like most sites, these declarations aren’t checked and verified except when a member chooses to self-verify. So the simplest way of staying safe is using good judgment and common sense.

When signing up email addresses are verified. The administrators can then potentially use the email IP address when necessary to trace an individual in collaboration with the internet service provider. The site also has a report abuse form for members to highlight scammers or other users who have sent offensive messages. The site bans transgressors permanently.

The site takes the safety of its members seriously and even warns about giving personal details before trusting a recipient within the messaging box field.

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