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How do I message and chat with people on Adult Friend Finder?

To message a member for a live chat:-
i) Type in the username of the person you wish to chat with and click on the button labeled “Page” button.
ii) After the messaging box appears, just type your initial greeting or message and press “Send”.
iii) All it takes now is for the recipient to accept your message then a Private Chat Room opens.
iv) You will now be connected with each other and can chat in privacy.
To see Your Messages:-
i) When a member contacts you, a box titled New Messages, appears detailing the member’s user name . That along with the message will be visible on the right side of the platform screen.
ii) To join the chat all you need to do is click on the member’s username and you’ll see the “Join” button. Click on this.
iii) After you accept the message, a Private Chat Room opens and you are sorted.
iv) You are now all set up to chat with your friend or potential date.
To send and receive messages from and to offline members:-
i) Log-in and find the profile you wish to message
ii) On the selected profile page scroll down to the mid-page area to the messaging form that reads “send user an email”
iii) In the form above the email messaging box, you can also select “add to hotlist”, “flirt”, “Buy Them a Gift Certificate”, “Send an Email”, “add to My Network” and “Send Voice Message”.
iv) Select “Send an Email”, write your message and click “send the above message”. You can also select extra options such as including a copy of your profile, getting an email read receipt and saving a copy of the message to be sent.


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