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Are there fake profiles on Adult Friend Finder?

There are some but these aren’t profiles initiated by the site but by scammers who are prevalent on every dating site. Emails do have to be verified but as everyone knows scammers can create throwaway emails. Adult Friend Finder also declares quite openly on their site that not all the photos they use are members. This is different to fake scammer profiles in the same sense that Walmart might, quite legitimately, use a model to represent a shopper in some marketing material.

The scammers are usually easily identifiable as often they claim to be American, Canadian, or British but their style of writing indicates that English is very much their second language. The site tries hard to eradicate the rogue profiles and actively encourage members to report them or other abuses through their messaging system. So if you see fake/inappropriate accounts or photos make sure you report it. There is a ‘report member’ abuse option and adult friend finder state that “We are committed to quickly resolving problems as they occur.”

There are too many nasty scams to list here (applicable to all dating sites) but, in general, anything that involves the request of money should be reported in the ‘report abuse’ form that the Adultfriendfinder highlights very clearly.

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