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Are my pictures safe on Adult Friend Finder?

There are things to consider. For example, you never know, a neighbor or work colleague might also join.  Visitors could also screenshot them and use them malevolently. So do think carefully about your portfolio pictures for your adult friend finder profile.  Don’t upload anything in a compulsive or even drunken moment that would embarrass you at a later stage.

That said, image owners who see their picture elsewhere can demand the site removes the picture otherwise they will be liable.  They can also contact the person or person who took and used/abused the image and send a cease and desist letter, request compensation, and, ultimately if things are not resolved satisfactorily file a copyright infringement lawsuit.  The best option though is to use pictures you are happy for other users to see.

You do have the option to add pictures on your profile that don’t show your face. That’s a reasonable approach but a facial picture does enhance your chances of a hookup as it highlights that you are unlikely to be a scammer.  If the picture is on the intimate side then you can use adult friend finder’s edit facility to delete part or all of your face or even just show part of your face such as a smile that doesn’t readily identify you.


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